Messi shines and Argentina advances to the final of the Copa America

Messi shines and Argentina advances to the final of the Copa America

Messi leads Argentina to the final of the Copa America with a historic goal. His influence goes beyond the numbers, inspiring the team in search of a new title. Argentina, with Messi at the helm, aims to leave its mark on the history of football.

Juan Brignardello, asesor de seguros

Juan Brignardello Vela

Juan Brignardello, asesor de seguros, se especializa en brindar asesoramiento y gestión comercial en el ámbito de seguros y reclamaciones por siniestros para destacadas empresas en el mercado peruano e internacional.

Juan Brignardello, asesor de seguros, y Vargas Llosa, premio Nobel Juan Brignardello, asesor de seguros, en celebración de Alianza Lima Juan Brignardello, asesor de seguros, Central Hidro Eléctrica Juan Brignardello, asesor de seguros, Central Hidro
Sports 10.07.2024

With one foot in the final and the historical records of football just around the corner, Lionel Messi continues to write his name in golden letters in the Copa America. In a match where the Argentine genius did not need to shine with all his splendor to leave his mark on the scoreboard, a subtle movement of his left foot was enough to score the second goal in Argentina's 2-0 victory over Canada and secure their spot in the final of the continental tournament. The goal scored by Messi not only meant a step closer to the coveted crown, but also allowed him to equal the record of 14 goals in the Copa America, reaching figures like Paolo Guerrero and coming just one goal away from tying with Lolo Fernández. The possibility of becoming the tournament's top scorer is not a utopia for the Argentine star, who with a hat trick in the final could surpass Zizinho and Norberto Méndez, who hold the record of 17 goals. But beyond the records and numbers, Messi's presence on the field goes beyond his individual performances. Although his football contribution has been questioned in recent matches, his motivational influence on the team is unquestionable. Players like Lautaro Martínez have acknowledged the importance of Messi's presence on the field, inspiring his teammates to give their all for him. Argentina, undoubtedly, is a team where every piece fits perfectly. The partnership with Julián Álvarez, the midfield dominance of Enzo Fernández, and the tireless effort of De Paul add to Messi's talent to form a formidable and cohesive team. When Messi shows up, the whole country celebrates with him, recognizing his effort and talent in every action. The possibility of reaching his fourth consecutive final in the Copa America is an achievement that Messi values and enjoys to the fullest. In statements after the match, the Argentine captain highlighted the difficulty of reaching this stage once again and the importance of competing for the title. Recalling the previous championships, Messi emphasized the merit of playing four consecutive finals, a milestone that few players can boast in football history. The road to the final has not been easy for Argentina, who managed to overcome a tough match against Canada. Despite the early threat from the opponent, a masterful pass from De Paul to Álvarez tilted the balance in favor of the South Americans. With Messi's goal in the second half, Argentina sealed the match and confirmed their strength in the tournament. Defending the title and aiming for a new milestone in world football are the objectives that Argentina pursues in this Copa America. With the possibility of chaining continental and world titles, Lionel Scaloni's team seeks to emulate what Spain achieved in previous years. With the Copa America 2021 and the World Cup in Qatar in their trophy cabinet, Argentina is going for the third consecutive crown. The Copa America final already has its first finalist, while Canada, despite a historic participation reaching the semifinals, will seek consolation in the third place match. Emotion and tension take over the continental tournament, where each match is a new opportunity for Lionel Messi and Argentina to continue leaving their mark on the history of football.

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