In a TV Record interview, President Lula threw in the towel and, referring to the fiscal target, confessed that "you are not obligated to set a goal and meet it if you have more important things to do." Outrageous! The arrogant member of the Workers' Party shows that he lacks the capacity and patience required of a president to discuss national issues. A few days ago, at an event at the Palacio with entrepreneurs from the food industry, Lula responded to criticisms about the impact of his statements on the recent rise of the dollar by saying that "the poorer people"
Corruption is eating away at our society: a problem that must be eradicated together.
Uncertainty in the final stretch of Congress and Fujimori's return generate expectations
The controversial judicial decision on Marcelo Odebrecht: A setback for the anti-corruption fight in Latin America?
Uproar over the annulment of Odebrecht sentences in Brazil and its impact on Peru
Recognition of the Career of José Agustín Ortíz Pinchetti
The political panorama in Peru: Vizcarra's aspirations, uncertainty in the metropolitan area, and more
Impact of the annulment of processes against Marcelo Odebrecht in Brazil and the region: uncertainty and debate in the legal and political landscape
"Legal and political analysis in Things As They Are: topics of national and international relevance"
Victory on the Green: Wirral Golf Course Revival Breathes New Life
Exploring Intersections: Religion, Politics, and Art in the Headlines
Trump's disastrous deportation plan
Attack against Trump: lessons on political violence and the power of words
Potential Assassination Plot Unfolds at Trump Rally: America on Edge
Security Breach at Butler Rally: Fatal Drone Attack Unleashes Chaos
Empowering Children in Care: "Misunderstood" Film Sheds Light on Bullying
Rare Collared Falconet Lays Eggs in UK Sanctuary, Ignites Conservation Hope
Dads Breakdance Battle for a Cause: "Old School Block Party" in Brighton
Venezuela at a historical crossroads: Youth prepare to define electoral future
Pamela Franco: Challenges in her first international tour
Community Hub in Cornwall Receives £220K Boost for Growth and Regeneration
Unveiling the Cultural Gems Beyond the All-Ireland Hurling Final
Charlotte Edwards: Architect of Southern Brave's Title Defense
Charlotte Dujardin: Racing Towards Olympic Glory
Champion Cyclist Pedals for Climate Action: Boardman's Ride from Manchester to Paris Sparks Environmental Awareness
Kimberly García: a beacon of hope and national pride
Overview of Peruvian soccer: the case of Paolo Guerrero and controversies in sports management
The uncertain future of Kevin Quevedo: Is a change of scenery on the horizon at Universidad Católica?
Transforming Football: The Tactical Impact of Goal-Kick Revolution
Extinguishing of the fire in Pinos Puente: a call for prevention and solidarity
Two forest fires controlled in Talaván and Víznar after preventive evacuations and hard work by emergency teams.
Strong earthquake shakes Guatemala and El Salvador, reminding of constant seismic threat
A man loses his life in the earthquake in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
Identified causes of fires in Aragon: agricultural and forestry machinery in the spotlight
Strong 5.9 magnitude earthquake shakes Guatemala and is felt in El Salvador: no serious damage reported but alert in the region
Magnitude 6.2 earthquake shakes Guatemala and alerts Central America: the importance of preparation for natural disasters
The urgent call for reforestation as a lifeline against global warming
Strong 5.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Guatemala without causing serious damage
The challenge of earthquakes in the Norte Grande of Chile: Are we prepared for a major earthquake?
The economy in Mexico is losing momentum and entering a period of uncertainty
Carlos Capistrán's perspective on the economic slowdown in Mexico: analysis and visions for the future
Psychology and Prosperity: Does Latin America fit into the Western mold?
Devastating forest fires threaten Alberta and British Columbia
Forest fires in Alberta and British Columbia in Canada prompt evacuation orders Forest fires continue to ravage the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, forcing the evacuation of several communities and endangering the safety of thousands of residents. In Alberta, specifically in the northern part, evacuation orders have been issued for three communities: John D'Or, Fox Lake, and Garden River, which together cover about 62,000 hectares and are home to around 5,000 people. The situation is
Strong earthquake shakes northern Chile: Concern about a seismic swarm?
Tragedy in China: bridge collapse and natural disasters leave dozens of victims and missing persons
Controlled forest fire in Campanario: 750 hectares affected
Magnitude 4.2 earthquake shakes Los Mochis: population on alert
Earthquakes shake Mexico: Authorities activate security protocols.
Magnitude 2.5 earthquake shakes Inzá, Cauca: population on alert. Key measures for earthquakes in Colombia.
Fire in Talaván: stabilized after mobilizing numerous resources
Majorca's Tourism Boom: Glitz vs. Grit in Spain's Paradise
Argentina stands out as a work and quality of life destination; Buenos Aires leads in Latin America. South America drives entrepreneurship. U.S. leadership in startups worldwide. Beauty and symbolism of recognized South American national anthems.
Unique opportunity: study Metallurgy for free and earn up to S/11,387 per month
Realmuto's Return Sparks Phillies' Playoff Push
Discover the Art of Slow: Unveiling the Mysteries of Whistler's Nocturne in Blue and Silver
Mexico ready for the next renegotiation of the USMCA in 2026
Long-overdue Recognition: World War Two Veteran Honored After 80 Years
Israel bombs Yemeni port in escalating tensions in the Middle East
Unlocking Happiness: Discover Helsinki's Outdoor Treasures with Lena Salmi
Resilience and Redemption: The Unforgettable Open Championship at Royal Troon
Brittney Griner: From Triumph on the Court to Joy of Motherhood
Southend United: New Ownership, New Hope, New Chapter
Controversy over discriminatory chant in soccer: Debate on racism divides opinions
Snooker Icon Ray Reardon Passes at 91: A Tribute to a Legend
Snooker Legend Ray Reardon Passes at 91: A Tribute to a Champion
The legacy of the great Olympic champions: passion, sacrifice, and triumph throughout history.
Rebecca Shorten: From Chemistry Class to Olympic Contender
An error in CrowdStrike software affects 8.5 million Windows 10 devices.
Conflict in the Middle East: Israel attacks Yemeni port of Hodeida over arms imports
The conflict in the Middle East: Israel at the center of the controversy
The miracle of Trump: bullet was millimeters away from his head
Scientific discoveries reveal keys to prevent neurodegenerative diseases
Biden's health challenge contrasts with Trump's public return
The pressure on Biden increases: Democrats call for his resignation and see Harris as his successor.
Promising advances in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases
Harnessing Geo-Engineering: Balancing Hope and Hazard in Climate Combat
Will Mellor Delves Into Post Office Scandal: Revealing Injustice and Resilience
Unveiling the Untold Realities of the Korean War: Bruce Cumings's Bold Revisionist Take
The Importance of Sleep in Dementia Prevention: New Scientific Perspectives
Uncertainty and fear among former Caja Sullana workers due to possible job losses
A nasal spray eliminates a key protein in Alzheimer's in a mouse model
Promising progress in the fight against Alzheimer's and other dementias: a nasal spray developed by researchers at the University of Texas could improve memory and combat defective proteins in the brain.
Jurors Express Doubts in Alec Baldwin Trial Outcome
Experts Warn of New Scam Threat Amid CrowdStrike Fallout
Soda Stereo surprises with previously unreleased song recorded 40 years ago. Stir among their followers!
Message for National Holidays: Optimism and expectations in the face of a tumultuous political scenario.
Candidate for comptroller questions the effectiveness of concurrent control
Biden will return to campaigning despite pressures regarding his age and health.
Concern over decision to extend pre-trial detention for Pedro Castillo
Candidate for comptroller questions budget for concurrent control. Controversy in evaluation for the position.
The Mexican peso rebounds amid uncertainty over the possible return of Trump
Chess: an ancient game that unites minds and hearts endlessly
Emotion and technology: YouTube and Claro Sports join forces to bring the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to Latin America
Dai Greene Bids Farewell to Athletics, Embarks on Coaching Journey
The rise of sports celebrities drives fashion: a growing niche
Abebe Bikila: Marathon Legend Who Inspired Generations
Shane Lowry's Second Open Championship Quest Unfolds at Royal Troon
Chantelle Cameron Eyes Redemption Against Katie Taylor
The highly anticipated premiere of "Blue Lock: Nagi Episode" stirs up football passions.
Call to action: Bolivia must prepare for possible devastating earthquakes
Strong earthquake shakes San Pedro de Atacama: more than 50 aftershocks keep the population on alert.
Alarming analysis by geographer: Alert of possible "giant" earthquake in northern area
New earthquake shakes central-northern region of Chile: key prevention measures for seismic activity.
Unveiling Stories of Tragedy, Debate, and Triumph: A Global Reflection on Building Safety, Legal System Changes, and Olympic Dreams
Northern Ireland's Oxtoby Gears Up Squad for Euro 2025 Playoff Triumph
Excitement Soars for BBC Proms 2024: Your Ticket to a Musical Extravaganza
False alarm: Viral image after earthquake in Chile turns out to be from a previous event
The call for prevention after the earthquake in Sucre and Bolivia: lessons on natural risk management
Deployment of firefighting equipment in Castilla-La Mancha: two active fronts threaten the region.
West Northamptonshire Council Joins UK Says No More Campaign to Combat Domestic Abuse
Exploring Spike Lee's Timeless Masterpiece: A Deep Dive into "Do the Right Thing" and Its Lasting Influence
Overflowing emotion: The release date of episode 1122 of "One Piece" has been confirmed!
Enthralling Apple TV+ Series: Lady in the Lake Reimagined
The arrival of the bonus brings financial opportunities: Make the most of this additional income!
Foton debuts in Mexico with its Tunland pickup line, betting on diversification and technology.
Unveiling the Enigmatic Genius of Brian Eno: A Cinematic Exploration of Musical Mastery
Stolen Campervan Shatters Pregnant Woman's Dreams: A Heartfelt Tale of Loss and Resilience
New adjustment in gasoline prices: no subsidy for diesel and Premium, slight discount for Magna. Economic impact on summer vacations.
Fair trade gold: ethical shine from Madre de Dios to London
A stroke of luck: Washington resident wins the lottery twice in less than a year
Pemex projects a reduction in fuel imports by 2025 despite challenges ahead.
Latam warns of delays due to Microsoft outage worldwide
Global failure in Microsoft systems causes chaos and complications for millions of users.
CrowdStrike: Update error triggers global chaos in computer systems
The return of Fujimori: surprise and controversy in Peru following presidential announcement
The case of cocktails: expert analysis and challenges in the Peruvian trial
Defense of Carlos Pólit seeks his release in bribery case
Tel Aviv Drone Attack: Unraveling Tensions in the Middle East
Chaos in Tel Aviv: Mystery Surrounds Early Morning Explosion
New Leader Takes Charge in North Devon, Promising Fresh Vision
Anniversaries of July 19th: Revolutions, scientific advances, and tragedies that marked history
Melania Trump's Enigmatic Return: A Graceful Presence Defying Norms
The shocking account of Donald Trump: his life in danger during a rally in Pennsylvania
The impact of Trump's speech: closed borders and oil expansion spark controversy
A Second Chance: the global success of "If I Had Known" on Netflix
Armagh's Gaelic Football Team Gears Up for Semis Amidst Confidence
The battle between Magaly Medina and Paco Bazán: What is behind the "punishment" imposed by the presenter?
The weather for the weekend: from high temperatures to the "dry burst", the virulent phenomenon that threatens 5 communities.
Magnitude 7.3 earthquake shakes northern Chile: alert and preparedness for seismic vulnerability
7.3 magnitude earthquake shakes northern Chile without tsunami alert: authorities monitor aftershocks and potential damage.
Earthquakes in Colombia: a latent reality that demands preparation
Who Will Fill the Void? SEC Faces Post-Saban Era
Yumi Yuzuriha makes history and wins first medal at Youth Bowling World Championship
Tragic earthquake in northern Chile: one person dead and damages in Calama
Simulation by Copeco and Task Force Bravo evaluates preparedness for natural disasters and hurricanes in the Atlantic.
Strong earthquakes shake Peru and Chile: response and coordination in the face of adversity
The first heatwave hits Granada: alert for forest fires and high temperatures
Chile and Peru face 7.3 earthquake with effective joint response
Magnitude 7.3 earthquake shakes mining region of Antofagasta, Chile: calm and caution after the tremor
Renewing Car Insurance in the UK: Navigating Soaring Premiums
The uncertain future of Joe Biden: public mistakes spark debate and calls for his resignation
Barack Obama suggests to Joe Biden to reconsider his presidential candidacy.
Maduro announces improvements to the Metrobús System in Venezuela: Revolution in public transportation!
Expansion of the Metrobus in Venezuela: a step towards modernizing public transportation
Keiko Fujimori promotes Alberto Fujimori's candidacy for Presidency: controversy in Peru
The return of Fujimori: An unexpected twist in Peruvian politics?
Mother's Plea: British Man Missing in Sardinia
The thrilling return of "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" with the Infinite Castle trilogy: Action and emotion at its peak!
Unveiling the Dark Reality Behind a Social Media Sensation's Glamorous Facade
The economic challenge of the US: the IMF advises fiscal prudence in the face of growing deficits.
AusQuest reveals copper discoveries in mining project in Arequipa: expectations of potential resource.
Important economic boost: Lambayeque Free Trade Zone approved to promote regional development.
Worrying increase of "NEETs" among young people in Peru: an urgent challenge to face
Fitch Ratings maintains Mexico's rating with a stable outlook: strengths and challenges in the economy
Controversy in Tahiti: Are Olympic surfing games at risk due to environmental impact?
Clashes in Bangladesh: Pain and chaos from deadly protests
Riveting Interview Unveils Shocking Details Amid Assassination Attempt
Barack Obama alarmed by Biden's future candidacy: pressures intensify within the Democratic Party
Trump prepares for speech after attack: anticipation and moderation at the Republican Convention
Growing pressure on Biden to withdraw from the presidential race
Chilean president Gabriel Boric announces construction of maximum security prison to combat organized crime.
Alert in the Canary Islands due to intense heat and risk of forest fires
The fascination with the extreme: climate phenomena and climate change today.
The National Government announces a multimillion-dollar investment to address La Niña: preparations for a devastating climatic phenomenon. Urgent measures to protect the population and vulnerable sectors.
Europe could face more intense hurricanes in the future
The Infoca Plan announces the extinction of the fire in Cerro Muriano: a lesson in coordination and prevention in the face of natural disasters.
A meteorite illuminates New York: Astonishment and mystery in the Big Apple
The Madden-Julian Oscillation challenge in Mexico: How to prepare for its impact?
Delays in the delivery of school modules after the earthquake in Arequipa cause discontent
Colombia is preparing for La Niña: investment of 1.7 billion dollars
The SBS cancels the registration of two Afocat in Lima for serious infractions: Afocat Región Lima and Premium. Measures to protect victims of accidents.
Cyberattack paralyzes mining concessions system in Peru: Ingemmet under threat from hackers. Urgent measures are required.
Hacking of Ingemmet puts critical data of the mining sector at risk
Blackpool's Challenges for Girls: Insights from Plan UK Report
Shocking Essex Couple Jailed for Live Child Abuse Online
Recovery and Modernization of the Metro and Metro Bus in Caracas: Progress Presented by President Maduro
The return of Fujimori: An unexpected turn in Peruvian politics?
Late-Night Takes on RNC: Political Shifts and Comedic Commentary
North East Lincolnshire: UK's Toughest Place to Be a Girl
Navigating Inflation: Small Business Struggles & Consumer Impact
Tomás Suárez Vértiz: the musical promise that will illuminate Cañete's tourist week
Inspirational Five-Year-Old Zlata Triumphs Over Cancer Amidst War
Former Team GB Rower to Showcase Art at Paris 2024 Olympics: Annabel Eyres' Unique Journey
Profitability in mutual funds, traffic in Lima, and Fitch warning: challenges and opportunities in Peru.
The harsh economic reality of Nicaragua: insufficient salaries and widespread precarity
Discovery in Bolivia: Mega gas field promises to renew energy industry.
JD Vance captivates at the Republican Convention with his story of overcoming adversity and inclusive vision for the United States
Conservative Defeat Sparks Hope and Reflection
JD Vance: Unveiling a Populist Edge at RNC
JD Vance: Trump's Running Mate Vows to Fight for Forgotten Americans
Senator J.D. Vance accepts nomination as vice presidential candidate alongside Trump
Anuoluwapo Opeyori: Africa's Badminton Trailblazer Eyes Olympic History
Paris 2024 Olympics: Table Tennis Aims to Inspire Future Stars
Scottish Football Transfer Buzz: Excitement Builds as Deals Unfold, Stars Change Clubs, Fans Await Signings
Exciting Transfer Speculations: Strikers Stirring Big Club Interest
The U.S. Secret Service saw the attacker of Donald Trump on the roof of a building 20 minutes before the assassination attempt.
Debunking myths: Importance of protected areas in forest fires
The modernization of the BRIF in Lubia: a crucial advance for the fight against forest fires
Football Physio's Brave Stand Against Online Abuse: A Call for Change
Teen Sensation Cavan Sullivan Makes MLS History
Young Phenom Phoebe Gill Poised to Shine at Paris 2024
The bitter fate of young Peruvian soccer players
Homes in Bacalar: tragedy due to floods attributed to works of the Maya Train
The autonomous community is at risk of forest fires.
Erika has a passion for fighting forest fires.
Sinkhole in Ramón López Velarde Garden raises concerns in Mexico City
The tragedy of Pompeii: earthquakes and the eruption of Vesuvius reveal its devastating end
Vietnam grants banks green light to sell investment-linked insurance
Germany adjusts support for renewables due to high costs: impact on energy transition
Buenaventura exceeds projections and improves production estimates. Positive impact on the mining sector.
Shocking statements about prosecutors in the Odebrecht case: Is justice compromised?
The Port Terminal of Chancay: A new jewel in the Chinese crown in South America.
Million-dollar investment to improve roads and bridges in Peru: Boosting national infrastructure!
Pound Hits One-Year High Amid Economic Optimism
Mota-Engil and Pemex sign historic agreement for fertilizer plant in Veracruz
Possible increase in the minimum wage generates expectations and debate in Peru
Mamauca is getting ready to thrill with "The Pharaoh, nothing ends"
Britain Leads the Way: Lab-Grown Meat Approved for Pet Food, Paving Path to Innovation
The increase of the minimum wage in Peru: expectations and challenges on the horizon
Celebrating Pete Bellotte, Paris 1924 Exhibition, and "Mr Bigstuff": A Glimpse into Diverse Artistic Realms
This Thursday, July 18th, "A Wedding and Other Disasters" arrives to shake you out of your routine and offer you fun and romance in the movie theaters! A must-see romantic comedy!
London Diamond League Showdown: Hughes vs. Lyles, Speed Stars Collide
Emmy Nominations Unveiled: Snubs and Surprises Galore
JD Vance's RNC Speech: Shifting US Foreign Policy Paradigms
The separation of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva shocks the entertainment world.
Unveiling mysteries and emotions: The explosive finale of "The Acolyte" leaves Star Wars fans eager for more.
Democratic Party in Turmoil: Calls for Biden to Step Aside
Alleged Iranian plot to assassinate Trump revealed: Secret Service security called into question
Advances in Popocatépetl Research: Images from Inside the Volcano Reveal Unprecedented Details
The risk of forest fires in summer: a threat to biodiversity and communities. The Civil Guard issues key recommendations to prevent natural disasters. Prevention plan activated in León. Prevention is everyone's responsibility!
Magnitude 3.8 earthquake shakes northern Chile: the strongest of the seven seismic movements of the day. Concern without material damage. Prevention measures for seismic activity.
Alert for risk of forest fires and heatwave in Castilla y León
The Council declares a state of alert due to the risk of forest fires
Alert for Risk of Fires and Heatwave in Castilla y León
Stand With Afghan Women Athletes: A Call for Olympic Solidarity
Alert for strong earthquake in Santander: Colombian Geological Service issues concerning report. Caution and calmness in face of seismic risks. Expectation for sanction against Colombia National Team in next game against Argentina. Controversy in sports field. Looking forward to the exciting match.
Fires deliberately set in Tenerife: Authorities intensify efforts against arsonists
Alert for Fire Risk in Castilla y León: Preventive Measures Against Heatwave
Landmark ruling in Spain: Football racial abuse case sets precedent for equality
EA Sports FC 25: Revolutionizing the world of virtual soccer with exciting new features
Bangladesh Turmoil: Student Protests Turn Deadly, Government Shuts Schools
Australia's Greyhound Racing Industry Faces Renewed Abuse Allegations, Sparking Outrage and Calls for Action
Open Championship Chief Prioritizes Golf's Longevity over Prize Money
Armed groups in Gaza commit war crimes according to HRW report
Indiscriminate attacks in Gaza: 81 dead and 198 injured in one day.
Political Challenges: Fujimori and Morales seek presidential comeback
Honoring Goole's Icons: Miniature "Salt & Pepper Pots" Unveiled for 200th Anniversary
Mbappe's Magnificent Madrid Debut Echoes Ronaldo's Grand Arrival
Controversial candidates stir up the electoral landscape in Peru: Toledo, Castillo, Fujimori, and Humala generate controversy ahead of the 2026 elections.
Arrest of former Peruvian president Toledo in the United States: a reminder of the fight against corruption
Navigating Inflation: U.K. Holds Steady at 2%, Eyes on Interest Rate Cut
Cutting-Edge Equipment to Transform Prostate Cancer Care on Isle of Man
European stock market opening with slight falls: caution ahead of global economic outlook
UK Inflation Holds Steady at 2% Amid Economic Stability
The magic of the circus and performance merge in a unique show at Plaza Norte
Unveiling the Architect of London 2012 Olympic Games Schedule
King's Speech Unveils Bold Vision for UK's Future: Sir Keir Starmer Outlines Transformative Agenda
Ukrainian Climber's Remarkable Journey to Paris Olympics
Robbie Williams' Empathy Shines Light on Mental Health Battles
San Francisco Giants' Strategic MLB Draft Yields Promising Talent
Joe Wicks Honored with Degree for Health Advocacy
NBA's Game-Changing Broadcasting Deals Unveiled: What's Next?
The importance of social responsibility in football: reflections following the racial controversy between national teams.
Inter Miami's Messi Sidelined Indefinitely: Soccer Star Faces Recovery Challenge
Messi's injuries and rumors about Hurtado are causing concern in the world of football
Canterbury's Historic Market Revival Sparks Economic Boost
British Steel's Green Transition: Concerns Over Scunthorpe Jobs
Unifying Spirit: Jesse Owens and Luz Long's Timeless Olympic Tale
Yorkshire Athletes Ready to Shine at Paris Olympics 2034
Former Trump Rivals Unite: Strong Endorsements at GOP Convention
DeSantis backs Trump at Republican Convention: passionate call for re-election. Polarization and confrontation mark the event.
The triumphant return of Trump at the Republican convention: excitement, support, and controversies
Iran rejects accusations of planning to assassinate Trump
The influence of "Hillbilly Elegy" by JD Vance on American politics
The Rise and Fall of Guo Wengui: A Cautionary Tale of Betrayal and Deceit
Heatwave unleashes devastating fires in the Balkans: red alert in Bulgaria and North Macedonia
Chile and its constant vigilance against seismic activity
Mexico: Earthquake preparedness, key to safety
Intense work day for the Forest Fire Fighting Plan in Extremadura
Sheffield Aid Worker Celebrates 500 Days of Humanitarian Mission
Escalating Israel-Hezbollah Tensions: A Looming Catastrophe
Mother's 17-Month Insurance Battle After Home Fire
Exploring "From the River to the Sea": A Deep Dive into a Controversial Slogan's Impact
Keiko Fujimori announces Alberto Fujimori's candidacy for the presidency in 2026: controversy and speculation in Peru
Surprise turn in the Cocteles case: new evidence and key testimony shake up the defense of Fuerza Popular
Fujimori and Popular Force: Trial for money laundering and political financing
Meeting between the governor of Coahuila and the upcoming mayor of Mexico City strengthens inter-institutional collaboration. Expectation in Sabinas for imminent electoral resolution.
Intense defense arguments in the trial of the "cocktails" case involving Keiko Fujimori
The Minister of Labor reveals labor figures and will call the National Labor Council to discuss an increase in the minimum wage before 2025.
IMF projects global economic growth of 3.2% in 2024
Jaime Graña promotes strategies for the Peruvian automotive sector.
French Football Federation to File FIFA Complaint Over Alleged Racist Song by Argentina Squad
The Importance of Value Proposition for Employees in the Business World
The Federal Reserve at a crossroads: cut rates or wait?
DFSK revolutionizes the Peruvian market with its hybrid SUVs: E5 and Glory 600 promise versatility and advanced technology.
Alianza Lima in crisis: Injured forwards create uncertainty ahead of the classic match.
Thrilling Matches and Victorious Moments: Wimbledon 2024 Recap
Ana Paula Consorte's strong support for Paolo Guerrero sparks debate on social media.
Rafael Nadal Shines in Singles Comeback at Swedish Open
Alert in Guatemala: More than 2,100 earthquakes registered so far this year
Forest fire in Alameda de Badajoz mobilizes emergency teams
The challenge of sustainable housing in Latin America and the Caribbean
French Football Federation Takes Stand Against Racist Chants
Shane Lowry Champions Rory McIlroy's Caddie Amidst US Open Criticism
Controversial attitude of Paolo Guerrero sparks football debate in Peru
Southern California on alert due to a series of earthquakes: experts advise caution
Guatemala shaken by more than 2,000 earthquakes in 2024: prevention as the key
Exclusion of districts in emergency due to earthquake in Caravelí generates indignation and questioning
The UNAM Uses AI to Improve Monitoring of Popocatépetl Researchers from the Institute of Geophysics (IGF) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have launched an ambitious project aimed at revolutionizing the monitoring of the Popocatépetl volcano through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative effort, led by researcher Marco Calo in collaboration with doctoral students Leonarda I. Esquivel Mendiola and Karina Bernal Manzanilla, aims to complement the technique of ambient noise tomography that is already in use.
Earthquake alert in Oaxaca: 5.3 magnitude earthquake shakes the region, proceed quickly and with caution
Arequipa, persistent challenge: social conflict threatens development
The tragic story of the Kennedys: political success and painful curse
The billionaire Elon Musk will donate 45 million dollars monthly to Trump's campaign, sparking controversy in the United States.
Resources are deployed to extinguish fires in Extremadura: danger levels activated
Country Star Ingrid Andress Admits to Being Drunk During National Anthem, Enters Rehab
The impact of the assassination attempt against Trump: details and reflections
Europe Nervous Over Trump-Vance Ticket: Security and Trade Concerns Rise
No changes in the cabinet: Adrianzén clarifies position amidst speculations
Amid controversies, key testimony is expected in the trial of Keiko Fujimori.
Disco, Politics, and Immersive Art: A Vibrant Tapestry of Cultural Conversations
The triumphant return of "Gladiator 2" to Latin American cinemas: Release date confirmed for November! An epic tale of honor, power, and revenge in Ancient Rome, directed by Ridley Scott and featuring a star-studded cast. Get ready for battle on November 14th!
Ingrid Andress Announces Rehab Decision After Home Run Derby Incident
Noel Schajris confirms his return to Lima with his tour "I Always Knew 2024" and challenges streaming with his new album.
Renewed Israeli Strikes in Gaza Kill 50, Escalate Tensions
Euro 2024 Brings Pub Boom to Warwickshire
UK Weather Rollercoaster: Sunshine, Showers & Record Heat Ahead
Controversy over recruitment of ultra-Orthodox in Israel amid crisis in Gaza
Muhammed Bhar: A Tragic Tale of War's Forgotten Victims
IMF Warns of Prolonged High Interest Rates Amid Inflation Surge
The value of life insurance in mortgage loans: flexibility and protection.
Sérgio Gonçalves, the only deputy from Madeira in the European Parliament, assumes his role in Strasbourg.
Economic panorama: analysis and concern over growth figures
The legal saga surrounding Marcelo Odebrecht and the "car wash" scandal: amidst controversies and tensions
Mexican authorities issue arrest warrant against Spanish entrepreneurs for million-dollar fraud in Quintana Roo
The Cement Era: 200 years of history, innovation, and environmental challenges
The Spanish government is betting on a promising economic future
Honoring Chippenham's WWII Heroes: New Memorial Plaque Proposal
Abu Mohammad's Journey: From Syria to Niger, A Desperate Quest for Survival
David Burton-Sampson's Courageous Stand Against Abuse and Hatred
Trump's Triumphant Return Ignites GOP Base at RNC in Milwaukee
Trump's Running Mate Revealed: JD Vance Emerges as Key Campaign Player
JD Vance: From Critic to Running Mate - Trump's VP Pick Unveiled
Elon Musk's stunning endorsement of Trump's campaign: millionaire donation shakes the political world in the United States.
Biden and Trump's Contrasting Immigration Policies: A Comprehensive Analysis
McLaren revolutionizes the world of cycling with its new range of eBikes
The Moroccan royalty shines with the Royal Mansour Casablanca, their new luxury hotel.
Colorful Rainbow Road Makeover for Notts Pride Celebration
The British government reduces its stake in NatWest below 20%, marking a milestone in its privatization.
President Biden Defends Rhetoric Amid Trump Assassination Attempt
Hurricane "Beryl": an exceptional weather phenomenon with an impact on Mexico
Oxford's Fest in Bodmin: Inspiring SW Students for Higher Ed
Mrs. Pearce Advocates for Accessible Housing Amid Shortage
Specialists warn about a possible mega-earthquake in Chile
Concern in Ourense over forest fires: priority is fighting against the fire
The devastating impact of Beryl: economic and social impact in Texas after the hurricane
Earthquake in Peru: The constant seismic alert in the South American country
Earthquakes in Colombia: a latent reality that requires preparation
High-Octane Drama Unfolds: F1 Driver Shakeup Sends Shockwaves
Excitement Builds for Paris 2024 Olympics: New Sports, Thrilling Twists, and Historic Inclusions
The 'Roja' is crowned in Euro 2024 after defeating England in a historic final
Innovative UMSNH app revolutionizes post-earthquake evaluations
The harsh reality of climate change: an urgent call to collective action
Exciting Start for West Ham Under Lopetegui: Pre-Season Insights and Promising Debuts
Kylian Mbappe: From Bondy to Bernabeu, A Star's Rise
Phil Parkinson's Optimism Soars as Wrexham Readies for League One
Spanish Football's Triumph Amid Turmoil: A Legacy of Resilience
The Transfer Dilemma: Balancing Stardom and Substance
The revolution of artificial intelligence in the labor market
The story of Wall Street: Ups and downs and fears ahead of the departure of a prominent strategist
Political comeback: Alberto Fujimori seeks presidency despite controversial past and health problems
INEI reveals encouraging data: National economy grows by 5.04% in May 2024
Barcelona 2030: Epicenter of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Promoting Workplace Equity: The Fundamental Role of Women
Amid Controversy, Charlie Kirk's Rise to RNC Spotlight
Echo Energy PLC acquires mining concession in Ancash: Geological potential in Ana Lucía project
Tragedy Strikes as School Hit in Gaza Conflict; Calls for Ceasefire Grow
Reviving Mobility: Leeds and Bradford Tram Routes Unveiled
The triumphant return of José Feliciano: special concert in Lima to celebrate 60 years of career
Jacqueline de Jong: Remembering an Avant-Garde Visionary
Discovery of body in Tenerife: Possible turn in case of missing British young man. Wave of sadness and shock in face of uncertainty about identity. Unity in solidarity and hope in memory of Jay Slater.
Nepal: Balancing Tradition and Transformation amid the Himalayas
Security Alert Interrupts Kings' Brief Visit to Jersey and Announces Trip to Australia
Mel B Receives Honorary Doctorate, Equates Honor to Performing at Wembley
Exciting Update: "Stranger Things" Season 5 Filming Halfway Done, Fans Eager for More
The struggle for body diversity: the powerful message of "Lola and her size in the universe"
Gabbriette Bechtel: The Rising Star of Fashion and Music
Emotions running high in matchday 2 of the Clausura Tournament in Liga 1: rivalries, expectations, and controversies in Peruvian soccer.
Golfer with Parkinson's Shows Resilience and Generosity
University team starts Clausura with a big win and a memorable gesture from their goalkeeper
Chaotic Scenes Mar Copa America Finale: Lessons for 2026 World Cup
Maluma stars in altercation at the end of Copa America 2024
The human side of football: Franco Navarro's revealing confessions about Jean Deza
Ludvig Aberg: From Rookie to Contender at Open Championship
2026 World Cup Favorites Emerge: Brazil, France Lead the Pack
SEC Commissioner Sankey Stands Firm on Conference Structure Amid Expansion Talks
Argentina celebrates with passion its glory in the Copa America: four consecutive titles.
Fire Alert in the Canary Islands: High Risk and Call for Prevention
Heatwave hits Europe: Southern and Eastern countries face extreme temperatures and alerts for climate emergencies
Thirteen air units are fighting a fire in Ortells, Castellón.
Europe and the province of Valencia, united in fire prevention With a budget of nearly 2 million euros, the BioValoriza project is presented as a crucial initiative in the province of Valencia to prevent forest fires through the valorization of forest products in the towns belonging to the Mancomunidad Interior Tierra del Vino and the Mancomunidad Camp de Túria. This project, supported by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resurgence Plan.
Oxtoby's Rallying Call: Northern Ireland Prepares for Decisive Euro 2025 Qualifier
Climate challenges threaten Greater Santo Domingo: urgency of integrated actions for adaptation.
A world of diverse realities: global challenges on July 15, 2024
Greece in flames: environmental crisis due to devastating heatwave
The Milei government appreciates Trump's attitude after the attempted attack and compares his reaction with Argentina.
The United States Secret Service under scrutiny following the attempted assassination of Trump
Trump requests protection for RFK Jr. after assassination attempt
The dark legacy of political violence in the United States: a latent danger for its leaders
Fed Up With Their Car-Insurance Bills, Drivers Shift Gears
The uncertainty grows regarding Trump's choice of vice president
The president of Ukraine's challenging step towards peace with Russia
Donald Trump Eyes Doug Burgum as Potential Running Mate Amidst Speculation
The struggle for the 40-hour workweek: a growing movement in Mexico
Trump generates anticipation with announcements about vice presidential candidate and judicial cases.
Lionel Messi: Embracing the Inevitable Goodbye
Keiko Fujimori in the eye of the judicial storm: What does the future hold?
Important step in the Odebrecht case: Prosecution proposes using Jorge Barata's statements to support the accusation against Ollanta Humala.
The dilemma of written statements in the Odebrecht case: An obstacle to justice?
Important investments and advances in Tula: Boosting health and regional development
Corruption in Argentina: a constant challenge for transparency and accountability
Expert Tips to Slash Food Waste & Save Money: Freeze Smart!
Burberry Appoints Joshua Schulman as New CEO Amid Sales Slump
The summer TV season: farewells, premieres, and rising stars
The vibrant theatrical world: summer festivals dazzle with great stage proposals in Spain
Empower Your Filmmaking Dreams: Screen Ashford Unveils Exciting Opportunities
Suffolk Veteran Overcomes Tragedy to Shine at 2025 Invictus Games
Controversial Solar Farm Approval Sparks Rural Uproar
Controversial Approval for Slimbridge Battery Plant Sparks Safety Concerns
British Nigerian Director Ogo Okpue's Supernatural Debut Shines on Amazon Prime
China's Third Plenum: Crucial Meeting to Revive Economy Amidst Challenges
Recalling economic lessons for a more solid and equitable future
Inflation in Mexico impacts eating habits: high prices force people to adapt.
Economic impact of high temperatures in Mexico and the United States: a warning for the region. The consequences of extreme heat go beyond the physical, affecting productivity and food prices. Urgent measures are required to counteract the effects.
China's GDP growth in the second quarter is lower than expected: Experts concerned about economic outlook.
Assassination attempt against Donald Trump shakes American politics: Calls for unity following attack with shades of domestic terrorism.
Advocating for London-Style Powers: Boosting North East Mayors' Authority
Alleged "favor payments" practices in Health Minister appointments revealed.
Message of unity: Biden calls to resolve differences at the ballot box
2024 Election Turmoil: Trump Survives Assassination Attempt, Biden Campaign Struggles
Trump's Resilient Entrance: GOP Convention in Milwaukee Amidst Shooting Scare
US Politics: Biden's Plea for Peace Amid Rising Violence
Alberto Fujimori will run for the presidency of Peru in 2026: controversy and challenges on his path
Anniversaries of July 15th: Fashion, science, and politics converge in history
Magnitude 3.1 earthquake shakes towns in Huesca: Importance of seismology and prevention
Dominican Republic at a crossroads: challenges and opportunities in the face of climate change
The Villarrica volcano is back in the spotlight: Is Chile prepared for an eruption?
Earthquake alert in Colombia: The constant geological activity and the importance of preparation
Earthquake alert in the United States and the Dominican Republic: Preparation and prevention are key!
England's Euro 2024: A Rollercoaster of Emotions
Detroit Tigers Strike Gold with Draft Pick Bryce Rainer
Argentina's Messi Injured in Copa America Final Win, Fans Concerned
Geological instability shakes Chile and Peru: earthquakes alert the population
China is facing a harsh reality marked by natural disasters.
With tears from an eternal Messi and a monumental Di María for the last time: Argentina and why it is the owner of all the titles. Cueva, the future of speed and pause: which club can save him in 35 days and why does it struggle so much to sign him?
Astros' First-Round Pick Walker Janek: A Perfect Storm in Houston
Bristol Harbour Festival Returns with Exciting Upgrades and Must-See Attractions
James Rodriguez Shines Bright: Player of Copa America!
Historic consecration of Argentina in the 2024 Copa America: The Albiceleste is crowned champion!
Honoring Heroes: The Untold "Battle of the Tennis Court" at Kohima
Warzone Photographer Conall Kearney's Harrowing Russian Ambush
Terror and Tragedy Strike Al-Mawasi: Chaos and Devastation Unleashed
Israel's Airstrike Near Emergency Vehicles Raises Concerns
Unveiling Hamas's Elusive Tactics in Gaza Conflict
Hamas denies withdrawal from ceasefire negotiations following attacks in Gaza. Uncertainty in peace process.
Salisbury's Secret Spitfire Factory: Unveiling Untold Heroism
Argentina and Colombia in epic Copa America final: Messi recovers and excites his followers.
Unveiling the Truth Behind Baseball's Home Run Derby Curse
Anxiety in the Copa America final: Messi's injury worries everyone.
Lionel Messi's injury marks the final of the 2024 Copa America
Controversy in the 2024 Copa America Final: Argentina and Colombia in the Center of the Controversy
Epic final: Argentina and Colombia compete for glory in the 2024 Copa America
Spain's Basque Brilliance: Oyarzabal, Williams, Merino Lead Euro 2024 Victory
Astros' Rising Star: Ronel Blanco's Pitching Prowess Tested as Season Progresses
Dorregaray leaves Universitario to join Apollon Limassol: a new challenge in Europe.
Time for Southgate: Lessons Learned from England's Final Defeat
Argentina - Colombia, live | The final of the Copa America delayed due to incidents in the access points
Republican Lawmakers Blame Biden for Trump Assassination Attempt
Heartwarming Surprise for WWII Veteran on 99th Birthday
Dr Ruth Westheimer: The Enduring Legacy of America's Sex Education Pioneer
President Biden calls for a "deep and swift" investigation following apparent attack on Trump
Tragedy in attack against Trump: Anonymous hero sacrifices his life.
The Danger of Unchecked Speculation in the Digital Age
Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump Rocks the United States: A Country on Edge
Act of violence shakes Bethel Park: young person shoots at Donald Trump at Pennsylvania rally
Attack during campaign rally: Trump injured in Pennsylvania, FBI investigates. Shock and debates on security at political events.
The FBI identifies the alleged perpetrator of the assassination attempt against Trump.
Surviving the Unthinkable: Trump's Rally Attack Unleashes Chaos and Tragedy
The mortgage insurance market is being renewed: personalized and accessible coverages promise greater financial protection.
The President and his successor oversee construction works in Hidalgo and Puebla.
Misunderstandings and divisions overshadow the Pact of May in Tucumán and threaten stability in Argentina
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promotes development in the Tula region
Stars Thank NICU Nurses: Reynolds and Jackman's Heartfelt Tribute
Award-Winning Autistic Filmmaker Advocates for Inclusivity in Entertainment Industry
Celebrating 60 Years of "A Hard Day's Night": Beatles' Iconic Suits Revived
Warrington Disability Awareness Day: Celebrating Inclusion & Empowerment
Nuneaton's Wall of Football Heroes Grows with Jude Bellingham
Beloved Coalville Statue to Return: Symbol of History and Resilience Finds New Home
Suffolk and Norfolk Unite to Raise £20K for Parkinson's: A Heartwarming Community Triumph
Passionate Clash Fan Challenges Bury Society Over Historic Punk Concert Recognition
Nation in Turmoil: Trump Assassination Attempt Sparks Chaos, Blame Games, and Conspiracy Theories
Euro 2024 Final Showdown: Spain vs. England in Berlin
United Kingdom Manufacturing Sector Charts Demands for Post-Election Future
Economic Challenges in Mexico: Slowdown and Outlook 2024-2025
Challenges and opportunities in the shift of the productive model in Spain
England's Euro 2024 Journey: Resilience, Unity, Triumph
Alan Shearer Reflects: A Journey of Passion and Expectations
Excitement Builds: Euro 2024 Final Day Plans Unveiled
Argentina favorite for the Copa America final according to Claudio Gugnali
Great expectation for the end of the Copa America: Argentina and Colombia ready for an epic duel in Miami.
Euro 2024: Decoding the Player of the Tournament Selection Process
Unveiling Baseball's Brightest Stars: 2024 Futures Game Recap
Djokovic vs. Alcaraz: The Epic Wimbledon Showdown
Yankees' Luis Gil Strikes Gold with Revamped Slider: Dominates Orioles in 6-1 Victory
Identified shooter at Trump rally; FBI investigates deceased youth
Tragedy Strikes: America's Political Landscape in Peril
President Biden Condemns Assassination Attempt on Trump
Tragedy in Pennsylvania: Biden and Trump in conversation after attack
Ivanka Trump sends message of support to her father after attack at rally
Unprecedented Chaos Unfolds at Trump Rally: Shattering the Political Landscape
Maduro expresses solidarity after attack against Trump: calls for peace and tolerance
Trump faces shooting at rally: a moment of tension and danger in Pennsylvania
Assassination attempt against Donald Trump triggers political crisis in the United States
Tensions Escalate: Middle East Brinkmanship Threatens Catastrophe
The hurricane Beryl shakes Survivor: All Stars with an unexpected abandonment
The Executive Branch declares a state of emergency in districts of Arequipa following a devastating earthquake. A call for solidarity and joint action for reconstruction.
Earthquake in Colombia: concern over tremor in Santander and call for prevention
Dominican Republic on alert due to increase in hurricanes and storms: impact of climate change in the country.
A miracle amidst tragedy: miner rescued alive in Poland
UK Motor Insurers Grapple with Escalating Underwriting Losses Amid Price Hikes
Beekeeping communities denounce new mass intoxication of bees in Campeche.
Rains in Guanajuato: Chaos and challenges after intense precipitation
New earthquake shakes Panama-Costa Rica border: concern in the region
Assassination attempt against Donald Trump: Shooting during rally in Pennsylvania leaves one dead and former president injured
The unexpected turn in the US presidential race: Biden questioned and Trump strengthens after attack
The condemnation of the attack on Trump awakens global solidarity
The possible assassination attempt on Trump, live | The shooter was outside the rally venue, according to authorities
Attack interrupts Trump's speech in Pennsylvania: one dead and the former president injured
Chaos and tragedy at political rally: Trump injured in apparent attack
The Passing of Greatness: Messi and Yamal's Footballing Tale
Mexico, fourth country at high risk for natural disasters: Are we prepared for the worst?
Importance of not underestimating the strength of hurricanes: beyond the category
A new chapter of violence and devastation in Gaza: Israeli airstrike leaves 71 Palestinians dead.
The elections in the USA: a global reflection of democracy and challenges in the region
Israel Launches Major Attack on Hamas Leader in Gaza: Devastation Unleashed
Hamas' Evolving Tactics in Gaza: A Closer Look at the Ongoing Conflict
International agenda: crucial events in Latin America and beyond
Urgent call to defend the INAI: commissioner warns of possible disappearance
Barata's weight in the corruption plot: a milestone in the investigation of the Southern Peruvian Gas Pipeline
Intensification of volcanic activity in Italy concerns authorities: Etna and Stromboli erupting, flights diverted, and lava flow into the sea. Security measures implemented.
Alert in Sicily due to the eruption of Mount Etna: flights diverted and activity increases. Preventive measures taken against ash cloud.
Workplace safety during hurricanes: an urgent priority
Anthea Sylbert, Iconic Costume Designer Turned Producer, Passes at 84
Deadline to join political parties: today is the deadline for the 2026 primary elections.
The restless journey of Viktor Orbán arouses controversies in the European Union
Discover the Cinematic Legacy of Powell & Pressburger: Scorsese's Journey into British Film Brilliance
Sarah's Scam Ordeal Exposes Banks' Failures, Sparks Calls for Reform
Netanyahu denies possible strategic military withdrawal in Gaza
Proposal for an independent Palestinian government for Gaza: a crucial step towards peace
The rise of the far right in the world: Mexico seeks to maintain balance
Tax burden in Mexico: Impact on the price of Regular gasoline
Pablo Hernández de Cos: from the Bank of Spain to IESE, a reference in Economics
Rise of the far right in Europe: a phenomenon that redefines regional politics
Israel withdraws from Gaza leaving a trail of death and destruction
Captain America faces off against Red Hulk in his upcoming movie, "Brave New World".
The vibrant Peruvian success at the 2024 Heat Awards
Shakira at the 2024 Copa America: An Unmissable Show in the Grand Final
Revolutionizing Filmmaking: "Eno" Documentary Morphs with Every Viewing
Dream Team Duel: Copa America's Best XI Revealed
Heartwarming Flashback: Messi's Unforgettable Moment with Baby Lamine
Controversy over sending bombs to Israel: Protection of civilians at risk?
Exploring Football's Global Tapestry: Ronaldo, Messi, and the World Cup Dilemma
The eternal legacy of Shelley Duvall in the history of cinema.
The importance of precision in international diplomacy
Biden faces global scrutiny in post-NATO conference amid Democratic pressure. Expectation for his leadership in crisis.
Israel expands settlements in the West Bank: controversy over land appropriation
Unveiling 'Eno': A Groundbreaking Dive into Unscripted Filmmaking
Trump keeps the public opinion on edge with the choice of his running mate
Jens Stoltenberg calls for action on NATO anniversary
Israel: Escalation in Gaza following devastating attack on civilian shelter
Doctors Without Borders Forced to Close Last Gaza Facility; Crisis Escalates
SBS intervenes Municipal Savings Bank of Sullana due to deterioration of its solvency
The immortal legacy of Donald Duck: 90 years of laughter and magic at Disney
A look at "Iceland": between the Peruvian jungle and the struggle for a new beginning
The insurance sector in Peru: opportunities and challenges in expansion
Israeli General Cleared After Tank Shelling Sparks Debate
Tragedy in Gaza: Devastation and desolation in the neighborhood of Shujaiya
Tragedy in Gaza: 50 dead and 54 injured after Israeli attacks
High Stakes: Israel-Hezbollah Escalation Shadows Gaza Talks
The City Council of Las Palmas and Casa África join forces to strengthen emergency capabilities in Cape Verde.
Mount Etna awakens: concern grows over its volcanic activity.
Euro 2024 Penalty Drama: The Rise of the Stutter Run-Up
The weather's lashes in Texas: following Hurricane Beryl, alert for extreme heat and massive power outages.
Devastation and death: Hurricane Beryl hits the United States
The remnants of Hurricane Beryl are moving towards Canada and the northeastern United States.
Controversial return: Ricardo Anaya returns to the Senate amidst accusations and expectations
Israeli Military Orders Gaza City Evacuation Amid Conflict Surge
Excitement Soars as "Gladiator II" Trailer Ignites Fan Fervor
Ed Sheeran announces dates for his European tour "Mathematics Tour" and breaks streaming record in the UK
Jerome Powell from the Fed reaffirms independence in the face of interest rate decisions
The growing influence of China in Latin America: challenges and opportunities
Growing uncertainty about Joe Biden's political future following a disastrous debate with Trump. Tension within the Democratic Party ahead of the elections.
The National Jury of Elections (JNE) proposes electoral reforms for the new bicameral configuration of the Peruvian Congress.
The global economy faces a gradual slowdown according to Citi: Perspectives and risks for Latin America
The United States and Mexico join forces against tariff evasion in steel and aluminum.
Peruvian music shines at the 2024 Heat Awards: national artists stand out at international event.
Intensification of Israeli offensive in Gaza leaves hundreds of casualties in conflict with Hamas
Foreign investors are setting their sights on Peru's economic potential.
The challenge of informal housing in Peru: opportunities for an inclusive future
Mexico's Economy: Challenges in the Face of Persistent Inflation and Slowdown
The chance meeting of two legends: Messi and Lamine Yamal
Messi's Argentina: Reigning as National Team Royalty
Amid Gaza Conflict, School Strike Kills 25: World Condemns Tragedy
The Messi-Ronaldo Showdown: International Goal Race Heats Up
Lionel Messi Shines as Argentina Secures Final Spot in Copa America
France at a crossroads: complex political scenario following legislative elections
The former judge from Yaguachi, Jhon Erik R. M., is being prosecuted for prevarication.
The weight of justice: trial order against former judge for prevarication initiates crucial legal process. Precautionary measures reflect authorities' determination in emblematic case of judicial corruption. Transparency and accountability at stake!
Messi shines and Argentina advances to the final of the Copa America
The complex political reality following the elections in France: a landscape of challenges and polarization
Challenges of Impartiality: the controversy in the Supreme Court of the United States.
The Albiceleste advances to the final of the Copa America with a resounding victory
Messi Magic Propels Argentina to Copa America Final
Lionel Messi Continues Historic Climb in Goal-Scoring Charts
The return of Shrek: Excitement over the confirmation of "Shrek 5" and the comeback of the iconic characters!
Israeli Drone Strike Sparks Deadly Escalation in Syria
Middle East On Brink: Hezbollah-Israel Clashes Worsen
Dos Bocas: the bottleneck of AMLO's flagship refinery
Peruvian Metals Corp. announces expansion plan with new gold processing plant: a boost for the Peruvian mining sector.
Two dead in Hezbollah rocket attack in northern Israel
Gold Fields is betting on the development of Cerro Corona and exploration in Peru.
Boeing pleads guilty to fraud for 737 MAX accidents: Impact on aviation and lessons to be learned
Boeing accepts guilt for fraud in 737 MAX tragedies: a step towards justice and aviation safety
Alert for Carcinogenic Ingredients in Everyday Use Products
Silent Revolution in Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Important advances in the diagnostic criteria of Alzheimer's: a look towards the future
Lamine Yamal, the young prodigy who captivates Europe with his football
Lamine Yamal: the new emerging star of Spanish football
Keiko Fujimori faces a request for a 30-year sentence for corruption: a crucial chapter in her political-personal career.
The Brazilian crossroads: the political direction and the fight against corruption are defined between Lula and Bolsonaro.
Mesmerizing Messi and Rising Star Yamal: A Tale of Football's Generational Magic
Jesse Marsch Returns: From Meadowlands Inspiration to Canadian Soccer History
Canada's Soccer Sensation: Rising Stars Shine at Copa America
The Paris prosecutor's office is investigating Marine Le Pen's campaign for dubious financing.
Hamas Warns of Escalating Conflict with Israel, Ceasefire Talks at Risk
Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun: a millionaire fight. Does it tell the truth? 'Swifties' share their opinions on the documentary.
Experts warn of possible tsunami in Andalusia: Are we prepared?
Local Hero Chris Parry: A Touching Tale of Courage and Sacrifice
The Case of Cocktails: Incriminating Evidence by Jorge Barata
Governor of Veracruz accepts recommendation from the National Human Rights Commission regarding Grupo MAS
The former Vice President Jorge Glas will remain in La Roca after the habeas corpus request was rejected.
Important oil and gas discovery off the coast of Mexico: Eni and Repsol lead new energy exploitation.
Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley in "Beverly Hills Cop 4" with nostalgia and freshness.
Unmasking the Surge: Why Home Insurance Costs Are Skyrocketing
The cinema in mourning: Farewell to Jon Landau and Bernard Hill, two unforgettable legends
France at a crossroads: political uncertainty following legislative elections
The uncertain future of Gianluca Lapadula in the Italian Serie B
Hurricane 'Beryl' leaves a trail of destruction in the Caribbean and the US: urgent call to strengthen alerts for intense hurricane season.
Alert for atypical cold front in Mexico: Low temperatures, intense rains, and tornadoes in various regions
The secret of Messi at 37 years old and Signorini's perspective on South American football
Escalation of violence in Gaza: civilians trapped in the midst of the conflict
Colombia's James Rodriguez Shines Bright in Copa America Glory
Solid Performance Propels Canada to Copa America Semis
Copa America Drama: Knockout Battles Heat Up with Straight-to-Penalties Rule
Controversy over new far-right group in the European Parliament
Revive the musical comedy "Dying of Love" with a new cast and reflections on love.
Epic comeback: "House of the Dragon" unleashes the battle of dragons
In the era of streaming: What is the ideal platform for you?
David Ellison's Paramount Merger: Hollywood's New Power Player
Global oil companies are betting on lithium: A change of course or a long-term strategy?
The challenge of fiscal incidence in Mexico: Do taxes impoverish the poor?
Pemex faces difficulties in increasing crude oil refining.
Trump places migration as the central axis of his campaign: advisors detail proposals
Spain facing the threat of tsunamis on its coasts: Are we prepared?
Tsunami Alert in Spain: Experts warn about possible impact on coastal cities in the next 30 years
Countries around the world are facing omnicidal threats: the climate crisis, pandemics, and arms dangers require urgent global action.
Israeli Military Re-enters Gaza City Amid Rising Tensions
Escalating Gaza Crisis: Critical Point as Israel Launches Intense Bombardments, Palestinians Face Mounting Humanitarian Crisis
Argentina's Messi Faces Career Crossroads: Copa America Semifinal Clash Looms
Israel sets clear conditions for a truce with Hamas in Gaza: Netanyahu outlines demands in crucial negotiations. Priority: reaching an agreement that puts an end to the prolonged conflict.
Controversy surrounding contractor linked to the Presidential House of El Salvador
Protests in Ecuador show discontent with government measures.
The rise of Juan Fernando Cristo: a key figure in Colombian politics
Political corruption in Latin America: a growing problem
Senior Hamas Official Killed in Israeli Strike at Gaza School
The race against Le Pen: rivals of the far right in France fight to stop her rise to power
The viral photograph of Messi and Yamal: legacy and mentorship in soccer
After 9 Months of War, Israelis Urge Cease-Fire and Elections
Israeli Calls for Cease-Fire and Elections Amid Conflict
Brookfield Expands into UK Pension Market Amid Record Deals
Earthquakes in Colombia: Importance of preparation and awareness in the face of seismic activity
It is expected that Beryl will regain strength and hit Texas as a hurricane.
Possible "megathrust earthquake" causes concern in Chile: experts warn about risks and the need for preparation
Iconic Hollywood Producer Jon Landau Leaves Legacy of Cinematic Excellence
Film Buzz: MaxXXXine's Dark Thrills, Beverly Hills Cop Flops, Despicable Me 4 Disappoints
Actor Simon Pegg's Passionate Stand Against Shaun of the Dead Reboot
Renowned Producer Jon Landau, Mastermind Behind 'Titanic' and 'Avatar,' Dies at 63
The mayor of Surco is seeking re-election and is running for the mayorship of Lima.
Controversial acquittal of those involved in "Panama Papers" and "Lava Jato" cases sparks international controversy
Venezuela prepares for crucial elections under intense controversy.
Fertility Ethics Flare: 'The Man with 1000 Kids' Sparks Global Debate
Unexpected turn in Odebrecht case: Barata willing to testify against Fujimori and Toledo
Disturbing forecast for tropical storm Beryl and adverse weather conditions: Mexico and Texas on alert
Beryl is expected to hit Texas as a hurricane, marking the first landfall of the Atlantic season. Precautionary measures and solidarity are urged in the face of the imminent arrival of the hurricane.
Several injured in northern Israel by Hezbollah rocket attack.
The Devastation in Rafah: Chronicle of a Military Incursion in Gaza
Escalation of violence in Gaza: 55 Palestinians dead in 24 hours
Journalists Witness Devastation in Gaza: A Closer Look at Israel's Military Actions
Ti West Unleashes Hollywood's Horror Revolution
Revving Up: Brad Pitt Takes the Lead in High-Octane F1 Film
La Tarumba: 40 years of circus, creativity and limitless passion
Sir Peter Blake: Unveiling the Formative Forces Behind a Creative Legacy
Unraveling Hollywood's Dark Glamour: Ti West's "MaXXXine" Delivers a Blood-Soaked Thriller of Fame and Fear
The Cuban economy in crisis: Is "war economy" a solution?
Trade tensions between China and the EU: risks of a global trade war
Masoud Pezeshkian, the new reformist president who promises changes in Iran.
The farewell to Javier Valle Riestra: legacy of struggle for democracy and human rights
Sidney Crosby Cheers on Canada in Copa America Triumph
Breakthrough Hope: Israeli Spy Chief's Solo Trip Sparks Ceasefire Optimism
Tensions soar in Israel-Hezbollah standoff, risking wider conflict.
Tragedy in Gaza: 16 dead and 75 injured in Israeli attack on UNRWA school
Tsunami alert in Spain: IOC warns of catastrophic threat in the Mediterranean
The key points you should know in case there is a tsunami in your city
Day of global events: dissolution of terrorist group, tragedy at religious event, and alerts for natural disasters
Alert in Jamaica: Hezbollah identifies murdered leader while Hurricane Beryl batters the Caribbean island
Interactive map by NOAA revolutionizes tsunami preparedness in the Mediterranean
They revoke collaboration agreement with former Odebrecht director.
A tsunami of up to six meters will hit Spain in 30 years: Are we prepared?
Iran: Between the promise of reforms and the real power behind the new president.
Lamine Yamal: From Messi's Arms to Football Stardom
The political waters in Peru: Podemos Perú attracts former collaborators of Castillo
María Eugenia Arboleda: beyond Mariana in "I am Betty, the ugly"
Unveiling the Resilience of Post-Conflict Northern Ireland
Escalation of conflict in Gaza: Israel attacks UNRWA schools causing international outrage
Hezbollah launches more than 200 projectiles against Israel: escalation of violence threatens open war. Mediation is urgent.
Eddie Murphy's Return in Beverly Hills Cop: Critics' Divided Verdict
Political panorama: accusations of persecution and manipulation shake the country
Extreme inequality in Latin America: the gap between the rich and the poor raises concern
Wooldreamers: Leading the revaluation of wool and sustainability in Spain
The Economist proposes the urgency of Joe Biden withdrawing from the presidential race
Canada Stuns in Copa America: Shootout Thriller Sets Stage for Semifinal Showdown
End of Eurocup and Copa America: Champions' showdown this Sunday
The headline translates to: "Tax incentive promotes the use of electric cars in companies: a sustainable boost?"
Historic trial against Keiko Fujimori and 45 accused of corruption begins
The Judiciary of Peru opens trial against Keiko Fujimori for corruption: a milestone in the country's political history.
Biden faces critical moments in his political career: will he be able to reverse the situation?
The uncertain legal labyrinth of the Fujimori family in Peru: A political future in danger?
The rise of National Rally and its impact on French politics
Uncovering 2024's Documentary Gems: Sperm Donation, Tourism Dynamics, and Sonic Landscapes
Lionel Messi's Brave Battle: Overcoming Fear for Copa Glory
Hurricanes in Yucatan and Quintana Roo: Does your car insurance cover these natural disasters?
Martinez Saves the Day as Copa America Heats Up; Euro 2024 Promises More Drama
Martinez Shines as Argentina's Hero in Copa America Quarter-Final Victory
Revelations by Laura Landaeta shake up municipal management: Investigation raises questions about transparency and integrity in local governments.
The unexpected hero: 'Dibu' Martínez, the penalty specialist who propels Argentina towards glory.
Euro 2024: Ronaldo vs. Mbappe - A Historic Clash of Football Titans
Spain and the latent risk of tsunamis: vulnerable cities and prevention actions
Key tips for facing hurricane season: essential preparation and prevention
Messi Leads Argentina to Semifinals in Copa America Thriller
Concern in the hydrocarbons sector due to the interpretation of insurance policies
"Cobra Kai" returns with its sixth season: an epic and exciting finale for karate fans. Expansion of the "Karate Kid" universe with a new movie on the way.
Cultural week in Spain: music, photography, theater, and cinema for all tastes
Netflix continues to reinvent itself: it reveals over 200 secret codes to explore its extensive catalog and ensures a personalized and unique experience. Measures against password sharing drive subscriptions up by 102%. The platform consolidates its position as a leader in the world of streaming.
The Labour Party sweeps the elections in the United Kingdom: a new political era is looming
The Astana Summit: Russia and China unite for a multipolar world
Keir Starmer: the lawyer who changed the course of the British Labour Party
Keir Starmer sweeps the British elections and will lead the United Kingdom
The lawyer who challenges British politics: Keir Starmer and his possible electoral victory
Saudi Arabia strengthens ties with Latin America and the Caribbean
Portugal's Ronaldo Under Fire, Man Utd's Ten Hag Extension, and Copa America's Rising Stars in Football Spotlight
The conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is escalating, violence is increasing in the region
Lessons from the 1982 Crisis: Reflections for a stable economic future
Potential Breakthrough: Hamas Signals Willingness to Consider Phased Ceasefire
Interaction between politics and economy in Peru: impact of legislative and constitutional reforms
Toni Kroos: Scripting the Perfect Farewell
Fencing in Lima: a sport that combines history and passion
Unemployment in Colombia persists: more than 2.5 million affected.
Positive economic outlook in Peru: 5% growth in May
Alert from the SNMPE: Port infrastructure in northern Peru is crucial for mining projects
Central American authorities issue alert for Hurricane Beryl: rain and caution in the region
Remembering Legendary Screenwriter Robert Towne: A Cinematic Legacy that Transcends Time
Millions of Britons ready to shape the political future in parliamentary elections
Modern Peru distances itself from political alliances for the 2026 election
The visit of President Boluarte to China and its implications for Peru
Israel's Land Seizure Sparks Hezbollah Tensions
Israel-Hezbollah Conflict Escalates: Senior Commander Assassinated
The Cocktails Case: Revelation shakes trial of Keiko Fujimori
Violence in the region: Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli drone attack
In Argentina, impunity reigns: a country where bribes go unpunished and justice is delayed.
The long-awaited testimony of Jorge Barata in the Cocteles case shakes Peru
Keiko Fujimori faces trial for money laundering in the Odebrecht scandal: a milestone in Peruvian politics.
Lufthansa's entry into Ita Airways, a "success" for Italy, Germany, and Europe.
Escalating Gaza Conflict: Chaos in Khan Younis, Calls for Ceasefire
Arda Guler: Turkey's Football Prodigy Lights Up Euro 2024
New Finance Rules Ease Debt, Parking App Offers Insurance, Scam Alert, Funeral Costs Surge, Credit File Disputes Addressed
Asia-Pacific Banks Urged to Embrace Non-Payment Insurance
Emiliano Martinez: Goalkeeper Extraordinaire, Argentina's Beloved Maverick
Emotions and fun guaranteed in "Despicable Me 4", Discover the new adventure of Gru and his family against a powerful and twisted enemy!
Dutch Sperm Donor Challenges Netflix's "The Man With 1,000 Kids" in Controversy
Legendary Screenwriter Robert Towne Passes at 89: A Tribute to an Icon
Summer Theater Extravaganza: Beyond the City Lights
Jill Biden, the support of Joe Biden and the role she plays in keeping him in the campaign
Lautaro Martinez: The Rise of a Remarkable Striker
United Kingdom at a crossroads: Legislative elections on July 4th could define a new direction for the country.
Mental health in sports: a priority in athlete development
The fight against sports doping: the crucial role of AI
Global uncertainty regarding interest rates: What direction will the Federal Reserve take?
Economic recovery in Spain: per capita income returns to pre-Covid levels
Hannan Metals announces exciting discovery of copper and gold in Huánuco
Remittances: An economic bridge between countries and cultures.
The extinction of Fonden: Lack of transparency or need for change?
In the face of climatic phenomena, the priority should be to support the most vulnerable.
Moreno Ortiz Family from Xalapa: Resilience in the face of tragedy and a call for prevention
Increase in conspiracy theories about climate change in Europe
Spanish researchers make progress in predicting natural disasters caused by maritime storms.
Biden announces measures against climate change and natural disasters
The University of Oxford maintains its global leadership according to THE ranking
After Tía María, the Government seeks to expedite the replacements of Antamina and Inmaculada: a boost to the mining industry.
Team of scientists discovers key cause of damage in asthma: promising advancement in treatment
Exploring the Ins and Outs of "Late Night with the Devil" with David Dastmalchian: A Cinematic Journey that Challenges the Paradigms of Terror.
Economic crisis in Bolivia: fuel shortage and lack of dollars raise regional concern.
Texas faces extreme climate challenges: the new normal?
The tragedy in Gaza: escalation of violence leaves thousands of victims without hope or assistance
Israel bombs Gaza Strip and orders evacuation of hundreds of thousands
Tragic passing of Liora Argamani, Noa's mother: a painful reminder of the reality in Israel
Israel Strikes Southern Gaza Amid Evacuations: Escalating Tensions in the Strip
Palestinians Flee Khan Younis Amid Israeli Strikes
Mads Mikkelsen: From cinema to fashion, a versatile and talented ambassador
Kevin Costner's Epic Film "Horizon" Strikes a Chord with Scottish Orchestra
Ernesto Pimentel will take a big leap in his career with participation in the 2024 Heat Awards.
The global phenomenon of "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" will culminate in an epic trilogy.
The Cuban government declares itself in a state of war economy: Extreme measures to confront the crisis
Rogelio Ramírez de la O: Challenges and stability in the Ministry of Finance
The uncertain future of Petroperu: Rescue or imminent collapse?
Breakthrough Documentary Reveals Race to Defeat Malaria
The challenge of joining forces against the far right in France
In France, political uncertainty deepens with the possibility of a majority of the far right in the Assembly
Hurricane Berly Alert: Mexico prepares for cyclone impact and severe storms.
The lack of civic preparedness for climate emergencies
Mother Earth in Danger: Urgency of the Socialist Revolution
Nine aftershocks following earthquake in Caravelí, Arequipa, Peru: authorities on alert, no new damages.
Seismic aftershocks shake Caravelí, but without causing new serious damage
Magnitude 7 earthquake in Arequipa raises alarm in Peru: solidarity and calm in the face of the emergency
Storms in Switzerland and Italy: devastation and solidarity in the face of tragedy
An earthquake of magnitude 7 shakes the southern coast of Peru and leaves 8 injured
Director's Release Sparks Outcry in Israel: Conflicting Narratives Surround Detention & Freedom of Al-Shifa Hospital Leader
Iran Threatens Israel with "Obliterating War" over Lebanon; Tensions Rise
Odebrecht Case in Argentina: Corruption scandal shaking the political class
Keiko Fujimori reiterates the legal origin of funds on the eve of money laundering trial
The Cocktails Case: trial of Keiko Fujimori for alleged money laundering
The filmmaker Paolo Tizón shines in Karlovy Vary with "Night Came"
New Apple TV+ series, "Presumed Innocent", awakens public curiosity with its criminal plot and star-studded cast
Exciting confirmation: "Demon Slayer's" "Infinity Castle Arc" will arrive as a trilogy of movies, ensuring an epic climax for fans.
The storm shaking Keiko Fujimori: accused of money laundering in Odebrecht scandal.
The unstoppable rise of the far right in France: a historical change on the European political horizon?
Netanyahu announces "final phase of elimination" of Hamas: Uncertainty in Israel
Escalating Conflict in Gaza: Civilians Trapped as Violence Surges
The legacy of Perón 50 years after his death: influence and division in Argentina
Emerging Militancy: Shadows of Gaza in West Bank's Alleys
Echo Energy and Boku Resources join forces to boost mining in Peru.
Mining and Hydrocarbons Sector in Peru: May balance shows signs of recovery
Yankuba Minteh: The Gambian Sensation Lighting Up Brighton's Path
Copa America Chronicles: Soccer's Surprises and Strategies Unveiled
The "Katz Effect": One of the Most Important Social Policy Experiments in the History of the United States
Natural disasters in Guatemala: urgency to strengthen rural and urban economy
Keiko Fujimori denies accusations of illegal financing in her campaign
Controversial ruling acquits those involved in the "Panama Papers" and "Lava Jato" cases in Panama.
The Israeli minister proposes executing Palestinian prisoners, generating international condemnation.
Negotiations between Hamas and Israel on a ceasefire face significant obstacles.
"The Batman": a neo-noir success on Netflix with a confirmed sequel on the way
"Intensely 2": The Pixar and Disney movie surpasses one billion at the box office
The Rise of Free Agents: Players Seizing Control in Football's New Era
The excitement of football in the 2024 Copa America: heading to the quarterfinals
The political return of Alberto Fujimori arouses uncertainty and debate.
The surprising transformation of Abby Elliott in 'The Bear': From comedy to drama with mastery
New 2-hour insurance protects ATM withdrawals
Carlos Slim reinforces his oil empire with millionaire investments
Drivers face the rise in fuel prices during the holiday exodus
Patagonia Nahuen: Argentine Football Fans Rally in Hollywood, Florida
Acquitted in 'Panama Papers' case: Global impact and controversy following court ruling
El Salvador and its history marked by the fury of tsunamis: lessons of vulnerability and resilience in the face of nature.
Impact of the far-right in France: National Rally leads legislative elections with 34% of votes
The tragedy in Gaza: Israel intensifies offensive in Rafah and Shujaiya
Alberto Fujimori: A controversial return to the Peruvian political arena?
The urgency of a profound and structural change in the face of the political crisis in Peru
Tension in Bolivia: Military attempt a coup and trigger internal and global crisis
Economic Crisis in West Bank: Implications for Palestinians and Israel
Peru falls 0-2 against Argentina: impotence and frustration in the Blanquirroja
The world surprised: Founders of Mossack Fonseca acquitted in "Panama Papers" scandal.
Acquittal in "Panama Papers" case sparks global controversy
Tribunal in Panama acquits those involved in the "Panama Papers" case, sparking controversy and doubts about the judicial system.
Acquitted in Panama accused in Panama Papers and Lava Jato: controversy resurfaces
Argentina's Flawless Victory Propels Them to Copa Quarterfinals
Carlos Palma returns with "LEIT NAIT": humor and reflection in an innovative show
Argentina's Coach Suspended for Late Entry; Assistant Takes Charge
The Puma surprises in the kitchen: life lessons and flavor in "Top Chef VIP"
Brighton and Hove: Birthplace of Cinema Innovation
Alarming consequences of climate change: Extreme phenomena devastate the planet and put humanity at risk.
The latent risk of Congressman Flores Ancachi's bill: a threat to Peru's economic stability?
Construction sector in Peru foresees recovery in 2024 after negative figures. Optimism towards upward trend and challenges to overcome.
Informality, an obstacle for everyone
Marcelo Odebrecht: The shadow of a scandal that shook Brazil.
Desolation in Gaza: more than 37,000 dead and 86,858 injured on day 267 of the conflict
The anticipated return of Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron in "A Family Matter"
San Marino: The unique republic with two heads of state
The Argentine Congress approves the historic "Basic Law" for economic reforms
Proposal to expand tax deductions sparks economic debate in Peru
Argentina's Rodrigo De Paul: The Master of Mind Games
Absolution in the "Panama Papers" and "Lava Jato" cases shakes international justice.
Visit of the president of Peru to China: economic expectations and challenges
Corruption persists in Guatemala despite the change of government: Claudia Paz y Paz warns about the current situation.
Announced change in IEPS subsidies will impact gasoline prices in Mexico.
Intense debate over bill on the purchase of gold by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Ximena Heraud takes Peruvian painting to new horizons in London
Earthquake replicas in Caravelí keep Peruvian population on edge
Magnitude 7.0 earthquake shakes Caravelí province in Arequipa: injuries, damages, and aftershocks in the early hours of Friday. Task force deployed for assistance and assessment.
Magnitude 7 earthquake shakes southern Peru and raises alarm among the population.
Magnitude 7 earthquake shakes southern coast of Peru: several injured and panic
The crossroads of the Blanquirroja: keys and challenges against Argentina
The charitable legacy of Javier Saviola in Iquitos, Peru, and his football reflections.
The Trump-Biden debate: falsehoods and controversies under the scrutiny of fact-checking verification
Iran chooses president amid uncertainty and social discontent
7.0 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Peru and triggers tsunami alert
Embark on a Cinematic Journey: International Films for Every Taste
Jeremy O. Harris Redefines Art: "Slave Play. Not A Movie. A Play." Explores Boundaries
Streaming Alert: Must-Watch Movies Leaving Netflix in July: True Crime, Biopics, and Classics Say Goodbye as Titles Depart!
Exploring the Unseen: This Month's Riveting Documentary Picks
Intense scrutiny following the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden: falsehoods and controversies spark debate on the role of moderators and fact-checking.
The merger between Disney+ and Star+ promises a diverse and attractive entertainment experience for users.
Argentinian Football: A World of Superstitions Unveiled
Spanish team revolutionizes tsunami prediction with mathematical algorithms
The Venezuelan migration and its impacts in Peru: challenges and opportunities
The trial against Keiko Fujimori for the Cocteles case: a milestone in Peruvian judicial history.
Revival of public interest in the Lozoya case due to dispute over house in Lomas de Bezares
Euro 2024: Where Are the Stars? Embracing New Talent Amidst Shadows of Legends
Argentina's Messi in Doubt for Peru Match: Health Concerns Mount
Argentina Triumphs Over Chile in Copa America Rematch: Late Goal Secures Victory
Francisca Aronsson: the promise of acting at 18 years old
The indelible footprint of the Presidents of the United States: achievements and failures that shaped history
Tensions Rise in Gaza: Shajaiye Residents Caught in Crossfire
Latin America facing the challenge of democracy: Reflections based on the coup d'état in Bolivia
The weight of television in presidential debates: from Kennedy to Biden vs. Trump. The power of image in current politics.
The presidential debates in the U.S.: decisive scenarios that have marked history
Israeli Military Issues New Evacuation Orders in Eastern Gaza: Heavy Strikes Cause Chaos and Casualties
Escalating Conflict in Gaza: Children Evacuated, Tanks Spotted
Israel Orders Evacuations Amid Gaza City Strikes
Corruption and Crime: Latin American leaders prosecuted in the United States.
Messi's Miami Mystery: To Play or Rest?
The delicate task of the prosecutor in the face of possible surveillance of a judge from the Constitutional Court.
The challenge of balancing security and privacy in the digital age
The online trading revolution: Ventury FX democratizes investments
Economic slowdown in the United States: Challenges and perspectives in the face of an uncertain outlook
Residents of Shejaiya: Caught in Gaza Crossfire
Intense Gaza Conflict Unfolds: Netanyahu's Statement Signals Prolonged Israeli Campaign
Israeli Soldier Killed in Jenin Raid Amidst Escalating Conflict
The vulnerability of Céline Dion: an authentic portrait in her documentary "I'm Céline Dion"
Scandal of illegal wiretapping shakes judicial and political foundations in Colombia.
The US justice system condemns the former Honduran president for drug trafficking: a trend in Latin America.
The impact of the conviction of Juan Orlando Hernández in Latin America: a precedent in the fight against corruption and drug trafficking.
Latin America: Former presidents behind bars for corruption and drug trafficking
Intense Copa America Action Unfolds: Messi, USMNT, and More!
Gena Rowlands Battles Alzheimer's Disease at 94: A Legacy of Resilience and Impact
Celine Dion's Struggle: a revealing documentary of her battle against stiff person syndrome
MetLife Stadium Witnessed Record-Breaking Copa America Clash; Messi's Hamstring Concerns & Transfer Talks Dominate Headlines
Unforgettable Moments: The Impact of Presidential Debates in the United States
A team of Spanish mathematicians is developing algorithms to predict natural disasters in real time.
Israel's Defense Minister in Washington: Navigating Gaza Conflict Complexity
Political tension in Bolivia: allegations of an attempted coup d'état raise uncertainty and concern
Insurance Companies Redefining Role: Partners in Risk Prevention
Discover Kino Film Collection: A Cinematic Haven Beyond Mainstream Streaming
Keiko Fujimori faces trial for corruption: a critical moment in her career
The downfall of Latin American leaders: justice in US courts.
The restructuring proposals of Petro-Peru: challenges and perspectives for change
Foreign Direct Investment in 2023: Changes in sectors and challenges for Mexico
Haiti: Violence crisis triggers international solidarity
Julio Chávez assumes the presidency of Acción Popular: A new direction for the party
The future of the North Peruvian Pipeline, this is what Petroperú says about this critical asset.
A team of mathematicians revolutionizes the prediction of natural disasters with innovative algorithms
Study reveals risk of extinction due to natural disasters. Urgent conservation is crucial to protect vulnerable species!
Argentina's Roar in Times Square: Fan Frenzy Engulfs NYC
Soccer's Journey Through the Heart of Texas: Copa America Unfolds in Lone Star State
Puma Steps Up to Challenge Football Apparel Giants
Toffoli's judicial decisions keep Marcelo Odebrecht in suspense.
The CGU's crossroads in Operation Car Wash: tensions, negotiations, and repercussions
Latin American Economic Forecast and Relations with Spain: Challenges and Opportunities
Dia Group renews its sustainable strategy to amplify its impact.
Carlos Slim drives the Mexican energy sector with a multimillion-dollar investment
The anticipation and excitement for episode 5 of "Star Wars: The Acolyte"
Expectations for the crucial debate between Biden and Trump: migration and abortion at the center of the stage
The humanitarian crisis in Gaza: desperation and stagnation in aid distribution
Humanitarian crisis in Gaza: nearly half a million at risk of famine
International outrage over Palestinian tied to Israeli military vehicle
Worldwide outrage over Palestinian injured tied to Israeli military vehicle
Escalation of violence in Gaza: more than 40 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks
Unveiling the Untold: Tennis Players Shine in New Documentary Era
Jimena Lindo: Exploring the shadows of addiction in theater
The CGU faces a crucial decision in the Lava Jato case: transparency or concessions to construction companies?
Documentary Series "BMX All Stars" Shines Light on UK's Young BMX Riders
Technological innovation drives the economy of Valencia.
Spanish mathematicians achieve breakthrough in tsunami prediction
Spanish project develops algorithms to predict natural disasters in real time
Spanish team advances in predicting natural disasters: a crucial step for society.
Spanish mathematicians revolutionize the prediction of maritime disasters
Immigration in debate: Biden and Trump clash over immigration policies
Political polarization threatens democratic coexistence
Advances in algorithms to predict tsunamis in real time: Spanish mathematicians lead international research
The Salvadoran State and Territorial Chaos: A History of Irresponsibility
Researchers from the UMA make progress in the prediction of maritime disasters
Political Uncertainty in Peru: Where are the New Leaders?
USMNT and Messi in Focus: Copa America's Anticipation
Importance of Peru in China: Official visit will strengthen cooperation
Julian Assange, the controversial leader of WikiLeaks, regains freedom after a judicial agreement in the United States.
Argentina's Scaloni Shifts Focus Amid Copa America Turf Uproar
The weight of presidential debates in the political history of the United States
Tragedy of Jocelyn Nungaray: Migration debate and justice in the U.S.
Historic debut of Mateo Apolonio, the young prodigy who challenges the conventions of Argentine soccer.
MLS Attendance Surges by 12%: Soccer Frenzy Sweeps USA
Marcelo Bielsa: The Maestro Behind Uruguay's Football Renaissance
Argentina's Coaching Dominance: Copa America's Tactician Trend
Barcelona's Nike Rift Exposes Club's Deeper Turmoil and Financial Woes
Japan and its effective tsunami alert system: an example to follow
Sagunt City Council approves plans against flooding and fires
Natural Disasters: Learning from the past to protect our future
Israeli Strike Claims Life of Top Gaza Health Official, Sparks Condemnation
The dilemma of diesel prices in Colombia: fiscal sustainability or unequal impact on transportation?
Marcelo Ebrard is appointed as head of the Ministry of Economy: a multifaceted profile for Mexico's economic future
The challenges of high rates: How long will uncertainty persist in the financial market?
Netanyahu Suggests End to Rafah Fighting, Rejects Palestinian Authority Control
Academy Renews CEO Kramer's Contract, Paving Path for Hollywood's Future
The universe of "Inside Out" could expand with a third installment
The story of Sérgio Moro and Operation Car Wash: Reflections on justice and power in Brazil
The debate on freedom of expression and censorship in Brazil: Where is the line?
"Detonantes": Superficial Action on Netflix starring Jessica Alba
"Not one more": the series that brings visibility to gender-based violence
Home Insurance Costs Skyrocket: Homeowners Struggle as Premiums Surge
Minecraft and Netflix join forces in animated series; fans eagerly await. Project celebrates 15 years of the leading video game. Live action movie premiere on the horizon.
Carlos Slim's Carso Group consolidates its presence in the oil business with the strategic acquisition of PetroBal.
Fred Smith, the visionary behind the success of FedEx and his risky bet in Las Vegas
Senior Gaza Ambulance Coordinator Killed in Israeli Strike
The anticipated duel: Trump vs. Biden in historic presidential debate
The figure of a leader emerges who seeks to unite the Peruvian right in a common front ahead of the 2026 elections.
Setbacks in the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery: Mexico will not achieve energy self-sufficiency
Team of Spanish mathematicians revolutionizes prediction of maritime disasters
The Italian government allocates 440 million euros to address the increase in seismic activity in the Phlegraean Fields.
The immortal legacy of Carol Burnett in Hollywood: Footprints at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles
Alejandra Ortiz de Zevallos: International recognition for young Peruvian sculptor
Challenges in the management of mining canon resources in Peru: Efficient investment for local communities?
The Importance of Science in Politics: A Call for Transparency and Efficiency
Spain exceeds expectations: economic resilience in times of uncertainty
Trump urges evangelicals to vote in mass to return to the White House
Carlos Slim consolidates his power by acquiring PetroBal for 530 million dollars, strengthening his presence in the oil sector.
Argentina's Messi-Led Show of Simplicity Shines in Copa America Opener
Lionel Messi: A Football Legend Turns 37, Unveiling 37 Remarkable Stats & Trivia
Debates in The Hague about the disappearance of children in Ukraine
Martín Vizcarra seeks to reverse disqualification before the Constitutional Court: A step towards justice or an attempt to evade?
Insurance Industry Faces $10 Trillion Challenge in Race to Net Zero
Peruvian Sports: Between Sentimentalism and Sporting Reality
The albiceleste starts their defense of the Copa America strongly against Canada and sets their sights on Chile as the next challenge
Netanyahu announces end of intense phase in Rafah, but warns that the war is not over
Alert for tropical cyclone Beryl: Forecast of heavy rains in Tamaulipas and Veracruz
Imminent risk: Pacific Northwest faces devastating earthquake and tsunami.
The Silent Threat: Tsunamis on the Andalusian Coast
Magnitude 5.1 earthquake in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca: concern without damages, the importance of preparedness
"Monkey Man" by Dev Patel: Raw and wild action or predictable clichés?
Giorgia Meloni: the new face of the European right in a tumultuous landscape
STF decision sparks debate on freedom of expression and educational autonomy in Brazil
The art of solidarity: unique watch auctioned in Cannes 2024
The mining challenge in Peru: Is copper and gold on par with world powers?
Israeli Defense Minister travels to the United States amid crisis in Gaza
Mount Rainier: scenic beauty hiding a latent danger
Diego Forlán analyzes the current football situation: Copa America, Messi, and more
Revelation of illegal espionage shakes the political and judicial foundations of Colombia
The stadiums chosen by CONMEBOL for the 2024 Copa America: spectacular venues for an emblematic tournament.
The truth behind the alleged sanction of the OAS to Mexico
Alberto Fujimori: from controversial former president to digital influencer
Halfway there: Economic challenges for Peru after the first half of the year
The importance of public-private collaboration in the fight against insecurity in Peru
The increase in the minimum wage in Peru: expectations and realities in the face of possible adjustments.
Collaborative proposal to accelerate copper mining investment in Peru
The controversy surrounding "Bridgerton 3" and the deleted scenes: What do the cast and production team say?
Unveiling Meryl Streep: A Cinematic Icon's Unmatched Legacy
The return of Fujimori: a candidacy in 2026?
Israeli Airstrikes Hit Gaza City; Casualties Reported
Tropical Storm Alberto degrades to Depression in Mexico: Rains persist and flood alert continues
Tropical storm Alberto threatens Gulf Coast: strong winds and rain expected. Prevention measures activated in anticipation of possible impact in Mexico and Texas.
Milei defends his "chainsaw policy" in Madrid: a radical approach to socioeconomic liberalization
Argentina Triumphs Over Canada in Thrilling Copa Opener
UNHCR warns: 120 million people displaced by conflicts
Lionel Messi's U.S. Journey: A Legend's Race Against Time
Miami in Danger: The Threat of Water Challenges the City's Survival
Hezbollah Threatens Cyprus Amidst Rising Tensions
Tragedy Strikes Al-Mawasi Amid Gaza Conflict: Devastating Loss of Life and Escalating Tensions
The duality of Gustavo Petro: Where is the anti-corruption senator in the questioned president?
Subsidy for regular gasoline and diesel: relief for consumers facing price increases.
Keiko Fujimori and Dozens to Stand Trial for Alleged Money Laundering in Campaign Contributions
Disenchanted Mexicans: the shadow of corruption and impunity
Challenge in Ecuador: Removal of Extra Fuel Subsidy Sparks Controversy and Expectations
Starting the reconstruction: Delcy Rodríguez supervises progress on bridge over the Orinoco
The direction of the fight against corruption in Brazil is generating questions.
United States: the criminality in the government and the urgency of a shift towards leadership of the poor and workers
Intense exchange of words between former Ecuadorian presidential candidates sparks public debate on ethics and transparency in politics
The farewell of an icon: "Federer: the last twelve days" reveals the intimacy of tennis legend Roger Federer
The expansion of superhero movies: "Madame Web" arrives on streaming with Dakota Johnson as the lead
Summer of Powell & Pressburger: NYC's Cinematic Delight!
The Peruvian economy starts with a positive momentum, but faces challenges to sustain its growth.
Tragedy in Gaza: bombing leaves 22 dead and dozens injured, unleashing humanitarian crisis
Tragic Strike Near ICRC Office in Gaza Sparks International Concern
Tragic news emerges from Gaza: 25 dead in Israeli bombing
Tragedy Strikes: 25 Lives Lost in Gaza Camp Strike
FEMA at risk of financial crisis due to lack of funds ahead of natural disaster season
Strong diplomatic uproar over Netanyahu's statements about US military aid.
USMNT Gears Up for Copa America Challenge as Messi Leads Argentina, Spain Adapts, and England Faces Denmark
The President of the Chamber of Deputies involved in judicial controversy: censorship, accusations, and public debate.
Revelations about Minister Toffoli's decisions shake Brazil.
Minister Toffoli annuls Odebrecht agreement evidence: Impact on João Santana and Mónica Moura cases
Controversy in Brazil over the bidding notice from the Supreme Federal Court to monitor social networks and accusations of censorship
Cajamarca: challenges and opportunities in the mining sector for sustainable development
Challenges and economic projections in Peru: Analysis of the BCR's Inflation Report.
The political return of Fujimori: controversy and challenges for Peru
Controversy at Carlos III's birthday: Antimonarchist activists interrupt royal parade at Buckingham Palace
Mark Rutte, the leader who will guide NATO in times of crisis
Copa America Kicks Off in Style With Messi Magic
Messi's Masterclass Powers Argentina to Victory Over Canada
Canada's Crepeau: From World Cup Heartbreak to Copa Triumph
Insurance companies propose mandatory policy for buildings in Peru in the face of natural disasters. They promote resilience and financial protection.
The tragedy of the Green Wave: a reminder of the power of nature
The eternal legacy of Donald Sutherland: a farewell to a cinema legend
The Scaloneta: in search of historical glory in the 2024 Copa America
Argentina advances steadily in the Copa America after defeating Canada
The controversial absence of Arturo Vidal in the Copa America sparks controversy and expectations in Chile
Exciting victory for Argentina in the opening match of the Copa America
Exciting duel between Peru and Chile in the 2024 Copa America: everything is ready for the confrontation at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.
Netflix expands its offering with video games and interactive content: An immersive entertainment experience for all tastes!
"Intensely 2: An emotional journey that conquers the box office and hearts"
The inclusion of Michaela Sterling in "Bridgerton" sparks curiosity and controversy among fans.
The legacy of "Black Barbie": a fight for diversity in the toy industry
The causes of George Michael's death have been revealed: dilated cardiomyopathy and myocarditis led to his passing at the age of 53.
Precious metals shine as a financial refuge in an uncertain world.
Israel's Leadership Rift: Implications for Gaza Strategy
The Peruvian Institute of Economics raises growth projection to 3% for 2024.
In the midst of chaos: Alma al-Shaab, the people trapped between Israel and Hezbollah
Anguish and destruction in Alma al-Shaab: the drama of a people trapped in conflict.
Hezbollah threatens Israel and Cyprus: risk of escalation in the Middle East
Israel warns Hezbollah: threat of "total war" raises fears in the Middle East
Israel's Pause for Aid: Can Daily Breaks Help Gaza?
Devastation in northern Mexico: Tropical storm Alberto claims lives and unleashes chaos
Alert for Tropical Storm Alberto: Heavy rains and risk of landslides in El Salvador.
Lionel Messi's Copa America Goal Odyssey: Genius Unveiled
Exciting Build-Up to Copa America 2024: Teams, Players, and Predictions Set the Stage
The deep crisis in Haiti: challenges and repercussions in the region
The seismic disaster that shook the world: devastation, pain, and lessons learned
Bermuda Tightens Regulations on Insurers' Investments amidst 777 Partners Turmoil
Important Biden immigration measure would benefit half a million in the U.S.
Carlos Añaños joins Modern Peru: The presidential candidate for 2026?
The unexpected political comeback of Alberto Fujimori: Affiliation with Popular Force sparks controversy.
Alliance between Russia and North Korea worries the West
The reign of Felipe VI: between political and institutional crises, scandals, and the Catalan challenge.
Britain at a crossroads: resisting the rightward shift in Europe
Flavio Cruz: The protagonist of current Peruvian politics
The excitement overflows in the opening of the Copa América with a match between Argentina and Canada.
Tropical storm Alberto causes havoc in the Gulf of Mexico with strong winds and rain. Three deaths reported in Nuevo León. Prevention measures ahead of its landfall.
The looming threat of earthquake and tsunami on the Northwest Pacific coast
Nvidia: The technological giant that challenges Microsoft and Apple
NVIDIA: the new global leader in technology achieves a historic milestone
Challenges and urgencies: Pemex in the hands of Sheinbaum
The collection of IEPS on gasoline surges in Mexico: Impact on prices?
Unveiling Comedy's Hidden Pioneers: The Legacy of Lynde, Reilly, and Taylor
Resounding success: "Intensamente 2" captivates both young and old
Watch out! Alberto evolves into a Tropical Storm and advances towards the coasts of Tamaulipas
Exciting Revelations: Copa America 2024 Promises Historic Competition
Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Urgent Action Needed to Prevent Catastrophe
Intense sessions at the Madeira Legislative Assembly: deputies discuss the 2024-2028 Government Program with a focus on the future.
The Government of Ecuador announces an increase in gasoline prices: Impact on the economy and society?
Worrying setback in Peruvian productivity: impact on long-term economic growth
The most deadly natural disasters: an indelible mark on history
Biden signs order to regularize 500,000 migrants married to Americans
Worrying drop in employment in Peruvian export sectors
Unveiling the Power of Queer Comedy: "Outstanding" Delivers a Transformative Journey Through Humor and Identity
Celebrating the Passion: Copa America 2024 Promises Excitement and Competition
Argentina and Canada will face each other in the opening match of the 2024 Copa America
Israeli military preparations increase tension in Lebanon.
The painful farewell to Lorenzo Somaschini, a young promise of Argentine motorcycling
Million-dollar expenses on presidential trips generate controversy and questioning
Expansive Biden immigration program awakens hopes in undocumented immigrants.
Mourning in motorcycle racing: Young Argentine promise dies in tragic accident
Katinka von Richter: The magic of the piano arrives in Lima
Alternatives to enjoy the cinema without spending a lot of money: Discover the 2x1 promotions at Cinépolis and Cinemex!
Brazilian Supreme Court Minister amidst controversy over decisions in the Lava Jato case
French Screen Icon Anouk Aimée Dies at 92: A Look Back at Her Mesmerizing Career
3,722 species at risk due to natural disasters: urgent call to action
The excitement overflows in the opening match of the Copa America between Argentina and Canada
The football party: Argentina is getting ready to defend its title against Canada in the 2024 Copa America.
Bolivia and its system of direct election of judges: success or controversy?
Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet: uncertainty amid conflict
Glitz, Glamour, and Broadway Brilliance: Tony Awards 2024 Unveiled
The evolution of fatherhood in modern literature: an empathetic and sensitive approach
The Fascinating Evolution of the Word "Geek" Through Time
The numbers war over the future of the oil market: IEA vs. OPEC
Gold as currency: study reveals complex relationship in Peruvian informal mining
Alert for possible credit rating downgrade and economic challenges in Peru. Economic outlook and projections for 2024 raise concerns. Urgent measures needed to ensure sustainable growth.
Exciting Matchups Await in 2024 Copa America Group A Battles
Inter Miami Bolsters Ambitions with Raul Sanllehi as Football President
Gold: attractive and valuable investment in ingots synonymous with stability
Francisco Rodríguez Larraín: The CEO who inspires with his vision and values
Daniel Radcliffe's triumph at the Tony Awards and the return of Harry Potter in a series excite the fans.
The phenomenon of "Law and Order: SVU" and its revealing episode
Central banks readjust their strategies in response to changing expectations in 2024.
Titanic challenge: Heavy inheritance from Pemex puts Sheinbaum's government to the test
The Dubbing Dilemma: Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Actors
Peruvian economy shows signs of recovery with regional disparities
The Energy and Mines Commission approves extension of oil contracts
Severe floods hit South Florida: challenges and consequences
Kylian Mbappé is going for Euro 2024: the generational heir who will not give up until winning it all
Minister proposes biennial planning for housing bonuses
Climate alert in the southern United States: strong rains and storms forecasted
Netanyahu Disbands War Cabinet Amid Gaza Crisis
Legislature marked by controversial decisions and lack of vision: In which direction is Congress heading?
Institutional dismantling: a danger to the country and its citizens. It's time to act!
Massive protest in France against the advance of the far right
Problematic gold transportation in Peru jeopardizes legitimate industry
Unforgettable Goals: Copa America's Top 10 Strikes
Paraguay's Copa America 2024 Challenge: Struggles Up Front and in Defense
Messi leads Argentina to victory against Guatemala in friendly match prior to Copa America 2024
The Gaza Strip experiences a respite amid the violence: Israeli army announces humanitarian pause
The BCRP surprises the market by maintaining the interest rate at 5.75% in June
Tax reform: challenges and risks in the national economy
The Bolivian government deploys 900 military personnel to combat fuel smuggling.
Noah's Ark Revisited: Reflections on Cataclysms, Survival, and Myths
Renewed emotions and unexpected challenges: "Inside Out 2" will arrive in theaters in June 2024.
Manolo Valdés surprises with the release of his book "Ladies and Gentlemen"
Inside Out 2 Scores Big with Hockey Star Cameo
Late Night Laughs at Trump's Capitol Hill Visit
Unveiling the Mystery: BBC's Probe into Nicola Bulley's Vanishing
Tragedy in Ecuador: landslides and rains leave devastation and human losses
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes southern Peru: no serious damage but alert activated
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes southern Peru: alert and preparation for seismic vulnerability.
Strong earthquake shakes southern region of Peru: no damages reported after 6.3 magnitude tremor in Chala.
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Arequipa region: material damages but no casualties, authorities assess impact and provide assistance
Tens of thousands march in France against the far right.
Escalation of tension in the Korean peninsula: Imminent crisis?
The Constitutional Court supports trade union freedom in labor ruling
The Israeli army announces a pause in operations in Gaza
The deadly impact of climate change: how to quantify it properly?
The Israeli army announces daily pause in Gaza to allow for humanitarian aid
Israel Implements Daytime Ceasefire Amid Gaza Crisis
Israel Announces Daily Military Pause for Humanitarian Aid
The shadow of fascism in Italy: A buried legacy or latent in today's society?
The Enduring Legacy of Ronaldo and Messi: Football's Greatest Icons
Father's Day 2024: Celebrating paternal love with music and movies
Unveiling the Dark Reality: "Dancing for the Devil" Exposes Cult Exploitation
Unveiling the '80s Brat Pack: McCarthy's Dive into Fame
Important legislative triumph by Javier Milei with the approval of the Bases Law
The economic resilience of Spain: an engine in the Eurozone
The CES presents its Socioeconomic Report 2023: Analysis of the Spanish economy and pending challenges.
Quincy Jones and Juliet Taylor will receive an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards
Toll of Conflict: Israeli Rockets Ravage Lebanese Village
Escalation of conflicts between Hezbollah and Israel raises risk of devastating war
Tragic day in Israel-Gaza conflict: eight Israeli soldiers die in operation in Rafah, the deadliest since January
Alert in El Salvador due to heavy rains: risk of floods and landslides
The Argentine businessman Gregorio Pérez Companc, "The Cardinal", passes away, leaving behind a legacy of success and fortune.
Sergio Moro: between accusations and challenges, a leader in turbulence.
Brazil: Unexpected political alliance between Alckmin and Lula shakes up the electoral landscape
Tragedy in Gaza: 8 Israeli Soldiers, 30 Palestinians Killed
Explosion in Gaza Claims Lives of Eight Israeli Soldiers
Tens of thousands march in France as the far right advances
Messi's Copa America Quest: A Legacy Unfolds
Alert in El Salvador due to intense rain forecasted until Tuesday: Civil Protection issues recommendations and suspends activities.
Modernization and diversification: the progress of the SBS in the regulation of insurance investments
Judicial immunity: Brazil's Superior Court of Justice dismisses appeal in defamation case.
Miguel Dávalos clarifies rumors about alleged romance with Ernesto Pimentel
Italy between lights and shadows: Is fascism still relevant in the 21st century?
Maduro innovates his communication strategy for elections in Venezuela
Renato Tapia and the Importance of Insurance in Football: A Case that Generates Reflection
Dynamic Duo: Messi and Martinez Lead Argentina to 4-1 Victory
Lionel Messi Equals Men's Goal-Scoring Record
Lionel Messi Leads Argentina to Victorious Friendly Win Ahead of Copa America
Peruvian economy grows by 4% in April exceeding expectations: optimism in the country.
Miami is plunged into unprecedented aquatic chaos amid catastrophic floods.
Northern Israel in Crisis: Hezbollah Attacks Ignite War Fears
Gaza Crisis: W.H.O. Warns of Famine-Like Conditions
Peruvian cinema revives the tragedy of Yungay: the earthquake of '70.
Veteran Referee Gil Manzano: The Unyielding Enforcer of Football Drama
The dilemma of gasoline subsidies in Mexico: balancing prices and the economy
Ecuador's Copa America 2024 Journey: Can Sanchez Lead La Tri to Glory?
Balearic Islands on alert for tsunami risk: Are they prepared to face the threat?
Lloyd's of London CEO Reveals Global Challenges for Insurance Industry
Deadly Gaza Strike Exposes Tragic Reality of Israel-Hamas Conflict
The complex relationship between Mexico and the United States: challenges and opportunities in bilateral coexistence
CONFIEP's proposals for regulating political party financing
Marine Le Pen: The Future President of France?
Devastating floods hit Chile: thousands affected and alert for new landslides.
Study reveals how a healthy lifestyle can slow down Alzheimer's
Advancement in early detection of dementia thanks to artificial intelligence
Possible advances in Alzheimer's treatment: study reveals rejuvenating effect of stem cells.
Flexitarianism: a rising balanced nutritional trend
The challenges of Ciutat Meridiana: Mental health crisis triples suicide attempts.
The controversy following the change in the story of "Chabuca": reflections on representation and responsibility
Israel and Hezbollah Escalate Conflict: Deadly Exchange Threatens Regional Peace
30 years of the Advocacy Statute in Brazil: Milestones and challenges in the legal profession
The controversy behind "Chabuca": Revelations about the life of Alex Brocca spark debate
Political rapprochement between A.N.T.A.U.R.O. and Together for Peru sparks controversy: should ex-convicts be allowed to run for public office?
Reform in the Ethics Committee of Congress: Controversies and Debates
Proposal to eliminate regional movements in Peru generates controversy and debate about the political future.
Jordan Bardella's challenge: between renewal and the shadow of Le Pen
Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Navigates Turbulent Board Battle Over Wefox's Fate
Concern about insecurity in Peru: 45% of Peruvians feel unsafe, especially in Lima
Corruption scandal shakes the vice presidency of Ecuador.
Canada's Copa America 2024 squad: Jesse Marsch's Surprise Factor
Residents of Rafah Caught in Crossfire Amid Escalating Violence
Violence in Gaza: deadly escalation puts civilian population at risk
The US economy continues to be a source of optimism.
Estevao Willian: The Rising Star Set to Shine at Chelsea
Argentina Copa America 2024 squad guide: World champions have Messi, but also flaws
Florida is preparing for more heavy rains in the coming days
Tropical storm unleashes chaos in southern Florida: flood emergency
The challenge for Latin America and the Caribbean: reducing emissions by 2030
Jessica Luna warns about lack of leadership in the Ministry of Economy and tourism lag
Swiss Re Warns: Insurance Industry Underestimated Natural Disaster Impact
Tropical disturbance triggers flooding emergency in Florida
Alert in Miami: heavy rains and floods paralyze the region
Strong rains hit South Florida: Emergency due to massive floods
Jamal Musiala: The Rising Star Redefining Football Brilliance
Lionel Messi Opts Out of 2024 Olympics for Club Commitments
A cosmos of fire and science: the dance of volcanoes and knowledge on a planet in transformation.
Father's Day 2024: Celebrating with Movie Night at Home
Yoko Ono sells John Lennon's legendary loft in Soho, New York
Lionel Messi's Goal: Ending Career at Inter Miami, Not Yet
Oil production in Mexico shows signs of stabilization and challenges ahead
The arrival of "Paddington in Peru": a bittersweet adventure for movie lovers
Hezbollah Retaliates: Rocket Barrages Target Israel
Gold shines brightly: experts predict a continuous increase.
The business optimism of the top 500 companies in Mexico for 2024
The challenge of Claudia Sheinbaum in the presidency of Pemex: Towards financial autonomy?
IntensaMente 2: An emotional journey that awakens consciences and moves emotionally
Paddington Bear returns with his third adventure: "Paddington in Peru" promises to thrill all fans.
Pope Francis receives renowned comedians at the Vatican: a celebration of diversity and humor
Challenges and perspectives of the mining industry in Mexico: a complex overview
The world is heading towards a scenario of oil excess by 2030.
Unleashed controversy: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, who is the best?
The excitement is growing: Argentina is getting ready for the 2024 Copa America in the United States.
Lionel Messi's Final Chapter: A Legend's Journey with Inter Miami
UN Report: Israel & Hamas Accused of War Crimes in Gaza Conflict
Challenges and expectations for the new Modi government without an absolute majority
Hamas ceasefire proposal: keys and challenges towards peace in Gaza
Aon's $350M War Cover Scheme Boosts Ukrainian Businesses
Flood alert: Drivers in San José and Cartago seek to secure their vehicles against natural risks.
Historic condemnation of Valencia fans for racist insults towards Vinícius Júnior
Real Madrid dominates in the Champions League: King of Europe for the fifteenth time!
The sweet bitterness of the Cuban sugar industry: between history and crisis
Joe Biden's delicate encounter with his son convicted of illegal firearm possession
The majesty of Malbork Castle: a treasure from the 13th century in Europe
The urgency of responsible waste management: reflections on the environmental crisis
United States on alert: new earthquakes shake the country
Controversy in Brazil over confrontation in the Constitution and Justice Committee
Minister Barroso sparks controversy over transparency in STF agendas
International collaboration seeks to reduce risks from natural disasters in Mexico, Japan, and El Salvador.
Tensions arise from the annulment of information request in Brazil
Paul McCartney: a musical icon with a love for soccer and the Pope
Saudi Pro League Stars Gear Up for Euro 2024 and Copa America: Are They Ready for the Challenge?
Pedri's Triumphant Return: A Resilient Comeback for Spain's Rising Star
The World Bank supports Mexico's bet on 'nearshoring' with a million-dollar loan
BAIC breaks its launch drought in Mexico with the U5 sedan.
The Bank of Spain raises growth forecast to 2.3%: boost from tourism after the pandemic
Economic awakening in Colombia: lights and shadows amidst a fluctuation of figures
Hezbollah Commander Killed in Israeli Strike Escalates Border Tensions
The surprises of the far right in Europe and its possible influence on the elections in the United States.
"Positive" response from Hamas and Islamic Jihad marks possible progress towards ceasefire in Gaza
Congress in crisis: urgency for constitutional reform without answers
The Dreamers: Forgotten and threatened population by immigration policies
High fees of judicial administrators in Brazil generate controversy and concern
Exciting spin-off series of "The Batman": "The Penguin" promises to explore new horizons in the Gotham City universe.
The cinema in the first half of 2024: successes, disappointments, and promises for the future
The rebirth of Liam Neeson in "In the Land of Saints and Sinners"
Breaking Taboos: Filmmaker's Bold Dive into Period Conversations
Sherwood Season 2: A Star-Studded Return with Captivating Drama
Forecast of heavy rains and extreme weather phenomena in Mexico
Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza Ambush: Tragic Toll Rises
Diplomatic Victory: UN Passes US-Backed Gaza Cease-Fire
Celebrity Ancestral Revelations Unveiled in "Who Do You Think You Are?" 20th Anniversary Special
Alarming findings about the Cascadia megathrust fault: unprecedented earthquake threat in the U.S.
From Coding to Cricket Stardom: Saurabh Netravalkar's Inspiring Journey
American Trio Aims to Dethrone Pole Vault Giant at Paris Games
Lamine Yamal: The Teenage Sensation Redefining Football Glory
Unleashing the Thrilling Saga: India vs Pakistan Cricket Clash
Copa America 2024: Football Fever Hits American Soil
Exciting Lineup Unveiled for Nottingham Open 2024: British Stars Ready to Shine
Late-Night Hosts Find Humor in Trump's Probation Meeting
More than 1.5 million in the Sula Valley vulnerable to floods
The French thriller "In the Depths of the Seine" immerses viewers in an unusual setting: sharks near Paris unleash chaos and reflections.
Sue Perkins Unveils Whimsical Botanical Adventure: Crime-solving Brambles to Radioactive Houseplants
Tragic End for British TV Doctor Michael Mosley: A Health Journalism Icon's Untimely Demise
Ivanovo: between dystopia and reality in Russia
Amnesty in Catalonia: challenges and controversies in the new legal scenario
Controversy in Peru Libre: Advisor recruits affiliates during working hours
Tension in the Middle East: Israel rejects ceasefire proposal in Gaza
The rise of the far right in Europe: an overview of the continent's political landscape
The dizzying international journey of Javier Milei: diplomatic genius or risky strategy?
Taylor Swift Wows Edinburgh in Spectacular Eras Tour Debut
London homeowner battles 70% insurance hike: Loyalty tested as premiums soar
Navigating Weather Risks: Reinsurers Shift Focus to Tackle Evolving Landscape
Israeli Gaza Raid Leaves Trail of Destruction: Outrage Over Civilian Toll
The Hamas government accuses Israel of falsifying the identities of the dead in Nuseirat
Dramatic Rescue: Hostages Freed in Gaza After Eight-Month Ordeal
Season of intense rains and storms in Mexico: Meteorological alert for extreme weather phenomena
Lionel Messi's Copa America Preparations: Careful Management for Success
Claudia Sheinbaum, the first female president of Mexico: a milestone in the fight for gender equality.
The indelible legacy of Spanish tennis at Roland Garros: from Manolo Santana to Carlos Alcaraz
Challenges and tensions threaten the stability of OPEC and oil prices.
Israel rescues hostages in Gaza: tragedy with death toll of 274
The economic scenario of the United States prior to the presidential elections is defined.
Paul McCartney returns to Lima with his world tour "Got Back".
The whirlwind of romance and secrets in the third season of "Bridgerton" arouses passions and conflicting critiques.
Worrying reality: Spanish parents spend just 3.5 hours daily with their children
Elevating Soccer in America: The Quest for a Crossover Superstar
Tonight: President of the Supreme Federal Court on Roda Viva will address hot topics in Brazil
The scandal of Ronaldo Albo: controversy in the Brazilian justice system
Uproar in Brazil over Financial Times report on Supreme Court Justice and Operation Car Wash
Marcelo Bielsa: Transforming Uruguay's Football Fortunes
Setback in Peruvian exports: challenges and opportunities
Election results in the EU: trends and political challenges for the future
The financial future in Mexico under the leadership of Ramírez de la O
Business expectations about the Peruvian economy decreased in May, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Carmelo Mesa-Lago warns about a serious crisis in Cuba and proposes profound changes for its recovery.
European elections reveal a complex and fragmented political landscape.
Uncertain Course: The Rise of the Far Right Shakes the European Union
Challenges and divisions: a political earthquake following the European Parliament elections
The European elections define an uncertain outlook for the far right
Adria Arjona Unveils 'Hit Man' Surprises: A Rising Star's Revelations
UN Blacklists IDF for Harming Children: Israel Condemns Decision
Unmasking the Hit Man: Comedy Meets Reality in Netflix's Latest Dive into Contract Killers
Late-night hosts mock Trump's VP criteria; humor takes center stage in political satire
Worrying rise of the far right among European youth: A shift in the elections?
Independence of the Attorney General, Vinicius Jr.'s triumph, and recognition of Salgado: a glimpse into Brazilian current affairs
Peru: Resilience in the face of natural disasters and lessons for the future
The Tsunamis: Powerful and Devastating Natural Phenomena
Worrying rise of the far right among young Europeans: challenges and repercussions
Israel unleashes wave of violence in Gaza: hundreds of Palestinians dead and injured
Palestinians Fleeing Danger Face Double Displacement in Gaza
The Seine: mirror of Paris (and soon of the Olympic Games)
The dark secret of the Seine: pollution that challenges its romantic image.
The dark secret of the Seine: pollution that defies its romantic image
Uproar in Brazil: STF decisions shake anti-corruption efforts.
Controversy over the validity of confessions in Lava Jato: Does coercion negate the truth?
Attorney General requests reconsideration of decision on Operation Car Wash before the Supreme Court, sparking controversy.
The case Iberdrola vs Repsol, an example of greenwashing in the oil sector.
The change in Petrobras: a nationalist turn in the face of American imperialism?
Attorney General seeks review of decision on Odebrecht
Intense debate over tax reduction bill in the Peruvian Congress
The judicial crisis in Brazil: the controversy following Toffoli's decision
Hurricanes and Climate Change: An Urgent Call to Action
Navigating the Thin Line: "How to Rob a Bank" Explores True-Crime Ethical Dilemmas
The dark and captivating universe of "Eric": an emotional thriller that challenges perception.
Legal Battle: UK Lawyer Sues Netflix Over Character Portrayal
The magic merges: Disney+ and Star+ join forces to offer a universe of limitless entertainment.
Oil production in Peru falls to lower levels in 2024, affecting the economy and domestic demand.
They reveal in detail the silent colossus of Cascadia and its looming threat
Earthquake in San Martín: Importance of being prepared for natural events
Uncertain course: European elections in Ireland and the Czech Republic kick off a crucial electoral process for the EU
Ursula von der Leyen is confident that she will have support to continue as President of the European Commission.
MLB London Series Unites Global Baseball Fans in London Stands
Olympic Football Absences Spark Club vs. Country Debate
The institutional framework of the European Union: pillars of effective cooperation.
Strong advance of the far-right in European elections in the Netherlands
Former President Martín Vizcarra in the eye of the storm for the purchase of rapid tests
Former Allianz Manager Pleads Guilty in $6B Scandal
Daring Israeli Rescue Mission Saves Hostages, Sparks Celebration
Israeli Rescue Mission: Hostages Freed, Lives Saved in Gaza Raid
UN Report: Israel and Hamas Listed for Harming Children
The urgency of preventing social catastrophes and promoting solidarity
Dozens dead in another Israeli attack in Nuseirat, in the center of the Gaza Strip: escalation of violence and humanitarian chaos.
Bolivia faces an economic crisis due to a shortage of foreign currency: What measures will the government of Luis Arce take to move forward?
Decline of Persian rugs: a millennia-old tradition threatened
The epic conclusion of "Sailor Moon" is approaching: "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie" lands on Netflix.
Historical Reflections: the series that questions the direction of democracy
The unexpected twist at the end of "Chabuca" on Netflix: a debate about representation and inclusion.
The key to success in the Mexican industry: workforce training
The crucial role of Elvira Nabiullina in the Russian economy during times of crisis
French Eco-Thriller "Under Paris" Surfaces as Global Sensation
Electoral tension in Venezuela: uncertainty and challenges ahead of crucial elections
The glorious night of Latin American gastronomy at 'The World's 50 Best Restaurants'
The golden night of Latin American gastronomy. A review of the best restaurants in 'The World's 50 Best Restaurants'.
Aerial tragedy on Singapore Airlines flight: passengers fight to survive
Aerial tragedy on flight SQ321: one person dead and 100 injured due to loss of altitude
Singapore Airlines changes security policy following tragic turbulence incident.
Priority in prevention: Andalusia develops Emergency Plan for Tsunamis
Middle East Crisis: Israel's Strike on UN School Sparks Outrage
More storms are coming to Mexico: alert for Low Pressure Channels and extreme phenomena
Sudan: Tragedy at gold mine reveals dangers of artisanal mining
Affordable Housing Faces New Threat as Insurance Premiums Skyrocket
Messi praises Real Madrid and sparks a footballing debate.
Lionel Messi Sparks Speculation Over 2026 World Cup Participation
Amid Gaza Strike Fallout: Conflicting Reports Fuel Urgency
The complex surveillance network in the labyrinth of the State: Who controls whom in Peru?
The president of Córpac appears due to failures in the lighting of Jorge Chávez Airport.
Air tragedies claim lives of political leaders: a painful reminder of the fragility of life.
Bryan Reyna's absence shakes the Peruvian National Team before facing Paraguay
Interpellation of the Minister of Economy sparks controversy in Congress: questioning and tensions in the country's political and economic landscape.
Yoshimar Yotún: example of leadership and commitment in the Peruvian national team
"Resistant Alzheimer's group discovered: insights into the disease"
Innovations in brain-technology connection spark controversy and hope.
They discover hope against Alzheimer's in fruits: urolithin A
Unveiling the Shadows: Berlinger's Documentary on Hitler's Legacy
Tragedy in Nuseirat: Mayor and civilians killed in Israeli attack
Israeli Airstrike on UN School in Gaza Sparks Outrage
US Urges Israel for Transparency After Gaza School Strike
Decrease in new investments raises doubts about the impact of nearshoring in Mexico
England's Euro 2024 Squad: A Mix of Experience and New Blood
Israel claims responsibility for bombing in Gaza that leaves dozens dead
The Vice Chancellor of Ukraine strengthens ties with Peru ahead of the Peace Summit.
The future of Europe at stake: key women set the pace
Anticipation Builds: FIFA's Club World Cup Expansion Sparks Excitement and Questions
30 years later: remembering the seismic tragedy that marked Colombia
Alert due to seismic activity in the area of the La Palma volcano: experts reassure the population.
The ethical dilemma of confession in the Odebrecht case: excessive freedom or coercion?
Operation Car Wash and the uncertainty about Odebrecht's leniency agreement
The anticipated showdown between "Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura" arrives on Netflix with high doses of future action and excitement.
Tragedy Unfolds: Gaza School Attack Claims Lives, Ignites Outrage
Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Reaches Critical Point: Over a Million Palestinians Displaced, Health Situation Dire
Challenges of the 2025 Economic Package in Mexico: Income, Spending, and Stability under Discussion
Israeli Airstrike Triggers Gaza Tragedy, Tensions Rise
Milei bets on artificial intelligence for state reform in Argentina
The European elections and the rise of the far right: impact on plurinational democracy
Pau Gasol highlights the value of athletes in the business world
Sports as a Driver of Values and Growth in Spain
Alert for heavy rains in El Salvador: MARN issues statement
Jurgen Klinsmann Unveils Coaching Insights & Ambitions in Exclusive Interview
Barcelona's Season: Disappointment, Drama, and a Path to Redemption
Transnistria: Economic and political challenges in an enclave in Eastern Europe
The Attorney General's Office challenges the annulment of Odebrecht's convictions
Appeal by the Attorney General sparks controversy in Brazil: End of the Lava Jato?
Israeli Air Strike on UN School in Gaza Sparks Outcry
Israel bombs Gaza center as ceasefire is sought
Putin and Trump: Political game or real justice?
Delays and setbacks in the 'Vacunagate' case involve Martín Vizcarra
Biden's restrictive migration order generates controversy in the U.S.
Striving for Lasting Peace in Gaza Amid Cease-Fire Uncertainty
Inferno in Northern Israel Fuels Hezbollah Escalation Concerns
Diplomatic Challenge: Biden proposes plan for end of war in Gaza
Insurance companies in Peru are beginning to implement AI.
Attorney General challenges Toffoli's decision on Odebrecht before STF: intense legal battle in Brazil
Challenges for Pemex: a complicated legacy for the next administration
The eurozone experiences significant growth in May: signs of economic recovery
The glacial lake outburst floods are a growing threat in the Himalayas.
A capricious climate is hitting Mexico: Cold Fronts, Tropical Waves, and extreme weather threaten national security
Political proposal based on Christ: a path towards justice and social equity
Intense fighting in Gaza and efforts to achieve a ceasefire are keeping the region on edge.
Concern over the use of white phosphorus in the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.
Kylian Mbappe's La Liga Arrival Ignites Excitement and Controversy
The rise of series and cinematic gems on streaming platforms in 2024
The Life of Jagna: Innovation and Passion in 19th Century Animation
The hurricane season in the Atlantic could be the worst in decades
Hurricane season 2024 in Miami: Authorities on alert due to NOAA forecast
Nine former cadets from Cobreloa face prison for rape case in Chile
Aras generates controversy for stance on provisional measures: Obstacle in the fight against corruption?
The challenge of justice: Attorney General's Office requests review of Toffoli's decision on Odebrecht case
Judicial uproar over appeal in Odebrecht case: What does it mean for Operation Car Wash?
Judicial challenges in Brazil: Prosecutor appeals decision that annulled actions of Operation Car Wash
Controversy in Brazil: Attorney General appeals against annulment of Lava Jato acts.
Claudia Sheinbaum: challenges and perspectives of her government in Mexico
Alberto Rey: Cinema as a mirror and a door to reality
The anticipated leap of "Peaky Blinders" to the big screen excites fans: Cillian Murphy will lead a new era of intensity and organized crime.
Cillian Murphy returns as Thomas Shelby in the highly anticipated "Peaky Blinders" movie on Netflix, generating great excitement among fans.
New chapter in the Odebrecht case: PGR appeals Toffoli's decision to the STF
The United States on alert due to increased seismic activity and prevention of natural disasters.
The Mexico-United States relationship under the presidency of Claudia Sheinbaum: challenges and expectations in the face of a possible return of Trump.
Earthquake in Los Santos, Santander: alert for seismic activity and call for preparation for possible aftershocks
The controversial rise of Narendra Modi: between popularity and accusations
Tense Ceasefire Talks: High Stakes for Israel and Hamas
The travel insurance industry in Peru is experiencing an unprecedented boom.
Barcelona's Treatment of Legends: A Legacy Under Scrutiny
The fight against corruption in Brazil: Attorney General's Office will appeal decision on Marcelo Odebrecht
The challenge of collaborations in the Lava Jato case: Toffoli faces a new request for suspension of fine
Mexican public finances: a reality harsher than what was promised
Scandal in Brazil: Mantega and Braskem under scrutiny for corruption
Claudia Sheinbaum and the economic challenges of her presidential administration
The scandal that shakes magistrate Bonat and his relationship with Sergio Moro raises doubts about his impartiality
Controversies and judicial decisions shake Brazil after 10 years of Lava Jato
New earthquake in La Palma: Alert for magnitude 2.2 earthquake following 2021 eruption
The controversy surrounding "Chabuca": changes in the ending spark debate
The explosive return of "Bad Boys": adrenaline, comedy, and limitless action
Francisca Aronsson shines in "Perra Vida": A story of love and animal companionship
The bitter end of "Taken": The surprising cancellation of the series leaves fans with unanswered questions
The rise of Clémence Michallon: from controversy with Liam Neeson to literary and cinematic success
South Africa after historic elections: End of the ANC reign?
Claudia Sheinbaum: the first female president of Mexico in over 200 years.
AM Best predicts increases in car insurance in Spain
Push towards sports tourism in Huarmey: Nature, culture, and challenges in the north.
The historic transfer of Mbappé to Real Madrid: one more 'galáctico' for the Merengues
Congress under suspicion: irregularities revealed in health insurance affiliation
Chaos at Jorge Chavez Airport: Authorities fail to address infrastructure collapse.
The need for effective supervision in a decentralized State
Petrobras under new leadership: boosting energy sovereignty and facing challenges from imperial interests
The struggle between neutrality and geopolitical interests: a deep analysis
The fundamental role of the insurance sector in the development of Peru
The political landscape in Goiás is stirred up by the candidacy of Sandro Mabel supported by Caiado.
Challenging economic inheritance for the Sheinbaum administration
The horror in Gaza: more than 36,400 Palestinians dead and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis
Political tension in Israel over ceasefire proposal in Gaza
Diplomatic High-Stakes: Netanyahu's Stand in Cairo
Challenges and controversies amid the Israel-Palestine conflict: Netanyahu's determination in the face of escalating violence.
The Mbappe Effect: Real Madrid's Tactical Transformation
Concern over seismic swarm at Momotombo Volcano: authorities and population on alert
The E1 Series conquers Marbella with its exciting electric boat racing competition
The future of India is defined at the polls: Narendra Modi is heading towards a third term amidst accusations and tensions
The challenge of extreme weather: Are we prepared for the worst?
New earthquake in Japan raises concerns in region hit by earthquake
Orange alert at Volcán Puracé: community on edge
Hurricane preparedness: keys to protecting lives and properties
The exciting bond between Mbappé and Ronaldo at Real Madrid
Mbappé, a star with devalued status
The Comptroller's Office investigates electrical failure at Corpac of Jorge Chávez airport
President of Corpac ruled out resigning after the failure at Jorge Chávez airport
Jorge Chávez Airport in crisis: Prosecutor's Office investigates possible crimes due to electrical failures
Historic victory of Claudia Sheinbaum in Mexico: a milestone for female representation and political transformation
Women presidents in Latin America: a legacy of struggle and gender equality
The intense debate surrounding "Chabuca": controversies and reflections in Peru
Marina Seresesky and Ana Belén immerse the audience in an emotional journey with 'Islas'
Uproar in Peru due to accusation against president Dina Boluarte: accused of receiving Rolex watches and favoring the Regional Government. Congress is evaluating actions regarding possible acts of corruption.
Claudia Sheinbaum: the impact of her victory and her potential presidential power
"Burning Lima": The documentary that challenges norms and celebrates diversity with the art of drag.
The splendor of "Godzilla Minus One": a cinematic gem that transcends the genre
Radio 2 in the Park 2024: A Musical Extravaganza Unleashed
Sheinbaum faces a colossal challenge: fulfilling promises with a budget deficit.
Business transformations in Peru in the face of a challenging environment
Petroperú: too big to fail?
Claudia Sheinbaum is the first female president of Mexico: a historic milestone with challenges and opportunities
Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, first female president of Mexico: A milestone in the country's political history
Clara Brugada wins mayoralty of Mexico City in historic left-wing victory
Reconciliation in Brazil: key negotiations between Toffoli and Lula
Furiosa: Exploring vengeance and determination in a dystopian world
The Cinema Festival returns with reduced prices and promises of cinematic magic.
Embracing Pride: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Stories Through Cinema
Jennifer Lopez Halts "This Is Me ... Live" Tour, Fans Left Disappointed
BBVA-Sabadell merger: Public interest or banking monopoly?
United States on alert: USGS monitors earthquakes in several states
Revelations from 'El Cóndor' Mendoza shake up Peruvian football.
Netflix is making a strong bet with "Kakegurui": a look at the exciting elite boarding school.
Heartbreaking discovery in Jabalia: over 120 bodies recovered after Israeli withdrawal
Dissecting Israel's Ceasefire Conditions Amid Rising Tensions
Middle East Crisis: Jabaliya Devastation Unveiled
Turbulence in Renovación Popular: Montoya's departure and the formation of Honor and Democracy create uncertainty
President Biden Addresses Escalating Israel-Gaza Crisis: Urgent Calls for Diplomatic Solution
Homeowners in the United States face uncertainty due to an increase in insurance.
Political violence in Mexico: Candidate assassinated hours before elections causes consternation and concern in the country
Concern grows over cyberattacks on top-level companies in Spain and internationally.
Elections in Mexico: Claudia Sheinbaum's milestone and the challenges at stake
The Future of Mexico at Stake: Historic Election Day
Aramco initiates sale of shares for between 10,000 and 12,000 million dollars.
OPEC+ extends oil production cuts until 2025 to stabilize prices
Challenges and lessons from Operation Car Wash in Brazil: Exclusive interview with Regional Prosecutor.
Debating the Second Round: Mexico and its Struggle for Electoral Legitimacy
Ecuador: reforms in the oil industry would be the path to economic stability
Vinicius Jr: The Rising Star's Staggering Impact
The debate about mandatory insurance for electric scooters: impact and challenges
Importance of insurance in Peru: challenges and solutions discussed at Insurance Day 2024
Advances and challenges in access to insurance in Latin America: Conclusions from Insurance Day 2024
Spain in the era of renewable lottery: the historic opportunity for its industry
Controversies in the Judicial Power: questioning impartiality in Brazil and the United States
High interest rates in Mexico are causing concern about their impact on the economy and access to credit.
Advancement of pension reform: Congress approves key changes
U.S. economy grows less than expected in first quarter: Concern over slowdown and future challenges
Israeli Forces Exit Jabalia After Intense Battle; Conflict with Hamas Escalates
Tragedy in the West Bank: Two Israeli soldiers lose their lives in a hit-and-run attack.
Political violence clouds electoral campaign in Mexico: more than 20 candidates murdered
"Bridgerton's Banita Sandhu on Show's Diverse Success"
"Hachiko 2: A New Chapter of Loyalty and Love"
Inter Miami Faces Test as Messi Heads to Copa America
Real Salt Lake's Chicho Arango Lights Up MLS with Sensational Midfield Goal
The importance of preparedness and resilience in the face of natural disasters
Real Madrid's Dominance: Inside Their Path to Victory
Importance of legality and equality before the law: verdict against Trump and Biden's reaction
May 31, 1970: The tragedy that marked Peru and its call for prevention
Mexico on edge: 2024 presidential elections mark a historic milestone
Real Madrid conquers its 15th Champions League title by defeating Borussia Dortmund.
Real Madrid dominates in the Champions League: limitless sporting and economic glory
Recognized Real Madrid player crowned as MVP of the 2024 Champions League final
Prominent visit by Paul Romer: Reflections on economics, innovation, and urban development in Peru.
Metropolitan Lima Price Index shows a decrease of 0.09%
The triumphant arrival of "Godzilla Minus One" on Netflix: a kaiju epic that conquers screens
The magnificence of the Champions League venues: an indelible legacy
The legacy of struggle and talent of Morgan Freeman: a life dedicated to film and social justice
The stories of Gina, Rayo, India, Tass, Brando, and Sara, all mixed-breed dogs: "The breed is not relevant, the love is the same"
Perceptions about Supreme Court Ministers: Carmen Lúcia stands out, Toffoli with negative image.
Jude Bellingham: Pioneering English Football's International Journey
Epic Champions League Final: Dortmund vs Real Madrid Battle
Legislative challenges and controversies shake the Brazilian political scene.
Evaluation of Supreme Court ministers: Carmen Lucia stands out despite a drop in approval
Mergers and acquisitions in European oil companies: why are they lagging behind the United States?
The Pacific Ring of Fire: countries and deadliest disasters
EsSalud demonstrates its commitment to preparedness for natural disasters
Israeli Forces Push Deeper into Rafah Amid Calls for Ceasefire
The crisis in Gaza: Military operation in Rafah triggers international concern
Debate about the absence of a second round in Mexican elections
Women's Empowerment in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec: A Centennial Tradition
Champions League final: Epic showdown Borussia vs Real Madrid, Who has the best starting eleven?
Anime fans on edge: epic battles in "Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura" promise to thrill until the end. Overflowing anticipation for memorable clashes between titans of combat.
The universe of "Minecraft" expands to the small screen.
The controversial decision of Toffoli and the debate on corruption in Brazil: a crucial democratic challenge
Saudi Arabia seeks to raise 11 billion dollars through the sale of Aramco shares.
The conflict in the Middle East reaches alarming levels: Israeli bombing in Gaza and pressure in Rafah.
54 years since the Áncash earthquake: an indelible memory
The Social Security channels of Manzanillo: history of protection and community
Grand Final of the Rugby 7 World Series: Madrid prepares for the exciting no-holds-barred tournament
54 years ago: Yungay lesson remains relevant in Peru
Jorge Fossati's arrival in the Peruvian national team: expectations and challenges
Israel's Rafah Campaign Exacerbates Gaza Crisis: Aid Agencies Sound Alarm
All eyes on Rafah: the tragedy that moves the world
Romanian cinema reinvents itself: "Don't expect too much from the end of the world" and the irreverence of Radu Jude
The centrist party in Israel is seeking early elections to replace Netanyahu.
Intense day in Congress due to the vote on the Amnesty Law for Catalonia
The trial of Donald Trump: the jury finds him guilty
Trump guilty of forgery: Decisive sentence on July 11th
Tensions between BCRP and MEF: challenges and dialogue for economic stability
Lionel Messi Gears Up for Copa America with Argentina
The challenge of combating illegal mining in Peru
Challenges and doubts following the presentation of the Government's economic proposals
Strategic importance of the Philadelphia Corridor: tensions in Gaza and Egypt over military control.
Petro-Peru faces a serious risk of default after credit downgrade.
Approved amnesty law for Catalan separatists: division and challenges in Spain
Expectation for Borea's candidacy for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and negotiations to improve the Free Trade Agreement with China
Humanitarian crisis in Haiti: nearly 5 million at risk of famine ahead of hurricane season.
The dark hours at the Prosecutor's Office: internal crisis jeopardizes justice
Brazilian Supreme Court Minister annuls key acts in Odebrecht case: Political uproar and controversy in the judiciary.
Two opposing views for Mexico's energy future
United States: the land of billionaires scattered throughout the country.
Financial panorama in Peru: Impact of AFP withdrawal and challenges in the economic system
Cultural week in Madrid, Santander, Seville, and Barcelona: music, circus, dance, and more for all tastes.
Mohamed Salah: Unveiling the Business Empire of a Football Phenom
Peruvian cinema shines again with "Once Upon a Time in the Andes"
Mirian Patiño: Star reinforcement for Universitario de Deportes
Israel continues its bombings in Rafah, despite global outrage
Jorge Álvarez Máynez closes campaign in Puebla with promises of change
Attacks against human rights defenders in Colombia are increasing
Unusual climatic combination raises concern in Mexico: Cold Front and possible Tropical Cyclone threaten severe weather phenomena.
The challenge of dementia in Spain: can aromatherapy be a solution?
Researchers uncover mystery of people with Alzheimer's without symptoms
Discovery of the largest oil reserve shakes the world
A hope against Alzheimer's: Two patients reverse symptoms with lifestyle changes
Antarctica at risk: Russia awakens fears of secret exploitation
Alarms over Russian oil incursions in Antarctica: a threat to stability in the white continent?
Putin warns NATO about the possible consequences of allowing Ukraine to attack Russian territory
Cannes Winners Spark Oscar Buzz: Neon's "Anora" and "Emilia Pérez" Lead the Pack
The controversial role of Dias Toffoli in the Lava Jato case: Justice or interference?
The financial crisis of Petroperú worsens with a new credit downgrade.
ConocoPhillips acquires Marathon Oil in a $22.5 billion oil mega-merger.
The most famous cocktails in film and TV transcend fiction: liquid works of art that conquer palates.
The Muppets conquered Peru: the fascinating story behind Jim Henson
Isabela Merced shines in "A Thousand Times Over" with a moving performance.
Megamerger in the US oil sector: ConocoPhillips acquires Marathon Oil for US$22.5 billion
The exciting story of George Palacios and the legacy of Edison Flores in Universitario de Deportes: an eternal connection with the fans.
Elections in Mexico: candidates present key economic proposals
Israel Asserts Tactical Control Over Key Gaza Corridor, Escalating Conflict Amid Calls for Restraint
Missed Potential: Sorloth's Stunning Revival Haunts Crystal Palace
Tragedy in Gaza: Bombing at displaced persons camp leaves at least 45 dead
Israel used US bombs in deadly attack in Rafah: CNN
National Multi-hazard Simulation: Peruvians prepare for natural threats
Chipiona, the only Spanish municipality "safe" from tsunamis: recognition by UNESCO
Astros' Late Collapse Exposes Struggles: Can Houston Turn Season Around?
June Farewell: Must-Watch Titles Leaving Netflix Soon
The Brazilian state is at a legal crossroads following Toffoli's decision.
"Inmaculada": A supernatural and feminist journey with Sydney Sweeney
The challenge of combating impunity: Reflections on the judicial system in Brazil
The fascinating world of cinema in 2024: movie recommendations you can't miss
The Timeless Brilliance of Euro Goals: From Robson-Kanu's Magic to Van Basten's Iconic Volley
Real Madrid's Champions League suffering - until 'La Decima' changed everything
Football Stars at Crossroads: Olympics vs. Club Duties - Who Will Choose Glory?
SEC Coaches Unite to Preserve College Football Tradition
Atlanta United's Pineda: Facing Pressure, Plans to Thwart Messi
The contribution of immigrants to the Spanish economy: engine of growth and pending challenges
The shadow of Thaksin Shinawatra: lese majesty accusation shakes the Thai political scene.
Important Peruvian regulators reject merger proposed by the Government
New bombing in Rafah: 21 dead in refugee camp
The weight of López Obrador in the Mexican elections: an omnipresent president without a candidacy
Tensions Rise in Rafah: International Concern Grows
Hurricane Season: Warnings and Preparations for a Tumultuous Summer
The Nyos Enigma: the tragedy that marked Cameroon.
Petrobras challenges Minister Toffoli over annulment against Odebrecht
Toffoli's decision in Brazil sparks debate about collaboration agreements
The Challenge of Corruption: The Controversial Decisions of the Brazilian Supreme Court
Concern over Pemex's financial situation due to the drop in crude oil exports
Challenges in reactivating Lot 192: Uncertainty persists despite agreements and optimistic projections.
The soccer party begins with the 2024 Copa America on DSports!
Angel Hernandez's Retirement and Ronald Acuña Jr.'s Injury: A Tale of Baseball's Twists and Turns
Novak Djokovic Faces Uncertainty Ahead of Roland Garros
Tim Weah Joins Brooklyn FC's Ownership, Elevating Local Soccer
The Carpathians, a natural gem in danger due to climate change
Concern over food crisis in rural families in Guatemala
Steven Gerrard's Ettifaq Journey: Challenges, Resilience, and the League's Evolution
New Israeli attack in Rafah leaves around twenty dead and shocks the international community.
Election in Mexico: a turning point for democracy
India prepares for the re-election of Narendra Modi: expectations and tensions in the political landscape. A deep analysis of his controversial tenure.
The presidential candidates of Mexico neglect foreign policy: A risk for the country?
Controversy in Brazil over STF President's decision on Lava Jato: Will it weaken the fight against corruption?
Petrobras appeals to the Supreme Court after annulment in Operation Car Wash
Odebrecht: Corruption revelations shake Latin America
Jimmy Aggrey Exposes Dark Past of Racism in English Football
Jude Bellingham: Real Madrid's Rising Star Shines On and Off the Pitch
Enzo Maresca: Chess-Inspired Tactics Transforming Football
West Ham's Paqueta in Legal Battle: Betting Allegations Rock Football
Annulment of judicial actions: Impact and debate in Brazil
Magical realism in Latin American politics: a truth stranger than fiction.
Petrobras appeals decision on Odebrecht: uncertainty in the fight against corruption
Swiss Hockey at a Crossroads: Balancing Imports and Local Talent in National League
Debating Defaults: French Open Drama Unfolds on Parisian Clay
Dodgers' Dilemma: Navigating Turbulent Waters Amidst Slump
Netanyahu Defiant as Gaza Air Strikes Draw Global Condemnation
Tragedy in Rafah: The devastating Israeli bombing leaves at least 45 dead
The challenge of the Central Bank in the face of economic and political instability
Financial optimism clears the shadows of April: markets at highs despite uncertainties
Tragedy in Rafah: Bloody Israeli attack leaves at least 45 dead
Tragedy in Gaza: Israeli airstrike leaves 45 dead and 249 injured
Escalation of violence in Gaza unleashes wave of international condemnations
The controversy surrounding "Furiosa: from the Mad Max saga" triggers divided opinions.
Tragedy in Papua New Guinea: Landslide buries 2,000 people
Shocking revelations in the documentary about Kevin Spacey: accusations of sexual abuse question his reputation and impunity
Tragedy in Papua New Guinea: more than 2,000 people buried by landslide in remote village
Tragedy in Papua New Guinea: Over 2,000 dead in landslide in Enga
China, Japan, and South Korea seek to strengthen economic and security cooperation.
Historic Trump trial in NY: Final arguments before the jury will mark a judicial milestone in the U.S.
Guaranteed success: "The Queen of Tears" captivates thousands of viewers with its intriguing plot.
Discover the Allure of Somerset: Wells and Bath Named Top UK Destinations
Ted Sarandos: Architect of Netflix's Viewing Revolution
The challenge for Mexico: Key elections in the face of a complex political landscape
Political panorama in Peru: tensions and challenges in Boluarte's government
Failures of the Supreme Federal Court in Lava Jato case raise doubts about the fight against corruption
The Illusionist Who Deceived Hitler: The True Magic of Jasper Maskelyne
The struggle of Yan Xiong: a symbol of international resistance and solidarity
Remembering Richard M. Sherman: Disney Composer's Iconic Legacy Lives On
The overturning of Odebrecht's conviction reignites the debate in Brazil
Crisis in the Brazilian Supreme Court: Controversies cast doubt on its legitimacy
Access granted to Vaza Jato messages sparks controversy in Brazil
The Triumph of Corruption in Brazil: Reflections on the End of Operation Car Wash
Football's Ticking Time Bomb: Players' Welfare at Risk
Exciting Muslim Film Festival Unveils Diverse Stories & Talent
Unveiling Future Trends in Sports Media: NBA Rights, ESPN's World Cup Coverage, and Impact of Key Personalities
Notre Dame Football: Navigating Challenges & Evolving Landscapes
A new wave of gasoline shortages hits Venezuela.
Chile rules out tsunami arrival following earthquake in Tonga: relief among the population
Tragedy in Papua New Guinea: Landslide following strong earthquake leaves over 670 dead.
Ilo, the coastal city marked by tsunamis throughout the centuries
Barcelona facing the dilemma of mass tourism: how to find a sustainable balance?
Borussia Dortmund seeks redemption against Real Madrid in Champions League final
Tragedy in Gaza: Israeli bombing leaves 35 dead and shocks the world
Tension in the Middle East: Hamas launches missiles against Tel Aviv
Mining tax rebound drives Peruvian economy amid rising international prices
MEF-BCR relationship under strain: Differences in economic projections and call for collaboration
The ELN generates controversy by announcing the resumption of kidnappings.
Argentine ambassador strengthens ties with Peru: Samuel Ortiz Basualdo assumes position with a vision of bilateral cooperation
The dismissal of Patricia Benavides, by Fernando Vivas Dina Boluarte: Who is helping her get more tangled up?
Tragedy in La Oroya: Collision between bus and train leaves 4 dead and 42 injured
Tragedy in La Oroya: Four dead and more than 40 injured in traffic accident
The capture of Alcasec: young hacker behind bars for large-scale data theft
Colombian-American hacker challenges North Korea with unprecedented cyber attack
Soccer Stars Skip Vancouver Match, Fans Disappointed
The Israeli Minister of Defense justifies the offensive in Gaza and hostage rescue.
A landslide causes more than 600 deaths in Papua New Guinea
The fall of Patricia Benavides: a chapter of intense political confrontation in the Public Ministry
Olive oil: an ally against cancer and cardiovascular diseases
The world of cinema mourns the departure of Morgan Spurlock, the visionary director of "Super Size Me".
Vancouver Fans Disappointed by Messi's Absence, Miami Victorious
Netflix Makes Bold Leap into Live Sports Broadcasting, Shaking Up Streaming Industry
Louis Tomlinson returns to Lima with his successful tour "Faith in the Future" for an unmissable concert at Arena 1. Get ready to vibe with his music in May 2024!
Emanuel Soriano: empathy as the driving force behind his artistic success
Brazil in turmoil: Judicial proceedings against Odebrecht nullified
Toffoli's decision on Lava Jato sparks controversy in Brazil: annuls actions against Marcelo Odebrecht
Farewell of a Witness of History: Reflections by Miguel De la Fuente on his career as a photojournalist
Strong earthquake in Colombia: the importance of preparation for seismic events.
Excitement and renewal: Alianza Lima triumphs in the LNSV and prepares for the new season
What would Mexico be like if it had not lost California and Texas in the 19th century?
Israel bombs Rafah despite International Court of Justice ruling
Israel bombs Rafah despite International Court of Justice ruling
The regions of the world with the most earthquakes: a detailed analysis
The game of responsibilities that puts democracy at risk
Universitario de Deportes is crowned champion of the 2024 Apertura Tournament.
The neoliberal model is under review: this is how a new global economic order is being cooked up
The Supreme Court shakes up Operation Car Wash: Moro's and prosecutors' actions are annulled.
The Fenate Peru union seeks to regain official recognition from the Ministry of Education
The Israel-Hamas conflict and the international urgency in the face of genocide
Challenges and questions to the Lava Jato: A break in the anti-corruption fight in Brazil?
Absolutions in Lava Jato: uproar in Brazil over decisions of the STF
The debate surrounding Toffoli and Operation Car Wash: tensions and challenges in Brazil
The Judiciary in Brazil: Controversial decisions and the search for coherence
Ten years later: the return of those involved in Operation Car Wash
Convicted politicians from Lava Jato seek to return to public life: controversy in Brazil
The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil overturns Marcelo Odebrecht's sentences: Legal-political earthquake in the country
Marcelo Odebrecht: caution in the face of a judicial decision in Brazil
STF Decision on Odebrecht: Legal Challenges in Brazil
Uproar in Brazil over Toffoli's decision on Lava Jato: Annuls Odebrecht convictions
Judicial setback for Operation Car Wash: What future awaits the anti-corruption fight in Brazil?
The Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Annuls Marcelo Odebrecht's Processes in Lava Jato: Debate on Judicial Integrity
Toffoli's pronouncement shakes up the Brazilian judicial system.
The Brazilian Supreme Court overturns Marcelo Odebrecht's convictions: Impact on the fight against corruption?
Judicial earthquake in Brazil: Odebrecht and Dirceu processes annulled, sparking democratic controversy
The legal commotion in Brazil: Toffoli declares nullity in Lava Jato case
Controversy in Brazil: Supreme Court annuls key decisions of Operation Car Wash
Uproar in Brazil over annulment of decisions against Marcelo Odebrecht
The controversial decision of Toffoli in the Lava Jato case: Nullifies actions against Odebrecht
Controversy over annulment of convictions in Lava Jato case: judicial validity and transparency questioned
The Burial of Lava Jato: Impact and Controversy in Brazil
New prosecutor of São Paulo faces challenges against the STF and corruption
Judicial uproar in Brazil: STF decisions spark debate
Mexico faces decisive elections amid economic uncertainty
Repsol receives license to operate in Venezuela and sparks interest in the oil industry
Remembering Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock: A Legacy of Challenging Norms
Given the imminent hurricane season, faith in San Medardo as a protector becomes relevant.
World Court Orders Israeli Halt in Rafah; Intensifies Global Pressure
The Palestinian president urges the international community to take action regarding the ICJ decision on Israel in Rafah.
Xavi's Barcelona Exit: A Legend's Bittersweet Farewell
Tennis at a Crossroads: Global Game or Elite Pursuit?
Health in Brazil: Crisis due to increase in dengue and flu threatens healthcare system
Pemex Director promises to settle debts in August
The challenge of governance in Peruvian mining: Velarde's criticisms and a call to action
The Mining Consortium Horizonte reveals ambitious investment plans for 2024.
MLS Revolutionizes Game Flow with New Time-Wasting Rules
Humanitarian crisis in Rafah: MSF warns about critical levels
The critical scenario in the Middle East: tensions, recognitions, and challenges in Israel
Controversy in The Hague: ICC investigates leaders of Israel and Hamas for crimes against humanity.
Spain is losing prominence in Latin America to the United States and China.
ICJ Demands Israel Halt Offensive in Rafah: Global Outcry Sparks Tensions
The conflict in Gaza: Escalation of violence and call for peace
Israeli Forces Recover Bodies of 3 More Hostages in Northern Gaza
International Court to Rule on Israel's Rafah Assault: Global Debate Intensifies
The ICJ orders Israel to stop offensive in Rafah, southern Gaza: historic ruling
Earthquake Alert: National Multi-Hazard Drill 2024 to Prepare One Million People
The departure of Kabosu, the iconic internet dog: farewell to a digital symbol
The legacy of Kabosu: from meme to icon of Dogecoin and digital culture.
Inequality strangles Latinx entrepreneurial development in the United States despite its vital economic and labor contribution.
Alarming increase in illegal gold exports in Peru: Disturbing data revealed by the IPE!
The AI and its impact on society: Analysis of the movie "Atlas" in 2024
BBC's Not Going Out to Return: Lee Mack's Comedy Comeback
The cinematic translation: human art versus artificial intelligence
President Macron travels to New Caledonia amid social and political crisis.
United Kingdom on edge: snap general elections on July 4th
BBC Comedy Boss Jon Petrie Advocates for Homegrown Laughs
U.S. Aid Effort Falters in Gaza Amid Rising Tensions and Humanitarian Crisis
Remembering the 1960 mega earthquake: tragedy and lessons for Chile and the world
Israel's Military Advance in Rafah Provokes Global Backlash
Hurricane season in the Atlantic: risks and alerts for an active forecast
Escalation of conflict in Gaza: Israeli army reports death of Hamas commander and increase in the number of casualties.
Norway Recognizes Palestinian State Amid Gaza Crisis
Inter Miami's Star Trio Sidelines for Whitecaps Showdown
Richest athletes in the world: talent in the game and in business
Lionel Messi: From Redemption to Glory
Revelations and confrontations in the sports and media world: machismo in the spotlight
Umbro returns to Peruvian soccer: unprecedented sponsorship and market expansion plans in the local market
Delve into the World of Kyle Walker: A Premier League Legend Unveiled
The judicial turn in Brazil: the end of Lava Jato and its repercussions
7 Lives from Peru triumph in the 2024 Beer World Cup
A sinister hurricane season looms over the Gulf Coast with increased danger.
Challenges of Illegal Mining in Peru: Coordinated Actions are Urgently Needed
Amidst the violence in Gaza, Israel resumes negotiations for hostages
Escalation of conflict in Gaza: Increase in violence and massive displacements
Families' Video Plea: Push for Talks to Free Hostages
Tragedy at Álvarez Máynez's campaign event: 9 dead and 50 injured.
The collapse of a metal structure onto the audience at a rally kills at least nine people in Mexico.
The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil annuls rulings against Marcelo Odebrecht in the Lava Jato case: A new direction in the fight against corruption?
Peter Jackson's return excites Tolkien fans: new "Lord of the Rings" movie announced
The Treasury's eagerness for the daily million barrels of crude oil clashes with Petro's policy.
Kevin Spacey: Shocking revelations in new documentary about abuse and harassment
Cannes Film Festival's Divisive Delights: "The Substance" vs. "Emilia Pérez"
Mike Love and The Beach Boys: A Musical Legacy that Transcends Generations and Borders
The prices of gold and copper generate excitement and concern among mining leaders. Conflicts over illegal mining are increasing in Peru.
Peru in the spotlight at APEC: criticisms and call for private investment
Peru faces challenges and opportunities in its mining sector
Impact of natural disasters on US household economy concerns in 2023: Fed report. A quarter of those affected in the south are uninsured. Inflation and childcare costs are causing concern. Urgent public policies needed.
La Palma: one year after the devastating eruption of Cumbre Vieja
The issue of the Palestinian state gains international support
Sites with radioactive material at risk due to climate change
Decision of dismissal in the National Board of Justice shakes the justice system.
A tornado leaves several dead after devastating much of a town in Iowa.
Deadly storms hit the Midwest of the USA and now threaten several cities. Devastation and death in their wake!
Sad farewell to the vallenato king: Omar Geles, icon of Colombian music, passes away.
Omar Geles, composer of the Vallenato anthem 'Los caminos de la vida', has passed away.
Chile commemorates National Day of Remembrance and Education on Disasters
Presidential re-election in America: challenges and risks for democracy
Spain, Ireland, and Norway will recognize Palestine as a State on May 28: division in the EU over the conflict in Gaza.
Pedro Sánchez faces crucial session in Congress: transparency and democratic regeneration under scrutiny
An emotional tribute to Charlie Munger marks the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders' meeting.
Explosion at VMT tap: Municipality of Lima begins registration of victims
The Supreme Court of Brazil annuls the decisions that convicted Marcelo Odebrecht for corruption in the 'Car Wash' operation.
Neighbors affected by gas station explosion in VMT slept on the street: "No authorities have approached us"
Manchester City Captain Kyle Walker Launches Podcast: Game-Changing Insights Await Fans
Thalía Valdivia: From university to the elite of athletics with a national record
A young Peruvian actress shines on renowned stages in New York
The Strangers: Chapter 1, a disappointing attempt to revive terror
Possible breakup of "Bennifer": Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the brink
Naples shaken by strong earthquake, the largest in 40 years
Alert in Italy: Earthquake in the south raises fears of volcanic eruption
Hurricane season in Mexico: alert for tsunami risk on the coast
Tens of thousands pay tribute to Raisi at funeral following accident. Iran in political uncertainty ahead of successor's election.
UN suspends food distribution in Rafah due to insecurity in southern Gaza
The President of Colombia supports the request for arrest warrants in Gaza.
U.S. Official in Israel Urged to Limit Rafah Incursion Amid Tensions
9 strategies to detect and prevent cognitive decline in time
Researchers are looking for the keys to the brains of people with Alzheimer's who did not show any symptoms in life.
The withdrawal of the Spanish ambassador in Argentina, a symbolic gesture with little practical implications
"I have Pedrito 'matchpoint'": Milei intensifies his criticisms of Sánchez in a reference to Zorro
Milei and Sánchez, a chronology of a history of political disagreements, from the
Concern in Naples over series of earthquakes: What does the future hold?
Warning for seismic activity in the Phlegraean Fields: the supervolcano of Naples could awaken
An earthquake in Colombia TODAY, May 20th: how many have occurred and which areas have been affected?
Reflections on fragility in the face of natural disasters: Chile and its resilience in the face of uncertainty
Celebrating the Stars of the 2023-24 Football Season: A Recap of Stellar Performances Across Leagues
Umbro: 100 years of history and innovation in the sports market
Unveiling The Athletic's Enhanced Tennis Coverage: Dive Deep into the Heart of the Sport
Breaking Barriers: Women's Tennis Fights for Equality and Recognition
The ICC requests arrest warrants against leaders of Israel and Hamas for war crimes.
Peruvian regional exports grow by 4.8% in the first quarter of 2024.
Awarding of Lot X promises to double crude oil production in northern Peru.
Mass Exodus: 800,000 Flee Gaza's South Amid Escalating Conflict
Sudden death of Iranian president triggers political uncertainty and international tensions
The dazzling star-studded parade at Cannes 2024: trends and style on the red carpet
Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen in the epic science fiction film "Atlas" alongside Simu Liu and Sterling K. Brown. An exciting journey into the future filled with dangers and challenges.
Israel expresses concern to US about operation in Rafah.
High-Stakes Diplomacy in Israel: Sullivan's Mission Amidst Escalating Tensions
The new GPT-4o will allow you to have conversations as natural as if you were talking to a real person.
You can now try OpenAI's super artificial intelligence for free: ChatGPT receives GPT-4o
Hearing to evaluate pretrial detention against former advisors of Patricia Benavides resumes this Friday, the 17th.
Peruvian Hydrocarbons Society greeted the awarding of Lot X.
Supreme Prosecutor Delía Espinoza requests the suspension of Patricia Benavides as the Nation's prosecutor for 36 months.
Paul Romer, Nobel Prize in Economics, will participate in an international mining conference in Peru.
"Historical disgrace": Israeli government and opposition condemn The Hague's petition against Netanyahu.
Guardiola's Manchester City expands its dominance with four consecutive Premier League titles, unprecedented.
The price of copper is nearing historical highs and is fueling thefts of this metal that are putting the railway system in a tight spot.
"Copper 'priced as gold': the reasons behind the spectacular increase in its price... and the cases of theft"
The East Film Festival arrives in Lima with a unique showcase of independent cinema
José Luis Manzano: Strategic investments in the mining industry of South America
Gold reaches new record due to expectations of lower interest rates.
Yoshinobu Yamamoto: Rising Star of the Dodgers' Pitching Rotation
Navigating Dual Nationality: Footballers' Complex Journeys of Identity
The anticipated first kiss between Penelope and Colin in "Bridgerton": a moment full of emotions
Emotional reunion of the "Full House" cast following the tragic death of Bob Saget
Wrinkles do not hinder friendship: The message behind "Old Friends"
Rob Page Backs Aaron Ramsey Amidst Uncertainty
South America's Road to Women's World Cup: Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Opportunity
Football Transfer Roundup: Kompany to Bayern, Barkley's Villa Return, Arsenal's Striker Hunt, and More
Historic eruption of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii: a colossus awakens after 40 years
Warning about multiple risks in Actopan, Hidalgo: landslides, floods, and fires threaten the population.
Possible new phase of volcanic activity in Nicaragua following the explosion of the Concepción volcano
Mexico emerges as a key player in global economic geopolitics
Kevin Spacey: lights and shadows of a controversial career in Hollywood
The dismal panorama of foreign investment in Mexico: promised land or barren ground for investors?
Dominican President Luis Abinader consolidates his power after overwhelming victory.
Challenges and tensions mark the inauguration of Lai Ching-te as president of Taiwan
The rise and genius of Ryusuke Hamaguchi: A masterclass in cinema in Peru with the visionary Japanese director!
Alan Partridge Delves into Mental Wellness in New Docuseries
The economic importance of migration in the U.S.: a deep analysis without borders
The climate emergency requires decisive and urgent actions to ensure a sustainable future.
Roland Garros 2024: Passion and Emotion on the Court
Sidney Crosby: NHL's Ageless Wonder or Time's Ticking?
Relationship between the US and Israel in crisis following incursion in Rafah: tensions rise due to escalation in Gaza
Reservists Rally for Change: Israeli Soldiers Call for New Leadership amid Conflict Turmoil
Stirring Up the Israeli War Cabinet: Gantz's Ultimatum Shakes Government
Rising Star: NiJaree Canady Leads Stanford's Softball Charge
The battles in Gaza: a humanitarian crisis that challenges the international community
Family's Courageous Return to Devastated Rafah Home Amidst Exodus
Alexi Gómez was expelled after a terrible foul against Zanelatto: the forward from Alianza Lima ended up on the ground.
Warren Buffett finally reveals the mysterious company in which he has invested billions of dollars.
Tragedy in Iran: Ultraconservative President Ebrahim Raisi dies, leaving uncertainty.
The Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico, is recovering after an assassination attempt.
The political crisis in Peru: challenges and call for renewal
Intense electoral activity in the Dominican Republic: Abinader leads polls and seeks re-election in the first round.
Unveiling the Genius of the "Planet of the Apes" Franchise
Challenges and tensions in the Boluarte government: Resignation of Interior Minister and judicial pressures jeopardize governance.
New Tennis Film "Perfect Match" Chronicles Agassi and Graf's Legendary Love
Sad Hill: the iconic cemetery from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" comes back to life in Spain.
Repsol navigates between two waters: hydrocarbons and renewable energies
Illegal Importation of Fuels in Mexico: a Challenge for the Energy Industry
The DNA revolution in disaster victim identification: innovation, ethics, and hope
Wild capitalism threatens Mother Earth and all forms of life.
Great oil discovery in Antarctica sparks global controversy
Unveiling the Dark Side of K-Pop: The Burning Sun Documentary's Impact
Iran declares President Ebrahim Raisi dead in a helicopter accident
The Iranian regime will appoint Mohammad Mokhber as the temporary successor to Ebrahim Raisi.
A ball of light crosses Spain and Portugal at 160,000 km/h: "It became day for a moment"
Why did the meteorite from Sunday dawn turn night into day?
Pablo Gómez Lera, Spanish battalion general in Lebanon: "Israel and Hezbollah have crossed so many red lines that the situation could spiral out of control."
The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, is missing after his helicopter crashed.
Ebrahim Raisi, from "hangman judge" to guardian of the essence of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Illegal mining in Peru: a growing problem with devastating consequences
The indelible legacy of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City: key to historic success
Exploring the mysteries of Antarctica: journey to the Artigas Scientific Base
Cannes Film Festival: A Tale of Decline and Redemption
The return of Kevin Spacey: Redemption or controversy in Hollywood?
The rise of streaming: Netflix leads in Peru, but faces growing competition
Escape Reality with These Five Action-Packed Films
The highly anticipated adaptation of "Die, My Love" by Ariana Harwicz is attracting big names in the film industry.
Netflix takes a bold step by streaming live sports events.
While Haiti is falling apart, its neighbor is experiencing a true tourism boom.
Reversal at the Dos Bocas refinery: challenges in energy self-sufficiency
The migrants, the economic backbone of the US
Real Zaragoza: Embracing Heritage, Building Future - Eyeing Messi Magic
The napkin from Messi's first contract: a football treasure sold at auction
Messi's Historic Napkin Contract Sells for £762,400
Junts calls for a repeat vote in Catalonia for overseas voters due to "serious irregularities"
The government of Brazil will provide around US$ 990 to families who lost their belongings in Rio Grande do Sul.
This is how the devastating floods in Brazil look from space
Study reveals how the pyramids of Egypt were built: the Nile River was key in the construction
An endless drama: the threats of new floods prolong the catastrophe in southern Brazil
Ashley Madison, Sex, Lies, and Scandals: True Story
The charming medieval city one hour from Venice with a walkable city wall
The workers of Worldcoin, a month and a half after the cessation of their activity: "We feel abandoned"
Tense Clash at ICJ: Israel and South Africa Battle Over Gaza's Fate
The difficult mission of delivering aid to Gaza: risk of imminent famine
Israel's Intensifying Presence in Rafah Sparks Famine Warnings
Intensification of operations in Rafah: Netanyahu describes the battle as "decisive"
Super Bowl Stars: Taylor Swift and Lionel Messi Steal the Spotlight
Technology companies are revolutionizing Formula 1: speed, innovation, and strategic alliances without limits.
Peruvian athletes ready to shine in Paris 2024: Stories of effort, passion, and overcoming obstacles
Political turmoil over Luis Valdez's preference to see Fuerza Popular in charge of Congress. Valdez criticizes Soto's management and calls for transparency. APP supports investigations within the party.
Security challenge: uncertainty in the Ministry of Interior with leadership change
Implications of the end of subsidies on gasoline and diesel: Impact on the economy and wallets of Mexicans.
The climate prophecies of Baba Vanga: intuition or coincidence?
Volcanic eruption in La Palma keeps authorities and population on alert
The picturesque village on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy
Efficiency of PEVOLCA in La Palma eruption: preventive evacuation of 5000 people
Iran and China: How they evade sanctions on oil trade
Improvement in the situation in La Palma: Face-to-face classes resume and the area affected by the volcanic eruption expands.
La Palma: Emergency due to volcanic eruption is still ongoing
La Palma: Details of volcanic activity and recommendations in the event of an eruption.
La Palma: Three months of volcanic eruption keep the island on edge
After 85 days of eruption, La Palma puts an end to a historic volcanic episode.
Hochschild Mining starts production at the Mara Rosa gold mine in Brazil.
Economic setback in Peru: 0.28% drop in March worries various sectors.
Israel's Troops Face Scrutiny Over Abuse Footage: Calls for Accountability and Action Grow
Manchester City's Triumphs and Trials: A Tale of Two Narratives
Trump and allies sow doubts about elections and generate pre-election controversy.
Israel-Egypt Border Dispute Escalates: Humanitarian Crisis Worsens
The third season of "Bridgerton" and its challenges with the supporting characters
Exploratory well drilling marks milestone in Peruvian oil sector.
MLS Salary Data Unveiled: League's Financial Evolution Exposed
Cristiano Ronaldo Tops Forbes List Again, Reigns Supreme in Financial Game
MLS Salaries 2024: Messi Reigns, Surprise Surges, and Team Trends
Veteran Actors Rally Behind Kevin Spacey Amid Controversy
Baseball's Starting Pitcher Dilemma: Tradition vs. Transformation
Israel reinforces presence in Rafah ahead of military operation against Hamas
Israeli Forces Advance: Satellite Images Reveal Devastation in Central Rafah
Assassination attempt shakes Slovak politics: Robert Fico in intensive care
Tragedy in Gaza: Five Israeli soldiers die from "friendly fire"
The controversial return of Robert Fico: from the hospital to the controversy
Andrei Belousov, Putin's strategy for a prolonged conflict in Ukraine
Israel commemorates 76th anniversary with bombings in Gaza: more than 80 dead
Israeli Military Leaders Raise Alarm Over Lack of Post-Conflict Gaza Governance Strategy
Sunil Chhetri Bids Farewell: Indian Football Legend Announces Retirement
Chelsea's Resurgence: Triumph Amid Uncertainty
New York Jets Soar on "Hard Knocks": A Season of Drama, Stars, and Redemption
A federal investigation revealed that the ship Dalí experienced electrical failures before colliding with the Baltimore bridge.
The uncertain future of Robert Fico: between life and controversy
Attack shakes Europe: Prime Minister of Slovakia in critical condition
The cinema of the East will shine at the Al Este Festival: A unique experience awaits you!
Netflix Scores Touchdown with NFL Three-Season Deal
Netflix Strikes Blockbuster Deal to Stream WWE's 'Raw' from 2025
Édgar Ramírez in the role of a controversial surgeon: the series "Dr. Death"
"All a man": the new Netflix miniseries that challenges conventions and provokes deep reflections
Cannes Film Festival Faces Political and Social Realities
Anya Taylor-Joy immerses us in her role as Furiosa in "Mad Max"
The president of Brazil removes the president of Petrobras: Magda Chabriard takes over the position
Roger Corman: Farewell to a film pioneer who left a mark
The anticipated romance between Colin and Penelope in the third season of "Bridgerton"
BBC Triumphs with Fourteen Wins at BAFTA TV Awards 2024
Argentina seeks to become a 'global partner' of NATO to strengthen its international position.
Pedro Sánchez will appear in Congress to address crucial issues
Putin appoints technocrat to head Defense in Russia: Is wartime economy on the horizon?
The German economy faces challenges on its path to recovery and sustained growth.
Israel resumes fighting in Gaza: military strategy in question
Intense fighting in Gaza despite US warning of the risk of chaos
Tensions Soar in Gaza: Civilians Caught in Conflict Amid Escalation
A key warning ahead of a possible offensive in Gaza: devastating consequences at stake
Middle East Crisis Intensifies: 300K Gazans Flee Rafah Amid Evacuation Orders
Lionel Messi Absence Poses Challenge for Inter Miami
Netflix's "Receiver" Series: A Touchdown for Football Fans
Indianapolis Colts Eye Game-Changing Prospects for 2024 NFL Draft
Crisis in the AMA: Accusations of cover-up call into question its credibility
Conmebol sanctions Fluminense ahead of match with Alianza Lima
Unmasking College Football's Mount Rushmore Villains
Jesse Marsch Takes Helm: Charting Canada's Soccer Ascent
Unveiling Kylian Mbappe: A Football Phenom's Meteoric Journey
Putin supports Chinese plan to resolve war in Ukraine
Unknown in the election of the new president of Congress: who will lead in electoral times?
Separatist movements: diversity and challenges in the pursuit of independence
The fears of an escalation: the new Minister of Defense of Russia and the implications in the Ukrainian conflict
The future of ERC in Catalonia after the elections: analysis and projections
The biggest adjustment in history: Argentina mobilizes for food
Catalonia chooses: a political barometer that transcends the regional.
Lower growth in oil demand: New forecasts from the IEA
Brussels boosts growth forecast for Spain to 2.1%
IMF approves disbursement of nearly 800 million dollars for Argentina
The fragile balance of the global economy: towards an imminent collapse?
Metals in a context of expectations and uncertainty: correction on the horizon?
Economic panorama: challenges and turbulence in financial markets
Spanish SMEs: engines of the economy and agents of change
The European Union facing a fiscal dilemma: Repressive stepmother or helping fairy godmother?
Devastation in West Sumatra: 62 dead and 25 missing due to floods and landslides.
Tragedy in Sumatra: Rain and volcanic mud claim the lives of 43 people
Tragedy in Sumatra: Desolation after devastating floods
Tragedy in Sumatra: Disaster caused by rain and mud leaves dozens of victims and missing individuals
Eruption of Mount Ibu volcano in Indonesia raises concern and maximum alert. Devastating consequences from natural disasters in the country.
Latin America: Climate vulnerability in the Southern Cone and call to action
At least 37 dead due to flash floods and cold lava flows in Sumatra
Tsunami Risk: UN Report Reveals Most Vulnerable Countries
AI is revolutionizing ophthalmology: precise diagnostics and therapeutic advice on par with specialists
Dina Boluarte defies threats of impeachment: she will remain in power until 2026
OpenAI revolutionizes artificial intelligence with the launch of GPT-4: the end of competition?
Tragedy in the country: former congressman Edgar Alarcón dies in fatal accident
The anticipated match between Alianza Lima and Colo Colo in the Copa Libertadores 2024
Intense anticipation for crucial match Alianza Lima vs. Colo Colo in Copa Libertadores
The surprising absence of Gabriel Costa in the crucial match between Alianza Lima and Colo Colo in the Copa Libertadores
United States: the nation of deadly tornadoes
At least two dead and thousands without power after tornadoes in Louisiana and Florida
Ayacucho: Civa bus accident leaves 13 dead and 18 injured on Los Libertadores highway
Former Comptroller Edgar Alarcón died in a tragic bus accident on the way to Ayacucho.
Bus accident in Ayacucho: former comptroller Edgar Alarcón is among the victims.
Another tragedy mourns Peru: Civa bus suffers catastrophic accident in Apacheta
The Silent Struggle: Living with Lewy Body Dementia
The billionaires who bought Marilyn Monroe's house are suing the city of Los Angeles: they want to demolish it at all costs.
The house from 'Up', the Ferrari museum, or the mansion from the 'X-Men': the most "iconic" houses available on AirBnB
Banco Santander reports a cyberattack and warns of an "unauthorized access" to its customers' data.
Banco Santander suffers a cyber attack in Spain, Chile, and Uruguay, with access to customer and employee data.
The eight thousand Galician heroes who built the Panama Canal
Who is Joost Klein, the representative of the Netherlands who has been expelled from Eurovision: his age and the two losses he faced in his childhood
Juan Reynoso after his departure from the Peruvian national team: "The process was not respected."
A documentary premieres with the story of the journalistic investigation about Alex Saab, an ally of Maduro.
Peruvian pride! Evelyn Inga won a gold medal at the Ibero-American Championship in Brazil.
Peruvians affected by floods in Brazil denounce lack of support from the Embassy.
Lula admits Brazil's lack of preparation for disasters in the south, which is now facing new floods.
Javier Milei aligns himself with the United States and halts Cubana de Aviación's regular flights.
The Biden administration is moving forward to rescind the agreement that regulates the conditions of immigrant minors under the custody of the United States.
A study identifies a new genetic variant of Alzheimer's that could affect millions of people.
Spanish researchers discover a new genetic form of Alzheimer's disease
An Iranian parliamentarian declares that his nation possesses nuclear weapons, although it has not been officially confirmed.
Israel takes down a high-ranking leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Gaza.
Part of the audience stands up during Netanyahu's speech for Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day in Israel
Avocados in danger? Alert issued on the threat facing the "green gold"
Brazil: experts warn that extreme weather events will become more frequent
Solís fails twice and Universitario wins 4-1 against Cristal with goals from Flores and Ureña.
SMEs drive employment and economic growth in Spain.
Cloud engineering could help cool the climate, according to a new study.
Peru loses half of its glaciers from 60 years ago: the greatest reduction occurred in Áncash and Cusco.
The connection between global warming and the increase in premature births.
Southern Europe suffers more diseases and deaths due to heat, fires, droughts, and parasites, exacerbated by the climate crisis.
Real Madrid celebrates its 36th League title at La Cibeles with the phrase: "See you in three weeks."
Carlo Ancelotti's unexpected dream during Real Madrid's celebration at Cibeles: "I want to dance with Eduardo Camavinga!"
Being a long-distance mother
Canelo Álvarez's gesture after a combination of punches against Munguía in the last round is generating buzz in the boxing world.
The prosecutors rule out starting a new trial for the Arizona rancher who shot a group of immigrants with an AK-47.
Minister José Arista chooses not to address the issue of Nicanor Boluarte's detention.
The south of Brazil becomes a living testimony of the devastation caused by climate change.
Alianza Lima secures a crucial 2-0 victory against Sport Huancayo thanks to the goals scored by Hernán Barcos.
The relations between Israel and the United States are on the brink of the abyss due to the Gaza war.
JPMorgan: The U.S. faces the greatest risks since World War II
The Federal Reserve acknowledges its lack of effective oversight in Silicon Valley
The best won Eurovision and while we're at it: what a shame that Nebulossa didn't come in last place.
This will be the tallest clock skyscraper in the world.
The cloud seeding technique used by nations like Dubai could pose a challenge that extends beyond borders if adopted by other countries.
The reasons behind the flooding in Porto Alegre: the causes of the unprecedented disaster affecting Brazil.
Why Porto Alegre flooded: the causes of the unprecedented collapse shaking Brazil
"At the limit": water becomes a treasure in a region of Brazil hit by disaster.
Real Madrid: The mystique
SBS publishes procedure for withdrawing from AFP.
Kylian Mbappé announced his departure from PSG: I am not going to renew.
A group falls after defrauding 250,000 euros from insurance companies in the Vallès Oriental.
The number of fatalities from the floods caused by heavy rains in southern Brazil has risen to 107.
Neymar and the golden gesture towards the victims of floods in Brazil: tons of aid
The floods submerge Porto Alegre in chaos: "There are families who have been on a roof for three days."
Netflix, Max, Disney will pay taxes: Government will charge 18% VAT on streaming services.
VAT on Netflix: How much more will have to be paid for streaming usage?
The United Kingdom emerges from recession with a GDP growth of 0.6% in the first quarter.
Barron, Donald Trump's son famous despite himself
The floods in Brazil have claimed the lives of more than a hundred people.
Peruvian hero! Oliver Sonne scored the title-winning goal in the Danish Cup.
Real Madrid turns the last minutes into an unprecedented work of art.
The number of deaths from flooding in Brazil has risen to 90, while the arrival of new storms is awaited.
The floods plunge Porto Alegre into a state of chaos: "There are families who have spent three days sheltered on the roofs."
Five essential pieces of information to be aware of this May 8th
NASA and France collaborate to refine flood prediction.
The soccer player from Universitario de Deportes responded to his counterpart from Junior de Barranquilla.
Real Madrid against Bayern: A decisive showdown at the Bernabéu with the final in London as the prize.
Will you be ready for the match between Alianza Lima and Cerro in the Copa Libertadores?
An out-of-control assault, a fourth unidentified body... Everything known about the murder of three surfers in Mexico
Hummels says goodbye to Mbappé
Nasser Al-Khelaïfi reacts strongly to a journalist when questioned about the future of Luis Enrique at PSG: "Do you have knowledge about sports?"
Israel has indicated that it will increase its actions in Rafah if Hamas rejects a ceasefire proposal: "We will persist until the first prisoner is released."
The ELN declares its intention to resume kidnappings for economic reasons; the Colombian Government urges it to cease that action.
'Let It Be' receives a new lease on life: The controversial Beatles film finds its shine.
Putin orders maneuvers of his nuclear forces in response to "threats from the West"
An American soldier is detained in Russia accused of theft.
Macron: "We are not at war with Russia or the Russian people"
Tragedy in Brazil: Floods leave at least 76 dead, 103 missing, and 80,573 displaced.
Javier Milei in Los Angeles: "Argentina has all the conditions to become the new mecca of the West"
Shock and fear in Rafah: "It's difficult to make a decision to leave or not because of Israel's lies"
After ordering civilians to evacuate, Israel bombed 50 Hamas targets in Rafah.
José Raúl Mulino, an express campaign with an image of a man of few words and a firm hand
Alberto Fujimori requests from Congress the payment of his pension, assistant, and fuel vouchers.
Modified mosquito farms: the new hope to tackle the rampant dengue epidemic in Latin America
Dramatic situation in Brazil due to torrential rains: at least 67 dead and half a million affected
The floods in Brazil leave a trail of devastation: "Years of work lost in a few hours"
Real Madrid league champion, a team where everyone contributes
When will Real Madrid celebrate the League at Cibeles: this is the date gaining more strength
'The Asunta Case': the real story, theories, and differences with the Netflix series
Russia puts Zelensky on wanted list
The "traitors" were those who whispered in Nicolás Maduro's ear.
Netanyahu stated that Israel would not be willing to accept an agreement with Hamas that requires an end to the armed conflict.
Mothers are the main force opposing the Cuban government.
A young woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sharing videos of the protests in Cuba.
The harassment against religious leaders in Cuba has left them practically destroyed.
The cities in China are sinking at an alarming rate, but they are not the only ones facing this challenge.
Diplomatic earthquake before Milei's visit to Spain following Puente's words and the Argentine president's response to Sánchez
Tobacco, prisons or coal: Columbia University's investment red lines do not include Israel
The Secretary-General of the United Nations calls on Israel and Hamas to reach an agreement.
Artificial intelligence drives Google's valuation to 2 billion dollars.
Banco Sabadell jumps more than 7% on the stock market after making its proposal to BBVA public.
The African 'blood minerals' tarnish Apple's image and fuel tension between Congo and Rwanda.
The best ways to counteract the harmful effects of sitting for long periods, according to research
Neutralizing the impacts of prolonged sedentary behavior is a simple task.
Alec Baldwin confesses that he has been sober for 39 years after snorting "a line from here to Saturn"
The most combative Petro calls for action at a crucial moment in his term
The United States points to Russia for the alleged use of chemical weapons against Ukraine.
Peru on the verge of losing its investment grade status: What does this mean?
Fitch maintains Peru's credit rating
How Reddit managed to reach a value of US$9 billion and become the coveted target of AI companies
El Niño, and not climate change, was the main cause of Panama's drought.
Laotian immigrant, who has battled cancer for eight years, becomes winner of $1.3 billion Powerball.
A new study in the United States warns about the alarming increase in cases of colorectal cancer in young adults.
Another American university is caught up in disturbances due to protests in favor of Palestine.
The protests in academic institutions are increasing pressure on Biden to reach a ceasefire in Gaza.
Fullkrug prevents Mbappé's PSG and Luis Enrique from reaching the final.
Israel responds to Colombia's determination to cut diplomatic ties.
Gustavo Petro declares that he will cut diplomatic ties with Israel due to its leader, whom he describes as a "genocidal".
Petro denounces that a coup d'état is being prepared against him
José "Pepe" Mujica, former president of Uruguay, reveals the presence of a tumor in his esophagus.
The health status of José Mujica: the process of disclosing his cancer diagnosis and evaluations to determine his treatment.
#StrengthPepe: Latin American leaders express support for José Mujica
Three activists and supporters of María Corina Machado have been detained in Venezuela.
Vinicius saves the night at the Allianz in the draw between Bayern and Madrid
The 'Harry Potter castle' in Odesa is on fire after being hit by a Russian attack.
Netanyahu reiterates that he will invade Rafah "with or without a ceasefire agreement with Hamas"
Netanyahu tells the families of the hostages that Israel will invade Rafah "with or without an agreement"
Trump will have to pay a fine of $9,000 for contempt of court for violating the gag law during his criminal trial.
Cajamarca: Bus accident leaves 27 dead and 15 injured
Jude Bellingham: The revenge with blood in the eyes against Bayern in the Champions League semifinals.
Real Madrid and its formidable history against Bayern Munich in the Champions League
Chancay Megaport: Cosco could claim a million-dollar indemnity from Peru
Tragic incident in Celendín, Cajamarca: 27 people lose their lives in a serious accident when a bus plunges off a cliff.
Dina Boluarte contradicts Minister José Arista: "Our Government is not lacking in strength."
The Portuguese take to the streets to reaffirm the freedom gained in the Carnation Revolution.
Buckingham announces that Carlos III will return to public life next week.
Portugal commemorates the 50 years since the defeat of the dictatorship amidst a rise in ultra growth.
On Tuesday, King Charles of England will resume his public activities after receiving treatment for cancer.
The military chief of Ukraine reports that the difficult situation on the front "tends to worsen".
India is preparing to celebrate the second phase of the general elections, in which 160 million voters are called to participate.
The United States begins construction of its first high-speed train
Yape companies 2024: From what amounts and to what transfers can it be applied?
Five members of a criminal group dedicated to identity theft for hiring insurance policies have been arrested in Barcelona.
90 days before the elections in Venezuela, the opposition fears possible interference from Maduro.
Why did the US reinstate sanctions on Venezuela and how would it affect Maduro's candidacy?
As Russia advances, criticism towards Ukraine increases.
TikTok on countdown? The United States grants nine months to the parent company to divest its application.
The law enacted by Biden addresses issues such as national security, including specific measures related to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and TikTok.
Experts have ruled out the possibility that the exceptional rains experienced in Dubai this month are a result of cloud seeding.
How cloud seeding works, as used by countries like Dubai: "If it becomes widespread, it could become a cross-border issue."
Chancay has 65 recently announced real estate projects.
Mayor of Lima will countersue companies in the US that manage tolls and will demand payment of US$ 3.5 billion in damages
Riyadh and Cairo host new contacts to pressure Israel and Hamas to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza.
Palestinian President believes that Israel will launch its attack on Rafah "in the coming days"
López Aliaga welcomes the government's decision not to renew Oliva on the Fiscal Council.
Britney Spears is now "completely free" after reaching a new legal agreement with her father and former conservator.
Conclusions from the seventh day of the criminal trial of Trump: tabloid tactics come to light
General Motors is closing its vehicle assembly plants in Colombia and Ecuador.
They burn cars in Argentina and leave threats to Bullrich: "Take responsibility for the innocent dead"
Argentinian producers carry out a massive tractor protest against the Government's measures.
Columbia University extends negotiations with students protesting the camp after "constructive dialogue" overnight.
The largest mobilization since the beginning of the Gaza war is shaking up universities in the United States
Israel and American military forces are advancing in the construction of a floating dock in Gaza
Harvard's tips for better sleep
Three police officers killed in an ambush in the Chilean region of Biobío: they were burned
The director of Columbia University is reprimanded for the police repression of the protests.
Agustín Lozano regarding match-fixing allegations: "Publish the evidence"
Agustín Lozano faces a request for the lifting of bank secrecy, asset seizure, and preventive detention.
Military operations in southern Lebanon: Israel claimed to have eliminated half of Hezbollah's commanders.
Russia "pressured" the Ortega and Murillo regime to bring a genocide case against Germany to The Hague.
Natividad Consortium on Chinchero Airport: "We are going to arbitration"
Gas cylinder prices will increase starting Friday, April 26th.
S&P downgraded Peru's credit rating: political disorder drives away investors
Net sales of Aceros Arequipa fall in Peru while they are boosted in the region
Periférico Ring Road will have a public transportation corridor: which services will be connected?
Chinchero Airport: Ministry of Transport signs addendum for S/40 million to continue with works
Chinchero Airport: contract is hanging by a thread
Ukraine attacks Russia for the first time with long-range missiles supplied secretly by the US.
Russia warns: NATO's nuclear weapons will become one of its main targets if deployed in Poland
Trump's immunity wavers in the Supreme Court, but the Republican gains time
Who is the best: Messi or Ronaldo? Legend revealed the differences and who is the 'genius'
Usain Bolt points out his favorite athlete and positions himself in the eternal debate Cristiano Ronaldo vs Leo Messi.
New treatments against Alzheimer's in the United States are managing to prolong the lives of patients.
Hamas proposes to Israel a five-year ceasefire in exchange for accepting the two-state solution.
Why was Pablo Sabbag trending after the draw against Colo-Colo in the Libertadores 2024?
De Santis does not settle and Zambrano roars in defense: the One-on-One of an Alliance that does not convince in the Cup but at home can dream of qualification.
Arturo Vidal broke the brotherhood between Alianza Lima and Colo Colo: "A team that does not propose. They were never a rival."
Ana Estrada died with dignity: What was the legal process she faced?
María Benito: the other case in which a dignified death is sought through the rejection of medical treatment
Noboa delivers another blow to security following the referendum with the arrest of the criminal leader Colón Pico.
Argentina: Massive student protest against Javier Milei
The heat kills: Latin America recorded a 140% increase in deaths from this cause in 20 years.
"Left-handed tears": Milei responds with insults to historic university march.
Patricia Benavides says that Operation Valkyrie is a psychological operation: "They are forcing my dismissal."
Argentina requests the capture of the Iranian Minister of the Interior for the AMIA bombing.
Hezbollah launches "dozens" of rockets against Israel in response to the deaths of two civilians
Valkyrie II: Operation leaves seven detained for alleged acts of corruption
Donald Trump's social network surges 54% on its first day on the stock market
Russia: Ukraine has lost nearly half a million soldiers
The new 17-year-old Indian chess star shining in the world of chess and surpassing the feats of Bobby Fischer, Kasparov, and Carlsen.
Donald Trump is on the brink of another $1 billion gain from Truth Social
Trump achieves a bonus of 1.2 billion dollars in shares of his social network
Who is Fabricio Colón Pico, one of the most wanted criminals in Ecuador who was captured by the police
Elon Musk wants to reopen the social network Vine to compete with TikTok
Referendum in Ecuador: Noboa obtained support to use the Armed Forces in the fight against narco-terrorism.
Volodymyr Zelensky warns that Russia seeks victories before May 9th.
Why would a train be built to connect the jungle with the Chancay megaport?
The European Union agreed to expand sanctions against Iran's regime drone and missile sector.
Mexico accelerates efforts to ensure that Glas leaves Ecuador.
A Spanish soldier dies in NATO exercises with live fire in Poland.
NASA is about to launch a solar sail to enable space travel propelled by the light of the Sun.
The powerful artificial sun of China: could it be a danger to the world?
Israel has not provided evidence of the links between the agency for Palestinian refugees and Hamas, according to a report.
The political tension between Biden and Netanyahu is increasing due to the investigation against an Israeli army battalion ordered by the State Department.
Three people arrested in Germany accused of spying for Chinese Intelligence services.
The week when life in Dubai came to a standstill
Israel critica sanciones de EE.UU. contra unidad militar ultraortodoxa
The Spanish march is having a feast in Antalya.
Palestine accuses the U.S. of "a dangerous escalation and aggression" against its people
Kimberly García won the gold medal in the 20 km race at the World Championships in Turkey
The sanctions on Iran, a mechanism that could backfire: "No one is interested in the sanctions being too severe"
The military technology used by Israel in the limited attack on Iran opened a new stage in the Middle East crisis.
Oil rises and Asian stock markets fall after Israel's alleged attack on Iran
Lithium projects in Argentina face a lack of infrastructure; mining companies are considering a strategic change
Washington's weapons arrive in time for Ukraine to resist the Russian summer offensive
Possible US sanctions on an Israeli Army battalion infuriate Netanyahu's Government: "It's absurd"
The USA authorizes a multimillion-dollar aid package to Ukraine and Israel
Washington's weapons arrive just in time for Ukraine to resist the Russian summer offensive.
MTC presented road projects in Chancay, what are they about?
President of Iran on attack on Israel: "It has strengthened the power and authority of the Islamic Republic"
Israel looks the other way after attack on Iran; death toll in Gaza surpasses 34,000
Challenging stereotypes: how senior cohousing empowers older adults to live fully.
The Dubai airport is in trouble after being flooded.
Israel continues to advance against Hamas in Gaza while studying a response to Iran's attack
Dubai Airport continues to be flooded by heavy torrential rains and is experiencing "significant disruptions".
Joe Biden proposes tripling tariffs on Chinese steel in his battle for reelection in the presidential elections
Israel continues to advance against Hamas in Gaza while studying a response to Iran's attack.
Israel attacks Iran with missiles and drones in retaliation, according to a US official speaking to ABC News.
Japan: Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes the city of Noto
Mapfre launches the 'Lifetime Future Income Insurance' to complement retirement.
Barcelona and another disastrous season: no Champions League or Club World Cup
The behind-the-scenes story of the penalty shootout that elevated Lunin: "In one, stay still"
Piura farmers demand the recovery of hydraulic infrastructure
Jordan and Iraq claim that a ceasefire in Gaza would put an end to the escalation in the Middle East.
Jordan, the only Arab country that neutralized the Iranian attack despite its anger towards Israel
Pisco: the strike of heavy cargo transporters continues
The heavy rains battering the United Arab Emirates flood the roads of Dubai and force flight interruptions.
Susel Paredes on the motion of vacancy against Dina Boluarte: "There would be an alliance between Congress and the president."
They steal the data from all driver's licenses in Argentina, including Milei's, and ask for US$3,000.
Iran will respond to Israel with "fierceness" if attacked, and the Hebrew country is calling for the Revolutionary Guard to be declared a terrorist group.
Milei will request the admission of Argentina as a 'global partner' of NATO.
Ousmane Dembélé left a strong message after eliminating Barcelona from the Champions League with PSG.
Mbappé finishes off a Barça with ten players
The impeachment trial against the person in charge of the United States' immigration policy, Alejandro Mayorkas, reaches the Senate
Deep reflection from Cholo Simeone after Atlético Madrid's elimination against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League
The U.S. announces plan with 50 countries to address future pandemics.
Israel retrieves Iranian artifact in Dead Sea waters: A step towards a larger confrontation?
Critical decisions: Israel prepares its response to the attack from Iran
The United States warned that an escalation in the Middle East will depend on Iran's reaction to Israel's response.
European stock markets opened on Tuesday with falls of more than 1% due to the conflict between Israel and Iran.
The harsh attack on Mbappé before the return leg against Barça: "If he is eliminated, many fans will see it as a betrayal"
Macron's indirect message to Madrid regarding Mbappé and the Olympics: "I trust"
Climate impact in Colombia: Current situation of drought and the El Niño phenomenon
Challenges in the lineup: Real Madrid faces significant absences due to injury in preparation for the crucial quarter-final match against City in the Champions League.
"We played against the king of the Champions"
Expansion of the potable water rationing program in Bogotá
Iran warns that it will respond "severely" to the "slightest" reaction from Israel.
Israel insists on sanctioning Iran and declaring the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.
IMF and World Bank start their meetings with the shadow of escalating tensions in the Middle East
The military response that Netanyahu is preparing against Iran worries Biden because of its geopolitical consequences in the Middle East.
Israel designs a response to Iran that has the support of the United States
Nicanor Boluarte: audios emerge showing how he operated after Pedro Castillo's coup
Dina Boluarte returns Rolex to Oscorima: 'They are not practical,' she claims
Israel warns following Iran's mistake: Do not fall into the same trap
Concern in the White House: Netanyahu plans military response to Iran and Biden fears impact on the Middle East
For the moment, the markets do not believe in an escalation of the conflict in the Middle East: oil prices drop and stocks rise
After the failure of the bombing, the Iranian regime issued threats again in response to a possible retaliation from Israel.
Israel deactivates Iranian attack: Iron Dome, David's Sling, and Allies in Action.
Contrary to expectations: Markets rise despite concerns over conflict in the Middle East
Iran warns Israel from Spain: 'Future attacks will be met with force.
Borrell, after Iran's attack on Israel: "We are on the edge of the precipice and we need to move away from it"
Ten days on alert: how the USA and its allies prepared for Iran's attack on Israel
What will happen to oil prices after Iran's attack on Israel?
France and the United Kingdom summon Iranian diplomatic representatives for their attack against Israel
Israel intercepts a flying object coming from the Red Sea
From expectations to facts
The U.S. reaffirms that it will "support the defense of Israel" against Iran.
Iran launches an unprecedented attack with dozens of drones and missiles against Israel
Iran attacks Israel directly for the first time with a hundred drones and missiles
Dina Boluarte met with Alejandro Soto and the Board of Directors of Congress at the Government Palace.
Why did the public pension system fail?
Venezuelan justice orders to keep former Minister of Petroleum Tareck El Aissami detained
Vietnamese tycoon sentenced to death for $12 billion fraud case.
Milei and Musk reaffirm their harmony and agree on "a big event in Argentina to promote ideas of freedom".
The family of a deceased Cuban dissident in a mysterious accident accused Manuel Rocha, the United States ambassador who was spying for Havana.
Expectation in Miami for the sentence of Manuel Rocha, the former US ambassador who was spying for Cuba
Former US Ambassador Victor Rocha will plead guilty to charges of spying for Cuba.
Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa is accused of treason against the homeland.
From the record of 2,000 yards that made history to an abrupt end due to a tragic event: OJ Simpson's career in the NFL
This is the strange virus B detected in a critically ill patient in China: "Extremely rare, deadly, and incurable."
Mexico filed a lawsuit against Ecuador before an international court for the assault on the embassy.
"Disappointing, invisible, complicated match for Kylian Mbappé": the French press criticizes the PSG forward.
Who is Ismail Haniya, the leader of Hamas exiled in Qatar, whose 3 children have died in an Israeli attack in Gaza
El Mono Burgos apologized after being accused of being racist for a comment against a Barcelona player.
The Argentine Justice system freezes the assets of former president Alberto Fernández in a case of alleged corruption.
Interim teachers dismissed in 2014 will be able to re-enter the teaching profession.
Uribe proposes a "political amnesty" in Colombia after being called to trial
Uribe claims that the promotion of a trial against him is due to "political vendettas"
Prosecutor seizes 3 Rolexes and supporters of the Castillo party attack Abanto.
The harsh reality: The "waiky" strolled around
The gold rush is back: the price per ounce reaches historic records and is already being paid at $2,300.
Prosecutor's Office: The Rolexes and the Bangle bracelet are the body of evidence that President Dina Boluarte and Wilfredo Oscorima would have committed the crime.
JNE finds "correctable aspects" in bicameralism law
Moody's: corruption scandal and AFP withdrawals affect economic recovery
From the Wayra Extension Ica Central, they will provide 100% renewable energy
Argentine government presents the draft of the new 'omnibus' law with several modifications
Peter Higgs, father of the Higgs Boson and Nobel Prize-winning physicist, dies at the age of 94
Minera Volcan could resume operations starting on April 22nd.
Peru backtracks: will no longer require visa for Mexican citizens
Noboa is called to testify before the Justice regarding the assault on the Mexican Embassy
OAS approves resolution condemning the intrusion at the Mexican embassy in Ecuador
Israel kills three children of Hamas leader Ismail Haniya in a bombing in Gaza
Hamas denounces that Israel has killed three sons of its leader, Ismail Haniya, in an airstrike
Faced with threats from the regime, Israel assured that it will respond forcefully to any attack from Iranian territory.
Cracks in the coalition
Dina Boluarte: "My earrings and necklace are from the brand Unique"
Russia hits the Ukrainian energy system again in its latest round of attacks.
Israel bombs military positions in Syria in response to a Hezbollah attack on the Golan Heights
"There is no life anymore": Palestinians from Khan Younis return and find their former neighborhoods in ruins.
The IMF explains why housing prices continue to rise in Spain while in other countries they are falling
The Attack in Crocus: Evidence of Ukraine's Use of Terrorists? Analysis by the FSB
Economic Challenges in El Salvador: Beyond the Gangs, Bukele's New Challenge
The rise in interest rates hits Spain due to the 'legacy' of variable mortgages and the amount of loans.
Nayib Bukele's insistence on Bitcoin continues to block his negotiation with the IMF for a financial lifeline.
They celebrate the birthday of the oldest man in Peru.
Real Madrid vs. Manchester City in the quarterfinals of the Champions League 2023/2024
Dani Alves breaks his silence and talks about his time in prison: "Wherever I go, I survive"
Venezuela believes that abroad the power of the Tren de Aragua has been "overestimated."
The Government states that 14,576 'golden visas' have been granted in ten years and justifies their elimination due to the 'boom' since 2022.
Jorge Glas, hospitalized due to a breakdown after refusing to eat
Jorge Glas hospitalized for an overdose of anxiolytics and antidepressants
Ecuador: Daniel Noboa accepts complex and unprecedented situation due to crisis with Mexico
What is the diamond ring of the Sun during a total eclipse and other key moments to watch for
Ecuador: Final balance of state of emergency leaves 20 alleged "terrorists" killed
"Biden seeks to obtain freedom for US journalist imprisoned in Russia"
Family of imprisoned US journalist in Russia fights for his release
Since when will Mexico require a visa for Peruvians wishing to enter its territory?
Spain describes as "very serious" the entry of the Ecuadorian police into the Mexican embassy.
Ecuador suspends private flights with Mexico due to new restrictions.
Mexico receives its diplomats from Ecuador: "We feel frankly outraged"
New travel requirement: Mexico will require a visa for Peruvian citizens entering the country.
Peru announces that it will require visas for Mexicans.
A recent investigation attributes to Russia the responsibility for the 'Havana Syndrome', the mysterious ailment that affected numerous American officials.
The mysterious 'Havana syndrome': the enigmatic illness affecting American diplomats.
North Korea launches a ballistic missile
The reasons behind the unusual earthquake that shook New York, one of the strongest in the city's history: the background
Artificial Intelligence could be key to the adoption of the four-day workweek.
Mexico breaks diplomatic relations with Ecuador after the assault on its embassy in Quito.
Ecuador: Mexico's representative recounts how the police raided their Embassy in Quito to take Jorge Glas away.
Dina swears that the Rolex was a loan
Mexico severs diplomatic relations with Ecuador following the detention of Jorge Glas at its embassy.
Dina Boluarte changes her story and denies having bought the Rolex brand watches, claiming that it was "a loan."
Perucámaras: Controversy with Cosco is a severe blow to Peru's image in the world
24 years after the suicide of the footballer Mirko Saric: the case that shocked the country
Everything is in his hands! Mbappé will decide when they announce his signing for Real Madrid.
200 million for Vinicius Junior: three clubs are looking for Real Madrid's star
DP World and its investment of US$41 million after completing the Bicentennial Dock
MTC will request a report from Corpac on the state of the radars.
End of Corpac? Jorge Chávez airport will have a digital aircraft control center
The sentence translates to: "The sentence against former cryptocurrency magnate Sam Bankman-Fried and other cases of white-collar fraud."
The former cryptocurrency magnate Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison for massive fraud.
Sam Bankman-Fried, a millionaire before the age of 30 and a possible 100-year prison sentence at 32: the fall of the cryptocurrency king
Enthusiastic and committed to humanitarian aid: that's how the seven victims of the Israeli attack on WCK were described.
The uncomfortable questions to the White House about the deadly Israeli attack on the humanitarian convoy
The 14 richest men in the world, according to Forbes
Maximum alert in southern Japan due to tsunami danger following an earthquake in Taiwan
Taiwan, shaken by the most powerful earthquake in 25 years
The secrets of Elon Musk's psychological structure: from his father's treatment to his childhood desires.
Wall Street anticipates Tesla's first sales decline in four years.
Taxi drivers protest new measures that will be in place at the Jorge Chávez airport starting in March.
The government of Ecuador will keep the military on the streets and in prisons after the end of the state of emergency.
77% support Peru hosting the Pan American Games in 2027.
Germany legalizes recreational cannabis consumption amid controversies
80 murders in three days: mass killings are once again terrifying Ecuador
Hundreds of people celebrate the partial legalization of cannabis consumption in Germany with a "big smoke-out".
Dina Boluarte renews her Cabinet by changing six ministers amid the crisis in Peru over the luxury watch case.
One of the most ambitious projects in history is launched and takes shape in Spain: an atlas of all living beings cell by cell.
No trace of the Rolexes: The other eight watches found in the Government Palace
Dina Boluarte did not declare Rolex watches to the comptroller, according to a court ruling.
Mayor of Paris: Russian and Belarusian athletes "are not welcome" at the 2024 Olympics
Russia damages or destroys 80% of the capacity of Ukraine's main energy company.
The Pope calls for a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine in his Easter message.
Cosco Shipping responds to MTC: lawsuit affects the legal stability of investments
Russia is sending crude oil to Cuba to alleviate the crisis caused by blackouts and social unrest.
"Would exclusivity in the port of Chancay be a bureaucratic barrier? This was stated by Ositrán in a report."
Pope Francis will preside over the Easter Vigil after resigning from the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum in Rome to take care of his health.
'Youtuber' kidnapped in Haiti while trying to interview criminal leader 'Barbecue'
Youtuber traveled to Haiti to interview a criminal leader, but was kidnapped.
The UN described the situation in Haiti as a "catastrophe" and called for boldness to confront it.
Gaza Crisis: Escalating Violence Claims Over 32,600 Lives
Keys to making sound financial decisions in the face of uncertainty
Middle East Brink: Israel's Warning Sparks Conflict Fears
Diplomatic crisis between Colombia and Argentina due to presidential insults
The Minister of Energy and Mines, in the midst of controversy
Federal Judge Orders Overhaul of New Jersey Ballot Layout
Pakistan's Military Faces Internal Turmoil: Threat to Stability
New England Revolution Coach Fined for Criticizing MLS Officials
Universitario de Deportes will face César Vallejo with the shadow of Paolo Guerrero. Challenges in the 2024 Copa Libertadores.
The support of Farfán and Yotún propels Piero Quispe with the Peruvian National Team towards the 2024 Copa America.
The Uruguayan classic: Peñarol vs Nacional, a duel of passions and pride on Friday, March 29th.
Florida approves strict law to restrict social media for teenagers
Why is Japan releasing the movie 'Oppenheimer' eight months after its worldwide release?
Japan finally screens "Oppenheimer" but with warnings of sensitive content and discomfort in Hiroshima
Florida: Controversial law prohibits minors under 14 years old from having social media accounts
Renowned Scholar Reveals US Foreign Policy Dynamics
Easter Restrictions Leave Palestinian Christians Struggling
Odesa Under Siege: A City's Resilience Amid Devastating Russian Attacks
Israeli Air Strikes Ignite Deadly Tensions in Syria
The US economy grows by 3.1% in 2023, exceeding expectations.
Economic, labor, and social challenges in the recent history of Peru.
Israel's Grim Milestone: Gaza Death Toll Tops 32,600
Alberto Fujimori launches YouTube channel to share his video memories: Controversy in Peru.
Challenges in Peru: Insecurity, Political Crisis, and Leadership: Private Sector Expresses Concern
The Cross Country Athletics World Championship 2024 about to begin in Belgrade: Spain ready to compete
Exciting Debut: UFL Unveils Dynamic Season of Football Glory
ICJ Orders Israel to Address Gaza Famine Urgently
The Panama Canal continues to operate despite the accident in Baltimore
Recommendations from Osinergmin for Holy Week: Energy savings and accident prevention.
Escalating Russia-Ukraine War: Friday's Key Events Unfold
The Venezuelan opposition receives international support in the face of controversial elections
Inter Miami Bolsters Squad with Marcelo Weigandt Loan
Combatting Fake News: Safeguarding Communities Amid Crisis
The President of the Judiciary urges Congress to cooperate judicially.
Sporting Cristal receives good news: key trio of players improve their health status
Ukraine Escalates Conflict with Sevastopol Strike, Moscow Massacre Adds to Tensions
Unveiling Earth's Wrath: 10 Massive Quakes That Shook History
Remembering the Catastrophic Good Friday Earthquake of 1964
Political panorama in Venezuela: uncertainty and tensions prior to elections
Gaza's Football Heroes: From Trophies to Survival Story
Yellen's warning to China about industrial overcapacity
Possible seventh withdrawal of AFPs shakes financial markets in Peru
Congress approves new withdrawal of AFP funds: temporary solution or diversion from structural debate?
President Biden, Clinton, and Obama Unite for $25M Fundraiser
South Korea's Crucial 2024 Parliament Election: Impact and Expectations
The Resilience of Adnan Almousa: An Example of Overcoming Adversity
Michigan Softball Star Kaylee Rodriguez: A Tale of Resilience and Redemption
Economic Commission approves report for withdrawal of AFP funds: Benefit or risk for Peruvians?
Stepping Out: A Middle-aged Introvert's Journey to Friendship
Challenges and optimism in the Chinese real estate market: analysis by Pan Gongsheng
Spain: On its way to becoming a financial reference for Europe and Latin America.
Latest Updates on Day 763 of Russia-Ukraine War: Escalating Violence, Diplomatic Moves, and Arms Race
Danny Sprinkle Ready to Revitalize Washington Basketball
Trump surprises by promoting a Bible for $60: Reactions and controversies on social media
North Carolina's GOP Embraces MAGA: Radical Shift in State Politics Ahead of Election
Wall Street starts the day with positive numbers: Nasdaq leads the way
Congress approves seventh withdrawal of AFP funds: debate and concern over long-term impact
Challenges and Stagnation: Peruvian Agriculture Seeks Revitalization in 2023.
The promising era of Fossati: Sergio Peña stands out in the new stage of the Peruvian National Team
Milei attacks the Mexican president: "For an ignorant like López Obrador to speak ill of me, it elevates me."
Milei is willing to grant political asylum to the six opposition members persecuted by Maduro who are staying at the Argentine embassy in Caracas.
"Ignorant" and "terrorist killer": Milei's harsh words against López Obrador and Petro
Prosecutor requests 2 years and a half of prison for Luis Rubiales for the forced kiss to Jenni Hermoso
The RFEF removes Albert Luque and Rubén Rivera after the request for jail time from the Prosecutor's Office became known.
The hacienda concludes that Rubiales fixed Piqué's commission in Arabia.
Milei will travel to Miami to be appointed as the 'international ambassador of light'.
Colombia expels Argentine diplomats after Milei called Petro a "terrorist murderer".
Europe's Externalisation Policies: A Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding
Urgent Call: Gaza and Sudan Crisis Escalates as Starvation Claims Lives
The challenge of the Spanish insurance sector towards 2024: resilience and efficiency in a volatile environment
Saint Martin: the Caribbean island shared by France and the Netherlands
Peruvian Economy: South and East maintain growth despite national decline
United States Abstains from UN Veto: Shift in Biden's Approach to Gaza Conflict
Mapfre: Increase in stocks awakens optimism in the financial market
The family legacy in the Spanish insurance sector: tradition and generational success
Important humanitarian aid following devastation by Hurricane Otis
The success of Pascua Abogados: they obtain record compensation in case against insurance company.
Important debate about the responsibility of insurance companies in work-related accidents
Remembering the Hebgen Lake Earthquake: A Deadly Legacy
Final closure of the Oikos case: Those involved acquitted after almost six years of investigation
Choosing the Best Car Insurance: Condusef's Guide for Drivers
Miraflores in crisis: Robbery with violence triggers alarm. Mayor Canales demands more security.
Fracture in the relationship: Israel and the US distant due to stance on Gaza
The challenge of centrism in a polarized political landscape
Puff Daddy accused of sex trafficking: agents raided his mansion and rapper's whereabouts unknown
Poland, Georgia, and Ukraine are in the Eurocup.
Rapper Sean Combs, "Puff Daddy", accused of two new sexual assaults
Madness in Georgia with a historic qualification for the Eurocup
What is known about the Latino workers reported dead after the collapse of the bridge in Baltimore
US Defense Chief Urges Aid Surge for Gaza Amid Rising Civilian Deaths
Deadly Air Strikes Rock Eastern Syria: WHO Worker Among Victims
Sri Lankan Fighters Caught in Ukraine Conflict: A Tale of Tragedy and Desperation
Australia's ABC Faces Criticism for Gaza Coverage
Ukraine Overcomes Obstacles to Secure Euro 2024 Spot
Devastating Landslides: Understanding the Risk and Urgency
Apple in the spotlight: antitrust lawsuit triggers technological debate
Chilavert generates controversy with his statements about Vinícius Júnior
Minister José Arista: "The potential consequences of a new withdrawal of funds from the AFP will be evaluated."
SBS: With the seventh withdrawal from AFP, the future of affiliates is being squandered.
Unveiling the Lurking Peril: Understanding the Menace of Landslides
Devastating Landslides: Understanding Risks and Promoting Safety
Vinícius challenges racism: a call to action in football
The 'Rojita' seeks a victory against Belgium to strengthen its position at the top.
President Dina Boluarte amidst financial scandal: UIF reveals million-dollar incomes of dubious origin
Scandal at 'Night Club': FEF issues statement following compromising video
The controversial release of Dani Alves: Who paid the one million euro bail?
MLS Referees Reach Agreement, Return to Field
Alianza Lima registers a promising Venezuelan forward to strengthen their squad
Approved seventh pension fund withdrawal: 4 UIT for everyone
The Congressional session approves withdrawal of 4 UIT, discontent of the president of the Economy committee.
Crucial debate on pension reform and seventh withdrawal: expectations and concerns in the population
The rebellious life of Rose Dugdale: from heiress to IRA militant
The Economic Commission approves the seventh withdrawal of pension funds from AFPs.
"Mayday! Mayday! The mystery of the flashing lights and a desperate alert that allowed lives to be saved on the Baltimore bridge"
The port of Baltimore, key to the maritime trade of the United States.
This is the Dali, the ship that has collapsed the Baltimore bridge: 1000 feet long, flying the flag of Singapore and heading to Sri Lanka.
The legacy of Ramón Castilla: a beacon of hope for a promising future
USMNT Triumphs Over Mexico to Secure Concacaf Glory
Former footballer Dani Alves is released from prison after paying a bail of one million euros.
Russia's Tumultuous Past and Complex Present: The Reign of Putin and the Global Stage
The future of the Peruvian national team: Fossati's plan with young talents
Exciting Women's Soccer Weekend: Standout Performances and Key Takeaways
Spanish insurers face challenges in 2023, with hopes of recovery in the second half of the year.
Mapfre: Stock market rise supported by Bank of America
Crisis in the California insurance market: criticism and regulations create uncertainty
Mapfre: Upside projections following Bank of America recommendation
Rise in drivers in Spain drives the search for affordable car insurance.
Key appointment at VidaCaixa: Pilar González de Frutos, a renowned executive in the insurance industry
Russian Silence on ISIS Link Raises Questions Amid Tragic Moscow Attack
Israel tells Spain that recognizing the Palestinian State would be "rewarding terrorism"
Brigitte García, Mayor in Ecuador, is shot dead along with her communications director.
War in Gaza: UN Security Council approved ceasefire resolution
A mayor was shot dead in Ecuador.
Putin's Leadership Tested as Russia Reels from Concert Hall Attack
Cultural Heritage Under Siege: The Ongoing Tragedy in Gaza
A Decade of Despair: Yemen's Ongoing Crisis Unveiled
Tragedy Strikes Moscow: Nation Mourns Amid Terror and Turmoil
UN report denounces genocide in Gaza and calls for immediate action
Opposition crossroads: Difficulties in registering candidacy in Venezuela
Russia Escalates Kyiv Bombardment: Third Missile Attack in 5 Days
Vinícius heartbreakingly honest: "I just want to play soccer"
Carvajal praises Vinicius and addresses the issue of racism on the eve of the Spain-Brazil friendly match.
The former footballer Dani Alves is released from prison after paying a one million euro bail.
USMNT Clinches 2024 CNL Title, Sets Sights on Copa América Glory
Questions following the attack in Moscow: Did Russia ignore warnings from the USA?
The Congress debates the release of funds for mortgage payments.
The rise of reverse mortgages: a growing market with potential in Spain and Europe
EsSalud: Know the benefits that guarantee your well-being and protection
Unrivaled Champions: Baseball's Legendary Teams and Their World Series Triumphs
The Ministry of Economy and Finance allows the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima to incur debt up to 3.5 times its income: controversy in financial management
The president under scrutiny: suspicious movements of S/1.1 million revealed
UNMSM relaxes admission requirements to increase new students
The evolution of advertising: figures, sectors, and trends for 2024
Minister of Economy rules out increase in minimum wage and emphasizes economic stability
Minister Arista promotes a project to increase notaries and streamline procedures.
MEF backtracks and authorizes the Municipality of Lima to incur debt, this implies
Auna debuts on the New York Stock Exchange with a public offering of 30 million shares.
Enel Generación Perú: Niagara Energy launches a takeover bid to acquire 100% of shares.
These have been all the ISIS attacks in Russia in the last decade
Chancay Port: this is what the Ministry of Transportation and Communications says after request to annul exclusivity.
The enemy bureaucrat
Russia strikes Kiev again in a lightning attack with hypersonic missiles
Ravaged by Earthquake: Papua New Guinea's Perilous Predicament
The cry from Miraflores: Urgent action needed against insecurity
Devastating 6.9 Magnitude Quake Hits Papua New Guinea: Homes Destroyed, Lives Lost in Wake
Alonso's Azerbaijan GP Actions Spark Safety Debate
Post Office Crisis: Sub-Postmasters Resign Amidst "Mr Bates vs. the Post Office" Fallout
Holy Week boosts domestic tourism and the economy in Peru.
Navigating the Complexity of Israel-Hamas Conflict: Ethical & Strategic Challenges
Hezbollah Threatens Northern Israel: No-Go Zone Emerges
Comfort Over Conformity: China's Youth Embrace "Gross Outfits"
Judith Butler Challenges Gender Fears in New Book
Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru announces budget cuts to reduce fiscal deficit.
Ukraine Strikes Russian Ships in Crimea Escalation
AI Revolutionizing Disaster Preparedness and Response: A Game-Changer in Forecasting and Mitigation
Nation in Shock: Unraveling the Moscow Massacre's Blame Game
Tensions Rise in Israel-Gaza Conflict: Day 170 Reveals Grim Reality
Macron takes on the role of a hawk towards Russia, but is France prepared?
What happened in Moscow? What we know about the alleged ISIS attack on Crocus City Hall
ISIS seeks to spread terror once again around the world through its Central Asian affiliate.
The West fears that Putin will use the Moscow attack to tighten internal repression and aggression towards Ukraine.
The USA assures that it alerted Russia of an imminent attack and expresses solidarity with the Russian people.
What happened in Moscow? What we know about the alleged ISIS attack on Crocus City Hall
Russia bombards Ukraine with dozens of missiles and drones after accusing Kiev of the attack in Moscow.
Enhancing Volcanic Resilience: Monitoring Pico Basile
Negative perception of the judicial system in Peru highlights the urgent need for a profound reform.
Ávila, among the provinces with the fewest injuries from traffic accidents
Key factors when hiring your car insurance: Save by knowing them all!
The complicated landscape of car insurance: price increases and policy cancellations are causing concern among drivers.
Youth Turnout Decline Raises Alarm for 2024 Elections
The storm complicates drivers: damages to cars and inquiries to insurance companies.
United States vs. Mexico: Nations League Final Showdown
The Roja faces the challenge of Brazil after a tumultuous week.
The Barcelona Prosecutor's Office appeals Dani Alves' release due to risk of flight
Idaho's Ambidextrous Kicker-Punter Aims for NFL Stardom
New withdrawal of funds from the AFPs: Benefits for a few at the expense of many?
Congress commission proposes withdrawal of AFP funds to alleviate socio-economic crisis
Robinho's drama: from football star to prison for rape case
The Evolution of Brazilian Full-Backs: Adapting to Modern Tactics and Challenges
Alianza Lima surpasses Blooming with a victory overshadowed by doubts about its performance
Unveiling the Dark Side of Deepfakes: Exploitation and Degradation of Women
Catherine, Princess of Wales: Sympathy Overflows as Cancer Diagnosis Revealed
Russia's Painful Past: Confronting Terrorism's Shadow
Kari Lake's Political Tightrope: Navigating Trumpism's Shadow
Unveiling the Dark Fascination with True Crime: A Thought-Provoking Reflection
Peru (2) vs. Nicaragua (0): Jorge Fossati debuts with a victory and sends Oliver Sonne onto the field
Congo surpasses Peru in copper production, but still lags behind in exports.
Islamic State publishes an image of the four terrorists involved in the massacre in Moscow
The MTC Attorney General's Office sues Chinese consortium of the port of Chancay
Islamic State massacre in the heart of Moscow: at least 40 dead in a concert hall
Massacre at a concert hall in Moscow: Islamic State claims to be behind the worst attack in Russia in 20 years
They close the San Juan de Lurigancho Mall due to lack of authorizations for its weekly events.
Attack in Russia: Islamic State claims responsibility for bloody attack in Moscow concert hall
Kate Middleton has cancer and announces that she is undergoing chemotherapy
Carlos III says he is "proud" of the bravery of Kate Middleton after announcing that she has cancer
Kremlin's Language Shift: Russia Declares "State of War" in Ukraine
Global Catastrophe Insurance Market Set for $211.60B Growth by 2030
End of an Era: Frazier Sisters Make Lasting Impact in Pac-12 Gymnastics
Navigating the Complexities of Home Insurance Market: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset
The JNE clarifies its role regarding the illegalization of parties: electoral reform pending
The JNE and the controversy over the illegalization of parties: Clear limits or legal loopholes?
El Comercio's Editorials: Reflections on democracy and rights in Peru and the region
Unveiling Soccer's Financial Disparity: Impact on European Clubs
US Men's Team's Dramatic Win Exposes Luck Dependency
The challenge of Colombia: Dialogue with Clan del Golfo for peace
The Rolex Crisis: Shadows over the Presidency of Peru
Spokesperson of Podemos Peru will give vote of confidence to the cabinet led by Adrianzén
The number of Peruvian exporting companies has increased, reaching 3,250 in January.
Ronna McDaniel Joins NBC as Political Contributor, Bringing Conservative Voice
The workshop alliance exposes insurance abuses in Europe.
The second term of Trump: What will be the effects on the economy?
Study by The Lancet warns about global fertility crisis: is the world ready?
Uncertainty in healthcare system: vulnerable patients in dispute between Mount Sinai and UnitedHealthcare
Kate Middleton paid the bill for a group of Irish soldiers on St. Patrick's Day... but did not attend the event.
Exaggerated fears of AI? A theoretical physicist describes chatbots as "glorified recorders"
These are the jobs that will prevail in the future, according to physicist Michio Kaku.
From dishwasher to magnate: the incredible journey of Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia
The true story of 'Nyad' on Netflix: Annette Bening plays the 64-year-old swimmer who crossed the sea from Cuba to Florida
It's on Netflix and its story impressed for being the first woman to swim with sharks.
China's Envoy Reveals Mediation Efforts in Ukraine Conflict
Challenges and opportunities: Peruvian avocado exports face uncertain outlook
Evolution of financial institutions with micro and small businesses in Peru
Presidential Transition Council in Haiti: key to stability and democratic future
Ursula von der Leyen proposes increasing tariffs on Russian and Belarusian cereals as the EU approves a 5 billion euro fund for Ukraine.
Intense Day 757: Missile Strikes, Diplomatic Twists, and Military Escalation in Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Unveiling the Noto Peninsula Earthquake: Lessons and Challenges
Revelations about pressures on Pence: a disturbing glimpse into democracy in the US.
Serendipitous Love: How a DM Led Bianca Brunette to Pro Soccer Player Ethan White
The excitement overflows: the Women's League 2024 kicks off with high expectations and novelties.
March Madness Mascot Mania: Colorful Characters Steal Spotlight at NCAA 2024 Tournaments
The Mexican countryside faces serious threats due to droughts and the lack of agricultural insurance. AMIS seeks solutions to protect farmers and strengthen the financial security of Mexicans.
Landslides: Unpredictable Disaster Threatening Lives Everywhere
Talanx (HDI) projects an increase in net profit for the next fiscal year.
The UNFV announces key dates for the 2024 admissions process. Don't miss it!
Is sustainability a passing trend or an imminent future?
Peruvian economy aims for sustained growth in 2024 with positive signs and upward projections
Political manipulation in migrant camps in the Darién: the story of Ayub Ibrahim
Deadly Russian Attack Hits Odesa: Ukraine's Defiance Amid Devastation
Embodying Unity: Milosevic's Journey with Bosnia and Herzegovina
Uncovering the Link Between Censorship and Genocide: Lessons from Gaza
Former Spanish Soccer Chief Luis Rubiales Faces Imminent Arrest Amid Corruption Probe
Japan makes a historic turn and ends the era of negative interest rates
James Bond: Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be close to being the next 007.
Tourism Promotion Manager of Huancayo: "Holy Week will generate 20 million soles"
Who is Aaron Taylor-Johnson: he made his acting debut at age 6 and would be the next James Bond
Nolberto Solano analyzes the present and future of football in a revealing interview
Manuel Rosales, key figure in Venezuelan politics ahead of crucial elections
The government enacts a constitutional reform for the return to bicameralism.
The government enacts constitutional reform for the return to bicameralism and parliamentary reelection.
UN Report Exposes Russia's Gruesome Abuses in Ukraine
Peru at a democratic crossroads: electoral risks on the horizon
Election Buzz: Illinois and Virginia Primaries Shape Up Key Political Trends
Disappointment and frustration: Bail granted for Dani Alves sparks judicial controversy. Revictimization and lack of transparency questioned.
A Symbol of Resilience: The Palestinian National Soccer Team's Inspiring Journey
Love in Times of Conflict: The Story of Catalina and Jorge
Tokio Marine is seeking acquisitions abroad for up to 10 billion dollars.
Premier League's Goal-Scoring Revolution: Goals Galore Era in Full Swing
The complicated legal process of Dani Alves: provisional release on the horizon?
Communist Cuba is on the brink of collapse: a crisis that challenges the regime.
The Japanese yen falls to 2024 lows and the rate gap undermines the Bank of Japan's rise
Challenges and opportunities in construction: Economic perspectives 2024
Uber launches UberTuk in Lima: Success in Peru? Experts doubt
Royalty payments from hydrocarbon companies in Peru fall by 35.1% in January
The Peruvian economy starts 2024 with positive growth and breaks a negative streak
Challenges in mining projects: Bureaucracy hinders investment in Peru.
Protection panorama for savings in cooperatives in Peru is modified until 2025.
Economic reactivation in southern Peru: The new Port Terminal of San Juan de Marcona will drive investments of over US$ 15.000 million.
The rise of Peruvian clients in Miami and its impact on the financial market
Match-fixing in Liga 1 revealed: CONAR confirms irregularities in the 2021 and 2022 seasons, causing distrust in Peruvian football.
Unveiling the Lethal Power of Landslides: Lessons Learned and Urgent Calls for Preparedness
Unveiling the Lurking Peril: Deciphering Landslides' Menace and Mitigation
Unveiling the Hidden Danger: The Silent Threat of Landslides
Unveiling the Looming Peril: The Urgency of Landslide Preparedness
Unforgettable Memories: 20 Years of "Eternal Sunshine"
Are Americans Truly Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago? A Closer Look at Economic Realities and Public Perception
Rising Risks: Understanding the Threat of Landslides
Indonesia, Malaysia Unite: Boycotts Hit McDonald's, Starbucks
Prominent athletes will make up the Spanish marathon team in Paris 2024.
Young Gaza Evacuees Heal Through Art in Bethlehem
Israeli Limits on Gaza Aid May Be 'War Crime', UN Warns: Urgent Action Needed
Request for Dani Alves' release denied by the Prosecutor's Office: risk of flight is a concern
The 'Blanquirroja' ready to challenge with Fossati's 3-5-2
Mapfre warns about the expansion of the European AI Regulation
Telus Health's policy generates controversy among employees of the health services subsidiary.
Armenia's PM Warns of Brink of War with Azerbaijan
US Warns Israel: Biden's Message on Rafah Invasion
Mapfre warns about risks of artificial intelligence in the insurance sector
Guillermo del Valle: the proposal of Spanish Left to unite the left-wing vote.
Juan Pichihua is appointed as the new Superintendent of the Securities Market.
The Central Bank reports record surplus in trade balance in January 2024
Artificial intelligence in the insurance sector: opportunities and challenges to consider
The WHO calls for urgent action against tuberculosis: more investments in prevention are needed
The fall of Evergrande: President banned for life from stock market
SUNAT will intensify oversight on the use of credit cards to combat tax evasion.
Five cities in South America could be underwater by 2100
Japan's Bold Step: Interest Rates Rise After 17 Years
North Korea's Kim Jong Un Flexes Military Might Yet Again
Listen to Michigan Movement Gains Momentum Beyond Borders: Uncommitted Voters Demand Change
Western Lawmakers Grapple with Gaza Aid Amid Arms to Israel: Genocide Allegations Spark Criticism
Concern over the increase in joint injuries among elite athletes
Unveiling the True Source of the 365 AD Mediterranean Earthquake
Ukraine-Russia Conflict Intensifies on Day 754: Key Events Unfold
United States Men's National Team Dominates Gold Cup with 6-0 Win; Ferreira's Hat Trick Makes History
Intense Battles and Stunning Upsets Define College Football Tournament
Rail Unions Unite to Scrap Peak Fares, Push for Sustainable Transport
End of an Era: Laura Kenny Retires, Champion Mom Bids Adieu
Exploring the Enigmatic Shovelers: A Dive into BBC Radio 4's Avian Revelation
Empowering Wolverhampton Residents with Free Health Checks in Public Spaces
Department of Homeland Security Embracing A.I. Revolution
Allianz Direct: Revolutionizing the Spanish insurance sector with innovation and quality
Mapfre presents ambitious Strategic Plan 2024-2026 to boost its growth.
Zurich Insurance: Business Protection and Preparation for the Future
"Pitiful and distressing pensions": the claim of mutualist lawyers and solicitors
Putin's Victory Raises Global Concerns: What Lies Ahead Under Extended Rule
Iceland's Most Powerful Volcanic Eruption Yet: Updates and Impacts
Ukraine Considers Massive Military Boost Amid Escalating Tensions
DKV outlines strategic plan focused on group health insurance
Courageous Acts of Allyship: Honoring Rachel Corrie and Aaron Bushnell
Twelve fans arrested after assault in Turkish football
Centenary of Spanish fencing: program "Vintage Connection '100 years on guard'" will revive history and emblematic moments.
Weekend Football Recap: Drama, Upsets, and Thrilling Victories Galore
Gruesome discovery in Pétion-Ville: 14 bodies found in upscale area
One hundred days of Milei: confrontation and austerity define his presidential tenure in Argentina
Pablo Bengoechea returns to Peru as the new coach of César Vallejo: Expectations rise with his reunion with Paolo Guerrero.
Creighton's Scheierman: From Headbands to Hoops Glory
Barça puts on the dance and João Félix, the horn to Atleti
FC Barcelona: how Barça reinvented itself and what it aspires to
Xavi: "Everything we've worked on has turned out perfectly"
Medical coverage crisis: patients trapped in disputes between hospitals and insurance companies
Spanish Left Surge: Brave alternative to the PSOE against privileges and nationalisms.
Economic recovery in Peru: positive signs but regional challenges
The Peruvian economy begins 2024 with a growth of 1.37%, experts foresee a gradual recovery.
Canada qualifies Russian elections as "non-democratic" following Putin's victory.
Putin celebrates his victory in the elections and the tenth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea with a rally-concert in Red Square
Putin announces he will create a 'buffer zone' in the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv
Putin asks rival candidates to work together for final victory in Ukraine.
The emotional speech of Alcaraz to his people: "In the last two months, it was difficult for me to find myself"
Telefónica del Perú: Strategies and Projections in Telecommunications
Phoebe Philo: Unveiling the Enigmatic Design Maestro's Decade-Long Silence
Whispers of Peace: China's Youth Shun War for Harmony alongside Taiwan
Earthquake Rattles Fukushima: Resilience Tested Amid Recurring Tremors
Overwhelming victory for Putin in Russia: 87.5% of the votes for a new term
The release of "Damned Frank" sparks controversy: expertise rules out involvement in murder
Choosing the Best Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know
Steven Mnuchin seeks investors to buy TikTok amid intercontinental controversy
Electoral farce in Russia: the Kremlin announced that Putin won the presidential elections with over 87% of the votes.
Putin gets what he wanted: a record turnout and massive support to stay in power until 2030
Putin claims that he approved a prisoner exchange for Navalny days before his death.
Putin thanks the Russian people for their victory in the presidential elections
Israeli Offensive in Rafah Raises Global Concerns on Civilian Safety
Carolina Marín, the queen of badminton, regains her throne at the All England Open
Putin's Potential Landslide Victory: Stakes High as Election Approaches
The complex history of Haiti: from independence to the current crisis
112 million Russians choose Putin for the fourth time in rigged elections.
The Central Reserve Bank of Peru maintains a 3% growth projection for the economy in 2024.
Peruvian economy: a glimmer of hope on the horizon
China reveals its ambitious 'renewal plan' to boost its economy
Yacyretá Insurance company innovates with AYSA 365: an oasis of wellness and technology.
A new volcanic eruption puts Iceland on alert: it is the fourth since October and the strongest to date
Alert in Iceland: a new volcano has erupted on the Reykjanes Peninsula
Sports betting: a million-dollar business that worries society
Kansas City Current Scores Big with CPKC Stadium Debut
The lesson of José María de Pando: ethics and politics in times of turmoil
María Cordero: Parliamentary suspension as a warning to corrupt politicians
Earthquake Rattles Southern Spain: Aftershocks Heighten Unease
Kansas City Current Secures Thrilling Win in NWSL Opener
BCRP foresees an economic expansion of 3% in Peru for 2024.
Varied growth in key sectors drives Peruvian economy; concern over repeal against illegal mining.
Repeal of measure against illegal mining raises concerns in business sectors.
The payment revolution: the digital era takes over commerce
Peru's Seismic Saga: Understanding Earthquakes and Safety Measures
Repeal in Peru's mining sector sparks strong debate.
Professions in the United States that pay more than $50 per hour: what are they and how to access them?
Brazil is gearing up for a hybrid vehicle fever with record investments
The business world is moving towards sustainability as a fundamental pillar.
The Port of Chancay drives economic development in Peru.
Simeone's concern ahead of crucial match against Barcelona
In search of the best: Ramón y Cajal is crowned in a night full of emotions and surprises
The importance of civil liability insurance in the legal profession
The fugitive Vladimir Cerrón generates controversy by requesting the reinstatement of parliamentary immunity.
Doctor Who's Epic Return: New Season Premieres May 11 with Thrilling Adventures & Exciting Characters
The controversial call-up of Brahim Díaz stirs up the lead-up to Euro 2024.
Gas Stove Safety: Tips to Reduce Health Risks & Improve Air Quality
Real Estate Revolution: N.A.R. Settles Lawsuits with $418M and Industry-Shaking Changes
Anticipate Lower Home Selling Costs: N.A.R Overhauls Commission Rules
Senator Schumer Sparks Debate Over US-Israel Relationship
The Congress, a key ally of illegal mining in Peru
Mapfre presents ambitious strategic plan until 2026: it foresees a growth of 6%
Madrid Takes Stand: Viní Abuse Sparks Hate Crime Complaint
US Senate Leader Calls for New Israel Elections
Mining investment in 2024: this is what Julio Velarde says
Transparency challenges in annuities: key to a secure retirement
Mapfre presents ambitious strategic plan until 2026: 6% growth and 50% pay out
Mapfre rejects possible acquisition by Generali and reinforces its independence at shareholder meeting in Madrid.
New strategic plan of Mapfre for 2024-2026: Focused on growth and sustainability
Key collaboration to overcome crises in industrial insurance
Mapfre presents an ambitious roadmap to grow and strengthen its international presence.
Earthquake Swarm Off Washington Coast Raises Cascadia Concerns
Cascadia Quakes: Experts Warn of Impending Threat
Mapfre announces record dividend and challenges due to climate costs
Concern in the insurance sector due to increase in highway robberies: Mapfre warns about possible consequences
The Sustainability Challenge in the Insurance Sector: Transparency and Accountability in the Future
Companies in Puerto Rico are opting for captive insurance to reduce costs.
Homeowners' Insurance Woes: Climate Change Impact on Property Insurability
New Ceasefire Proposal Offers Hope Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict
Sudan's Army Faces Critical Test in Battle against RSF
The uncertain future of TikTok in the United States: bill sparks controversy in presidential race
Seven business guilds reject Congress's decision on illegal mining.
The United States is considering processing Haitian migrants at Guantánamo amid the crisis in Haiti.
NWSL Ambition Rankings: Teams Setting New Standards & Facing Challenges
Challenges in Civil Service Reform in Peru: Efficiency or Job Stability at Risk?
The importance of reactivating projects to revitalize the national economy.
Tense atmosphere in Alianza Lima: support for Restrepo despite tough times
Bryan Reyna joins the Peruvian national team under Fossati's guidance.
Return of Paolo Guerrero: Commitment and motivation in the Peruvian National Team
AIA Group Limited stands out with an impressive 2023 results report: solid growth and strategic advancements consolidate its leadership in the insurance sector in Asia.
Warning about insurance fraud: legal and financial risks
Villarreal is eliminated from the Europa League by Olympique de Marseille.
Exploring Literary Worlds: 7 New Books for Book Enthusiasts
Embracing Artisanal Craftsmanship: The Beauty of Handmade Delights
Escalation and Elections: Day 751 of Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Boxes warn: two million Peruvians have debts with loan houses
The millionaire income that hosting the Pan American Games will bring.
Discovery on Mars: giant volcano and possible ice cap found at the planet's equator
"Dorado Group looks to Moyobamba for supermarket and prepares investment in new cruise"
Court in the USA denies MML's request to annul the arbitration awards of Rutas de Lima and ratifies them
Port of Chancay opens a wave of opportunities
After two rulings in favor of Rutas de Lima have been confirmed, what comes next?
COP and Legado announced work plan for the Lima 2027 Pan American Games.
MEF announced how much the XX will generate
Schumer calls for elections in Israel to replace Netanyahu
Google and BID launch free international trade course for SMEs: how to participate
The Future of Smart Cities in Peru: Strategic Plan for Sustainable Transformation
The Economy Commission limits seventh withdrawal of funds to S/ 20,600
Vietnam: between economic growth and political control
Access to water in Lima: an urgency that requires immediate actions
Political stagnation in Peru: slow path towards the 2026 elections
North Korea's Kim Revs Up Military Might amid Rising Tensions
FIFA Announces Major Changes: Annual U-17 World Cup, Expanded Teams, and Anti-Racism Measures
The future of the Super League in the hands of justice: case seen for sentencing after intense day. Expectation in the world of football.
LaLiga accuses Public Prosecution Office for racist chants against Vinícius
Retired athletes conquer stages: the union between sports and music
Spanish Women's Team: Fighting Off-Field Controversies
The reasons for Atlético's resurrection
Simeone: from his viral fall to the striking way of experiencing penalties and with emotional final statements
China believes that the U.S. threat to ban TikTok follows a "gangster logic."
TikTok calls for a rebellion of its users and says it will fight against its possible ban in the US
Quarter-final draw of the Champions League: these are the eight teams in the pots
Congress gives companies a deadline of 24 months to remove disused overhead cabling
Copper cobwebs: this is life in districts where more disused wiring hangs from the poles.
Indians' Tragic Fate in Ukraine Reveals Grim Reality of Deceptive Overseas Opportunities
Denmark Empowers Women in Military Service Overhaul
Scotiabank projects growth in the retail sector for 2024.
The Eurogroup strengthens defense and controls spending to face challenges.
Biden and Trump Gear Up for Economic Showdown: Clash of Ideologies Looms
Haiti's Escalating Gang Crisis: A Threat to Stability and Governance
EU Boosts Ukraine Defense with €5bn Aid Amid Russian Invasion
The technological revolution is redefining the insurance sector
Disintegration of Peru Libre: A reflection of political fragility in Congress
The Milei Government warns the Argentine Parliament about attempts to hinder reforms.
The dark business behind car insurance: Are your data for sale?
Concern about access to zuranolone for postpartum depression
President Biden Finds Hope in Wisconsin's Political Landscape
Ada County's Hidden Natural Disaster Risks: Are Residents Prepared?
Underwater Volcano Off US Coast Showing Signs of Imminent Eruption
Vulnerable Beauty: Unveiling Whatcom County's Natural Disaster Risks
Privacy at risk: Insurance companies obtain detailed driver data through their vehicles.
Alert for fraudulent "managers" in Mexican health insurance: increase in claims and preventive measures
Pan American Games: What was the economic impact of the games?
We all win: details and behind the scenes of why Lima was chosen as the host city for the Pan American Games 2027.
The megaprojects in Lima that must be ready for the Pan American Games 2027
Unveiling Earthquake's Global Impact: 2023 Catastrophes & Future Resilience
Canadian Experts Alert: 1,000 Quakes Detected Near Washington Coast
Important scholarship call for children of teachers: Educational opportunity without limits!
The mandatory nature of life insurance laws discourages hiring older adults, what should be done?
Significant increase in insurance payments in Mexico during 2023
Positive for doping the Spanish 5,000-meter champion Ouassim Oumaiz
The Colombian president seeks to unify criteria on criminal policy with the new Attorney General.
Hungarian PM Orban Reveals Trump's Position on Ukraine
The Super League suffers a setback in registration before the EU one day before the hearing against FIFA and UEFA.
The two faces of the present: Sports and public opinion in "Gente Despierta"
The kitchen heats up: 'Bake Off: Celebrities in the Oven' semifinalists ready to shine without limits
MEF announces budget cuts to achieve a fiscal deficit of 2% in 2024
Debate in Congress over possible seventh withdrawal of AFP funds: affiliates on edge!
Mitigating Earthquake Risks: Understanding the Economic Impact
Haiti: abandoned by God... and by men
Haiti, in free fall
New scientific evidence confirms how ultra-processed foods impact the brain
What are the best vitamins to strengthen memory and prevent Alzheimer's?
Marriott International with four projects in the pipeline and new brands on the way?
Bitcoin reaches a new high and approaches $73,000.
The rise of Bitcoin is creating 1,500 "millionaire wallets" per day.
Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigns during a wave of criminal violence that is dominating the country.
The gang leader seeking a coup in Haiti: the reasons behind the unprecedented violence
Choice between Health Insurance and Medical Expenses: What is more convenient?
Generali presents record financial results for the year 2023
The hospitality industry gets a break: insurance companies compensate for closure during COVID
Fight for justice: victory for Mrs. Isabel and her children
Direct Line revolutionizes the market with new insurance for Personal Mobility Vehicles.
WorldWide celebrates 25 years of excellence and commitment, marked by sustained success.
Mutua Madrileña: Leader in Insurance and Diversification
Lisbon, epicenter of corporate commitment to the climate: EDP Business Summit 2024 promotes global sustainability.
Proposal for pension reform: possible change on the horizon
Latin America and the Caribbean show economic strength in the face of future challenges
Uncertainty and challenges: Citizen insecurity concerns Peruvians.
In Mexico, the importance of having car insurance against theft
Lima is chosen as the host city for the 2027 Pan American Games.
The 2027 Pan American Games will be held in Lima after surpassing Asuncion in votes.
Pirates Seize Cargo Ship off Somalia, Raising Fears of Resurgence
Switzerland Moves to Try Syria's al-Assad Uncle for War Crimes
Tensions Rise: Israel-Hezbollah Conflict Threatens Regional Stability
Kutxabank promotes sustainability and decarbonization in the Basque Country.
Unleashed Violence: Rosario in a state of emergency after wave of crimes
Manchester United's Exciting US Preseason Tour: Top Matches Await!
Unveiling Nature's Fury: Awe-Inspiring Documentaries on Natural Disasters
Pope Francis sparks controversy with statements about Ukraine
Football: more than a game, a reflection of society
Mexico's National Team Set for Thrilling Series in the US: Brazilliant Showdown at Kyle Field
Exciting Changes and High Stakes: 2024 NWSL Season Unveiled
The Spanish women's national football team is recognized in the European Parliament as an example of gender equality in sports
The 2027 Pan American Games will be held in Lima after surpassing Asuncion in votes.
In the eyes of the world! Lima was chosen as the host city for the 2027 Pan American Games.
The IDB encourages Latin American countries to undertake reforms to accelerate their growth.
Four random murders and narco terror on the streets: Milei tightens his security policy in Rosario.
Brokerage firms from Chile and Colombia would have a fast track to operate in Peru.
Latin America grew more than expected, get to know the reforms for the coming years.
Choquequirao: ProInversión updates cost of Cable Car to US$220 million
Bicameralism and National Council of Justice
Enrique Castillo: "Arista and Mucho will face a Congress that produces laws without technical criteria."
Grupo Gloria acquires Ecuajugos from Nestlé in Ecuador
Is CBC Peru preparing to enter the beer category? Add lines for this purpose
Possible death of Hamas leader in Israeli attack sparks tensions in Gaza
The PSUV proposes Maduro as the presidential candidate for the elections in Venezuela.
Donald Trump and the uncertain future of foreign policy: global challenges in the face of his possible return
Renato Cisneros pays emotional tribute to his sister Vanessa: a story of complicity, struggle, and values
Frank Hester's Racist Remarks Spark Outrage: A Call for Accountability
Gender Quota Debate in Senedd: Balancing Act of Representation and Legal Boundaries
Mining in Peru: a key pillar for economic development and poverty reduction
Unfolding Events in Russia-Ukraine Conflict: March 12, 2024
Senator Menendez Faces New Obstruction Charges Amid Bribery Probe
Racial Discrimination Scandal Rocks Swansea Clinic
Biden's Economic Policies: A Modern Echo of Hamilton's Vision
Al-Ain Triumphs in Thrilling Shootout, Advances to Semifinals
Atlanta United FC Thrash New England Revolution 4-1 in MLS Showdown
'Calcio': The fascinating history of Italian football in an essential book for fans.
Universitario de Deportes: Bustos makes key moves against Cusco FC and attracts Fossati's attention.
Fantasy Impact: Reds' Marte Suspended; Spring Breakout Showcases Future Stars
Adjustment in GDP growth projections challenges economic stability in Peru
Peruvian exports on the rise: US$ 5.263 billion in January
Thirteen Years After 3/11: Eastern Japan's Resilience and Recovery
Japan Marks 13th Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster: Remembrance, Reflection, and Recovery Efforts
Tokyo's Resilience Revolution: Leading the Way in Disaster Preparedness
The challenge of China in Latin America and its impact on the United States: How to react to the competition?
Muslim Canadians Demand Action on Gaza Crisis: Ramadan Ultimatum Issued
Palestinian Sports Mourns Loss of Icons: Tragedy Strikes Gaza and West Bank
USWNT's Redemption: A Hard-Fought Journey to Gold Cup Victory
Haiti is heading towards disaster awaiting international aid.
Germany, the EU, and the USA evacuate their diplomatic personnel in Haiti amid chaos
Japan's Ongoing Journey: Remembering 13 Years Since Devastating Earthquake
Athletes' Long Wait for Olympic Gold: A Tale of Delayed Triumph
Myanmar Faces Exodus Amid Military Draft Fears
Tensions Mount in East Jerusalem Ahead of Ramadan
Russian Culture at Crossroads: Artists Navigate War's Influence, Political Pressures
Escalating Violence and Diplomatic Defiance: Russia-Ukraine Conflict Update
Car Crashes Into Bury St Edmunds Hotel, Injuring Worker: Shocking Incident Unfolds
Oscar 2024: Cillian Murphy wins the award for Best Leading Actor for 'Oppenheimer'
Robert Downey Jr. won his first Oscar of his career for his role in 'Oppenheimer'.
Oscar 2024: Messi, the dog from "Anatomy of a Fall", conquers Hollywood.
Oscar 2024: Christopher Nolan wins the award for Best Director for 'Oppenheimer'
Oscar 2024: Emma Stone wins the award for Best Leading Actress for 'Poor Creatures'
'Oppenheimer' sweeps the Oscars, ignoring Scorsese and belittling Barbie
Protesters Rally in Amsterdam Against Israeli President at Holocaust Museum
Federal judge rejects appeal against Biden's immigration program
Amidst Middle East Turmoil: The Lucrative Captagon Trade and Syria's Controversial Role
"Growth and stability mark the beginning of 2024 for the Peruvian economy."
International Women's Day: Persistent Challenges in Latin America
Mothers in Gaza Struggle for Baby Basics Amid Israeli Bombing
Successful start of the admission process at the Dean of America: more than 8,800 applicants apply.
Tradition of the Oscars: eating a burger at In-N-Out after the ceremony
Venezuela will have a "pseudo-presidential election"
The week of the Congress
And at the Oscars, what do you eat? Acorn-fed Iberian ham, macaroni and cheese, 37 desserts, and a menu cooked by 120 chefs.
March 11, 2011: Reflecting on Japan's Resilience and Uniting in Tragedy
Unmasking Climate Hysteria: Debunking Myths and Embracing Data-driven Solutions
The President of Argentina in the midst of controversy over salary increase for high-ranking officials in the Executive branch.
The 2024 Paris Olympics: Historic milestone of total gender equality in sports
Daniel Ortega turned Nicaragua into a refuge for high-profile fugitives: "It is a paradise for notable corrupt individuals."
Constitutional Court orders suspension of toll collection at Puente Piedra: Since when does it apply?
The return of bicameralism: the path followed by the project until it was approved
A new theory could shed light on the fate of a plane that disappeared 10 years ago.
Akira Toriyama: What will happen to Dragon Ball after the mangaka's death
The reactions on social media to the death of Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball
MEF backtracks on decision to capitalize 100% of profits from municipal savings banks
Challenges endanger Peruvian agriculture: urgent need for sectoral policy for its recovery.
The global economy defies the pessimistic forecasts in the face of the war in Ukraine.
The Camp Nou vibrates with Lamine Yamal, the emerging jewel of La Masia
Iranian Monarchists' Surprising Pro-Israel Stance Sparks Debate Amid Gaza Conflict
Unveiling Gaza's Women: Stories of Resilience Amidst Conflict
Biden Administration's Balancing Act in Israel-Gaza Conflict
Japan on Edge: Seismic Activity Sparks Fears
North Korea's Kim Jong Un Calls for Heightened War Readiness
Mothers and Elite Athletes: Breaking Barriers in Sports
MLS Faces Referee Crisis: Quality and Credibility at Stake
Significant changes in the surety and bonding insurance market in Peru
The success of Spanish women's sports: a path of achievements and equality
Bryan Reyna, the Peruvian promise shining in Belgrano and dreaming of the National Team
A football party at the National Stadium: Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal will face off with a guaranteed spectacle
Challenges and expectations following the disqualification of members of the JNJ
The ECB keeps interest rates stable in a context of moderate inflation
Deterioration of anti-corruption efforts in Latin America: a look at ten years of Lava Jato
The U.S. Fed close to reducing interest rates to stimulate the economy
BCE maintains interest rates at 4.5% in the face of inflation: When will there be cuts?
Venezuelan women march for equality and justice in Caracas
Biden roars in State of the Union speech: keys to reelection
Challenges faced by Peruvian women in managerial and political positions: a pending subject
Biden launches his reelection campaign in an energetic speech about the state of the Union
The Peruvian Congress is analyzing proposals to modify the interest rate law.
Seismic Expert: Earthquake Rattles Canakkale, Felt in Istanbul
Peruvian exports could grow by 2% in the first quarter of 2024.
Hania Pérez de Cuéllar is confirmed as Minister of Housing in the new Cabinet leadership.
Importance of the IDB Assembly in Punta Cana: Challenges and commitments for Latin America and the Caribbean.
Serious accusation of sexual abuse shakes Vélez Sarsfield: four players involved
The anticipated signing of Jeriel de Santis excites the Alianza Lima fanbase.
They are implementing bicameralism with reelection
Alert in the ports of the United States: remote access modems were found in cranes manufactured in China
Minister Vásquez on bicameralism: "It will benefit the Republic"
Disagreement between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and municipalities over Urgency Decree 003-2024.
BBVA revises upwards growth forecast for Spain, but warns about future challenges.
Unveiling Israel's Deep-Rooted Crisis Amid Gaza Tragedy
College Football Breakthrough: Embracing a New Era of Playoff Excitement
Donald Trump, the favorite Republican for the November elections
Fossati's paternalistic approach: key to the success of the Peruvian national team
Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz: Navigating Volcanic Threats & Preparedness
Important progress in political reform: bicameralism approved in Congress
Super Tuesday in the United States: Uncertainty and disapproval ahead of the rematch between Biden and Trump
Super Tuesday in the United States: Biden and Trump face decisive challenges towards the White House
Biden's Critical Moment: State of the Union Address Looms
Unveiling Little Alchemy 2 Cheats: Master the Game with Ease
Congress approves the return of Bicameralism
They implement bicameralism with reelection.
Congress approves return to bicameralism: What does this measure imply?
What is bicameralism and what changes will be made in Congress?: know the advantages and disadvantages
Bicameralism: Moody's could change Peru's outlook to stable
In search of better laws, Congress approves the return to Bicameralism.
Copper rises to one-week high after Jerome Powell's statements.
Champions League: Manchester City and Real Madrid among the top eight in Europe
BVL closed lower after comments from the head of the Federal Reserve.
The testimony of an independent expert in the "Rust" trial casts doubt on Alec Baldwin's version.
Bitcoin surpasses $65,000 and approaches its all-time high: How high can it go?
The United States dropped 38,000 packages of humanitarian aid over Gaza but insisted that these maneuvers cannot replace shipments by land.
Alzheimer, the doctor who discovered the madness and the lost behaviors of his patient: "I forgot myself"
The Government of Nicaragua rejects the U.S. policy towards Venezuela.
Keiko Fujimori celebrates the approval of bicameralism in Congress
New Chief of Staff assumes position amid controversy
Unveiling Yellowstone's Volcanic Secrets: Monitoring for Safety and Science
Iconic Blue Lagoon Evacuated Amid Volcanic Threat
The challenge of democracy: The danger of Trump's dominance in the Republican Party
European stock markets reflect caution ahead of the publication of the PMI index and the ECB meeting.
Christian Cueva is recovering with an elite specialist to return to soccer.
Diego Penny, the hero of the night: Classifies Deportivo Garcilaso in the Copa Sudamericana 2024
Concern in Argentina over the widespread use of "puts" in the financial market
Nestlé projects growth in infant nutrition in Peru following challenges in 2023.
Codeco and the Congressional Economic Commission debate the seventh withdrawal of AFP funds.
The Ministry of Labor reveals the highest paid and most in-demand careers in Peru
Irregular transactions worth S/16 billion in public procurement have been revealed.
Corruption and Drug Trafficking Scandal Rocks Ecuador: Political and Judicial Figures Arrested in Purge Case
Almaty's Earthquake Alarm: Residents Brace for Seismic Threats
Haiti declares a state of emergency and curfew following a violent prison escape.
The Contrasting Economic and Social Landscapes of Latin America
Tragedy Unfolds: Lives Lost in Russian Strike on Ukraine's Odesa Port
Biased Media Coverage Fuels Conflict: Gaza Report Reveals Disturbing Trends
In Gaza, Football Sustains Hope Amid Ongoing Conflict
Russian Leak Unveils German Military Talks on Kerch Bridge Strike
Phivolcs Urges Mindanao: Stay Vigilant for Quake, Tsunami
ASEAN Faces Devastating Disasters: Floods, Storms, and Landslides Plague Multiple Countries
Lessons from Noto Quake: The Crucial Role of Swift Evacuation
Christian Cueva publicly apologizes to his wife and family on social media
Confusion on social media: Video of police intervention in Argentina is misinterpreted as repression against Milei's detractors.
Economic Turmoil: Egyptians Grapple with Gold amid Crisis
Alberto Otárola resigns, Prime Minister of Peru, questioned for a case of harassment
Exciting Anticipation: Unveiling the Drama & Determination of 2024 MotoGP
Tension between Russia and Germany: leak of military dialogues triggers international alert
Disorder at the border: the need for a more open and organized immigration system
Concern in markets due to Goldman Sachs warning about China: Should we avoid investing in the Asian giant?
ICC Issues Arrest Warrants for Russian Commanders
Transformation towards a circular economy in auxiliary machinery: a sustainable and profitable future.
Challenges and Projections: The school campaign amidst particularities
Economic panorama of Peru: challenges and opportunities for growth
China's Premier Sets Ambitious Growth Target Amid Economic Challenges
Meeting of Harris and Gantz: Urgent Talks on Gaza Crisis
Rómulo Mucho: Peru has a portfolio of 51 mining investment projects for 2024.
Peruvian delegation participates in mining convention in Canada to seek investments.
BofA: US debt grows $1 trillion in 100 days in boost to bitcoin
The face-off between Mbappé and Luis Enrique, the tense calm before the Champions: "I can say whatever I want"
Royal Road with an opening date? The revaluation of the square meter in the San Isidro area.
One trillion every 100 days: the effect of the rise of bitcoin on the debt of the U.S.
British Athletes Shine at World Championships, Eyes Set on Paris-Olympics
US Airdrops Aid to Gaza Spark Debate on Effectiveness
Transformative $1B Gift to Albert Einstein Med School Uplifts Bronx
Dazzling Northern Lights Paint Skies of Wales in Rare Spectacle
Stormont MLAs urged to apologize for collapse ahead of pivotal session
Xi Jinping's Power Play: Two Sessions Unveil Major Reforms
Exciting MLS Power Rankings Unveiled: Columbus Crew Leads, Inter Miami Surges, Atlanta and DC Impress
Paolo Guerrero: Commitment and experience in Liga 1 Te Apuesto
Paolo Guerrero: between goals, expectations, and criticism towards Peruvian soccer
Crucial weekend in Liga 1: emotions and definitions in the Apertura Tournament
Chancellor Hunt's 2023 Budget: Unfulfilled Promises and Economic Realities
UN Chief Warns of Gaza Conflict "Powder Keg" Sparks
Paolo Guerrero: The 'Predator' scores a historic goal with Universidad César Vallejo
Unveiling Mars: Curiosity Rover's Climb through Geological Marvels
César Álvarez sentenced to 19 years for corruption in the La Centralita case: Deep infiltration of crime in Peruvian politics
Negative impact of the political crisis on the daily lives of Peruvians: alarming survey by International Idea.
The Supreme Court of the United States authorizes Trump to run in the Colorado primaries and paves the way for his White House campaign
Xi Jinping's sole control over the Chinese economy is already causing discomfort.
The slowdown in the manufacturing industry in China revealed the failure of Xi Jinping's regime measures to stimulate the economy.
The majority of Biden voters in 2020 now say he is too old to be effective
Donald Trump confesses that he loves Javier Milei and that love is mutual.
A ship was sunk by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea.
The Houthi rebels threatened to continue sinking British ships in the Red Sea.
Russia describes as "provocative" the exercises that NATO is holding near its border
Milei's government fences off the Télam building, suspends staff, and shuts down the website.
Negotiations between Israel and Hamas resume.
King Charles III of the United Kingdom resumes duties for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer.
Tragedy in Gaza: Dozens of civilians lose their lives in violent incident
Super Tuesday, a crucial day for the candidacies of Biden and Trump
Resilience and adaptation: the challenge of the Spanish ceramic sector in the face of economic uncertainty
Fátima Diame achieves historic bronze at the Athletics World Championships in Glasgow
The epistolary legacy of Warren Buffett: wisdom and humor for investors
Interseguro receives authorization to redeem subordinate bonds for US$20 million from the SBS. Strategic measure impacts finances and stock market.
"Vivir Seguros strengthens its position through capitalization of profits"
Unveiling Mars's Geological Wonders: Curiosity Rover's Epic Climb
Earthquake Jolts Thessaly, Greece: Residents Alarmed, Structures Secure
Proposal for comprehensive reform of the Peruvian Pension System sparks public debate
Impending Doom: The Terrifying Power of Supervolcanoes
Real Madrid in the midst of the storm: controversies, tensions, and accusations with Barcelona
Persecution in Russia: Police detained over 125 people who participated in the funeral of Alexei Navalny
Alexei Navalny's mother visited her son's grave in Moscow.
The Popular Party demands the resignation of the president of the Congress over the Koldo case and asks for explanations from Pedro Sánchez
The fascinating story of the Rothschilds: wealth, power, and influence throughout the centuries
Concern about the democratic perception in Peru two years before the elections
"Rampant" corruption in Peru: Outgoing Comptroller expresses concern over impunity and lack of sanctions
Mutualist lawyers in Spain demand urgent reform of the pension system.
Peru seeks to enhance investments in the mining sector at a convention in Toronto.
The UNI expands its academic offerings with four innovative programs
Hamas in Cairo for Truce Talks Amid Gaza War Diplomacy
Challenges and complexities in national taxation: analysis by an expert.
Peru and Morocco seek a trade agreement to strengthen ties
Ongoing capital flight in Peru: US$ 1,675 million left in 2023.
Asier Martínez's drama at the Indoor Track World Championships in Glasgow
Biden's Re-Election Intentions Stir Speculation and Support
George Galloway's Rochdale Victory Sparks UK Political Turmoil
Challenges and recommendations for the healthcare system in Colombia
Valencia's Rising Youth: From Despair to Glory
Ireland's Economic Growth Challenges Multinational Dependency
Spain reaches positive industrial milestone as the eurozone faces challenges
Budget Unveiling Under Election Shadow: Economic Strategy at Forefront
Desolation and hope in Badalona: Juan Recarey's struggle after deadly collapse
Putin's Nuclear Warning Raises Global Tensions
Ukraine's Strategic Shift: Navigating Conflict with Russia in 2024
Israel-Gaza Conflict: Day 147 Dramatic Events Unfold
Colombia prepares the recovery of the first pieces of the galleon 'San José', amidst a millionaire litigation with a treasure hunting company
Treasures at the bottom of the sea: the Colombian mission to recover the remains of the galleon San José
Tensions Rise in Lydd: Palestinian-Jewish Coexistence at Risk
Rejection of FIFA to blue cards: Infantino defends football tradition
Challenges and debates set the political agenda in Santa Fe: judicial reform, workers' compensation law, and financial situation at the center of the discussion.
Laboratory owner in Lanzarote faces possible conviction for million-dollar fraud
Make choosing your car insurance easier with Ahorra Seguros: efficiency and practicality within everyone's reach.
Moody's maintains optimistic projection for the Mexican economy in 2024
Rise in inflation in Metropolitan Lima: Is a return to the target range at risk?
Ministry of Economy opposes new withdrawal of AFP funds: Debate in the Peruvian Congress
Milei warned the Argentine Congress that he will govern "with or without" political support.
Milei calls on "the establishment" to join his ultra project amid criticisms of his opponents.
Milei calls on opposition to sign founding pact and offers his "conviction" in response to criticism of his management
Argentina: Milei announces the closure of the state news agency Télam
Milei limits private plane flights for politicians
The CCE and the Banco de la Nación promote financial inclusion
Palestinian Footballer Mahmoud Wadi: A Tale of Resilience and Hope
George Galloway's Rochdale Revival: A New Wave of Change
South Korea's Birth Rate Plummets: A Looming Demographic Crisis
The dissenting vote threatens Joe Biden in Michigan and challenges his leadership.
Controversy over image of Susana Villarán in pool during judicial appearance
Ecuadorian prosecution presents accusatory opinion for the murder of Fernando Villavicencio.
Tragedy Unfolds: Gaza Aid Mission Turns Fatal
Unveiling the Chaos: Noto Peninsula Earthquake Aftermath
Bohemians FC: Soccer's Social Justice Trailblazers
Expectation for Milei's speech before Congress amidst high political tension
"Argentina needs more capitalism and more freedom": Milei inaugurates the sessions of Congress (LIVE)
Aunt María: Rómulo Mucho denies having a conflict of interest with the mining project.
T&C maintains its commitment to Lima Top and Moderna: which districts is it targeting?
Tinka Resources: Initial capex for Ayawilca increases to US$382 million
Los Olivos will receive projects with investments of S/270 million in 2024.
Port of Chancay: China interested in bi-oceanic train to connect with Brazil
Port of Callao breaks record, but there are risks that some shipping companies may stop calling
InRetail would increase investment to more than S/ 900 million in 2024: key project and strategy
Plan for Petro-Peru: Crucial step towards economic stability
Opting for Returnable Containers: An Eco-Friendly and Economical Decision
Three Peruvian cities lead in salaries: Chachapoyas, Arequipa, and Moquegua.
UN Warns of War Crimes in Sudan: Dire Aid Obstruction and Sexual Violence Crisis
Peruvian families adjust budgets amid economic crisis.
The Ethical Dilemma of Importing Russian Seafood amid Ukraine Conflict
Israeli Election Fallout: Netanyahu's Dominance Amidst Divided Public
Unleashing Earth's Fury: Top 10 Most Powerful Earthquakes Ever Recorded
Exciting Changes Unveiled for 2023-2024 U.S. Open Cup
Global Health Crisis: Urgent Plea Amid Gaza Conflict
Putin warns NATO about the risk of nuclear war over Ukraine
The 'Lion' roars again in Matute with Zambrano's return.
Janet Yellen's Global Diplomacy: Economic Concerns Amidst Conflicts
The European Union demanded the Cuban regime "concrete results" in terms of human rights.
Crisis in Cuba: after delays, the regime confirmed that this week they will increase fuel, water, and electricity
Minister Rómulo Mucho assures that Lot X will not be delivered to Petroperú.
What are the main challenges that the new Minister of Energy and Mines must face?
They will seek to question Rómulo Mucho for alleged conflict of interest in Tía María.
The amnesty is complicated by the case opened against Puigdemont for terrorism: new political crisis in Spain
Cuba requests assistance from the World Food Programme due to a shortage of milk for children.
The border duel between Biden and Trump in Texas: confrontation of visions on migration
The Spanish delegation aims to shine at the Indoor Track and Field World Championships.
The Minister of Agriculture announces 5% credits for producers.
Massive price increase in Cuba: Impact on the economy and citizens
Brazil proposes a new socio-environmental globalization at the G20
Important step by the Ministry of Economy and Finance: Approval of the Multiannual Investment Program 2025-2027
Soccer's Future in the US: Bright Prospects Ahead
Jeriel de Santis: The new talent that excites Alianza Lima
USWNT's Wake-Up Call: Overcoming Adversity for a Brighter Future
The shadow of suspension: Paul Pogba's uncertain future
Global Outcry Over Gaza Massacre: Calls for Justice Rise
Unveiling the Fiery Depths: Scientists Tackle Costa Rica's Poás Volcano
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Aaron Bushnell: The Fiery Protest That Ignited Global Debate
Warren Buffett laments the scarcity of investment opportunities in his letter to shareholders
Reaching success and triumph: the eight best tips from Warren Buffett
Achieving Success and Succeeding: Warren Buffett's Top Eight Tips
Mac, son of 'Forrest Gump' actor Gary Sinise, dies at the age of 33.
The fight of a centenarian against her insurance company: a story of justice and perseverance
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Stir up at INS Servicios S.A.: Board of Directors removes seven managers
VidaCaixa stands out with a 32.1% increase in consolidated profit.
Emotions and Experiences: Intimate testimonies of the Women's World Cup
Expansion and recovery: Lima's hotel sector prepares for 2024
Peru: Challenges and Progress in the Country's Economic Freedom
Reflection on the role of trade unions in the progress and stability of the country
The increase in remittances to Peru boosts the national economy
Knight Commission Calls for Overhaul of College Football Financial Model
Shocking testimony of a drug trafficker reveals political corruption in Honduras.
The Constitutional Court of Peru debates tolls and habeas corpus: a new precedent on the way?
Israel's Deadly Offensive: Gaza Death Toll Nears 30,000
The leader of the Republican minority in the U.S. Senate announces he will step down from his position.
Martín Vizcarra promoted a program in Provías Descentralizado that managed projects worth S/2.200 million.
Thirteen-Year-Old Soccer Sensation: Mak Whitham's Rise to Stardom
UCLA's Latu: Defying Doubts with Determination
Democratic Dilemma: Potential for Biden Replacement Fades
The School Year 2024 in Peru: New courses revolutionize the educational curriculum
Always Ready vs. Sporting Cristal: Villegas warns about the comeback in Copa Libertadores
The brilliance of Martín Cauteruccio: exceptional goal scorer of Sporting Cristal
The coach of Universitario de Deportes talks about the current football situation and defends Dorregaray.
Philadelphia Orchestra's Home Renamed in Tribute to Marian Anderson
Asia's Battle with Declining Birth Rates: Policies, Investments, and Challenges
Biden and Trump Face Uncommitted Voter Backlash in Michigan
Dream divorce: What is better, sleeping together or apart?
NATO has no plans to send military personnel to Ukraine
France clarifies Macron's controversial speech: the soldiers going to Ukraine would not engage in combat with Russia
Elon Musk moves SpaceX headquarters amid a crusade against Delaware
Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Microsoft join forces to develop robots similar to humans
Cathie Wood sells shares of Nvidia and TSMC amid AI frenzy.
The Metropolitan Hospital of Costa Rica: Leader in Primary Medical Care and Check-ups, Prioritizing Health and Well-being.
Mapfre forecasts a 10% increase in premium income by 2024.
Tragedy in Sinaloa: Two serious accidents leave dozens of victims and shake the region.
A consumer's struggle for fair compensation after the theft of a pickup truck
Technology revolutionizes the search for car insurance: Find the ideal one with an online quote generator!
Airline Traffic Slowly Rebounds in Israel Amid Ongoing Conflict
Bukele and Milei make a splash at the CPAC: A new era for Latin American right-wing.
Biden Eyes Ceasefire by Monday as Israel-Hamas Talks Intensify
The Morera & Vallejo Group stands out as an insurance leader.
Michigan's Young Voters Deeply Discontent Beyond Israel-Gaza
German authorities nab notorious RAF fugitive Daniela Klette after 30+ years on the run
Ageism on TikTok: Unmasking the Impact of Appearance-Based Trends
Frozen in Time: The Eerie Tale of Italy's Abandoned Village, Rione Terra
Jenni Hermoso: Determination and ambition in the fight for victory
Iceland on Edge: Volcano Threat Looms in Svartsengi, Reykjanes Peninsula
Unveiling Dead Sea Transform's Electromagnetic Signals & Earthquake Insights
Unveiling the 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters in History: A Tribute to Resilience
The unusual incident in the Porto Alegre Classic: report of harassment against Inter's mascot
NWSL Teams Up with Nike for Stylish Kit Overhaul
Intense rains in Peru leave a trail of destruction and desolation
Israel's Municipal Elections Amid Gaza War: Impact on Voters and Political Landscape
Congress debates bills that will shape the future of labor in Peru.
Economic momentum in Peru: key sectors for recovery in 2024
Fluctuations in Peruvian export employment: Adex report shows a decrease of -4.9% in 2023
The Super Bowl boosts the Mexican economy: avocados, beer, and domestic commerce are winners
Who is Rómulo Mucho? This is the profile of the new Minister of Energy and Mines.
Zelenskyy's Saudi Visit: Hope for Peace Amid Ukraine-Russia Conflict
Tensions Rise as UK, US Strikes Escalate Conflict: Yemeni Community in Britain on Edge
Biden Optimistic for Gaza Ceasefire by March 4 amid Complex Negotiations and Humanitarian Concerns
Israel's Local Elections: A Crucial Glimpse into Nation's Political Landscape
Unyielding Conflict: The Human Toll of DR Congo's Resource Battle
Jeff Bezos sells $2 billion in Amazon shares
Visit by Biden and Trump to the border highlights the importance of immigration in 2024
Political attention is focusing on Michigan due to primaries and the state convention.
Amid Gaza-Israel Conflict, Urgent Calls for Ceasefire
MEF regains dominant position over Petroperú's decisions
Government: Petroperu's Board of Directors undergoes reorganization
Constitutional complaint filed against the president of the National Jury of Elections for registering Antauro Humala's party.
Outstanding Spanish presence at the Laureus Awards: Aitana Bonmatí and Salma Paralluelo nominated.
EU's Dilemma: Using Frozen Russian Assets to Aid Ukraine
Carlos Zambrano ensures his stay at Alianza Lima: A piece of news that brings joy to the fans!
Governors denounce "extortion" by Milei and a province threatens not to deliver gas or oil
"Governors' rebellion in Argentina: what is happening and how is the Government responding?"
The advance of the Russian Expeditionary Corps in Africa raises geopolitical concerns
Political crisis in Peru: the collapse of traditional narratives and the search for new horizons
In Congress, the debate on the withdrawal of funds from AFPs and other legislative proposals intensifies.
The Government of Colombia expresses indignation over offensive comments made by the Argentine president towards Gustavo Petro. Bilateral relations in tension.
Political scandal shakes Nuevo Perú: Revelations and tensions within the left
A legal odyssey: woman from Viedma wins million-dollar compensation after Amarok theft
Congressmen propose releasing severance pay funds amid COVID-19 crisis
Minister Escrivá anticipates possible merger between Orange and MásMóvil for March
The Minister of Energy and Mines addresses key issues for the development of Peru.
Exchange rate variation in Peru: closes the week down, trading at S/ 3.797
Everton FC's Premier League Lifeline: Reduced Points Boost Survival Chances
Devastating fire in Campanar: community seeks answers after tragedy
Owners take action against increase in squatting in Vigo: Would they board it up?
Unlocking the Hazards: Persian Gulf's Geo-Environmental Perils
Fire in Valencia: Legálitas analyzes avenues for compensation for the 138 homeless families
Fire in Valencia: the dilemma of mortgages after the tragedy
A powerful storm caused serious damage in Scandinavia.
Denmark closes the investigation into the boycott of the Nord Stream gas pipeline: "There was deliberate sabotage"
Ukraine Defense Minister Urges Swift Western Arms Delivery
Environmental devastation in Ukraine: aftermath of the Russian war
Tappoyo: the Peruvian fintech company that will bring its financial services to Colombia
Economic expectations for Peru and economies in the region in 2024: contrasting growth with Brazil and Mexico
The impact of Paolo Guerrero's signing in Liga 1: Revolution in Peruvian football?
LATAM Airlines stands out with solid growth and profits of US$582 million
German economy in decline: GDP falls by 0.3% in 2023
Mexican female athletes make history with professional softball
Sports excitement on RTVE Play: Don't miss the programming of the week from February 26th to March 3rd, 2024!
The mining sector in Peru continues to rise: employment reaches the second highest historical level
Possible relief in rising food prices in the U.S.: companies report a slowdown.
Petroperu receives S/21 million to finance natural gas concession.
The Kremlin gave Alexei Navalny's mother an ultimatum: either she agrees to a private funeral or he will be buried in the jail where he died.
Luis Miguel in Lima: the sun that heats the city | CHRONICLE
Lawyer Luis Tudela passed away after suffering a decompensation during the CAL elections
The impact of Lula's controversial statements about Israel.
Western Leaders Show Solidarity with Ukraine Amid Russian Conflict
Day 731: Russia-Ukraine Conflict Intensifies Amid Key Developments
England spinner Jack Leach's Resilience Shines Through Adversity and Injury
Russia's Brutal War Calculus: Navigating Costs and Optimism
Photographer's Lens Reveals Human Stories of Ukraine Conflict
The long shadow of war in Russia and Ukraine: a lingering stalemate
Europe Stands with Ukraine: Thousands Rally Against Russia's War
Week of controversies and uncertainty in Peru: Presidential management, resignations in the National Board of Justice, and the tangle surrounding Paolo Guerrero. Citizens on alert!
Ukraine's Unyielding Resolve: Stories of Resilience Amid Conflict
Egypt's Economy Faces Crisis Amid Gaza Conflict & Red Sea Tensions
Manchester United's Fulham Defeat Reveals Rebuilding Hurdles
Challenges and economic projections for the new Minister of Economy and Finance
Dollars lead profitable investments in Peru as the local economy adjusts
Geoff Thompson's Dilemma: Selling South Shields F.C. Amid Soccer's Financial Realities
German football rejects million-dollar investment amidst furious opposition from fans
She worked in Peruvian cinema, went to Europe, and now won a BAFTA: the story of Vanessa Aparicio.
"Oppenheimer" wins the BAFTA for Best Picture and is in the lead for the 2024 Oscars.
The fire chief of Valencia responds: "What we always recommend is for people to stay in their homes while we extinguish the fire."
They will analyze if the facade of a nearby building is the same or similar to the one that caught fire in Valencia.
The European Union approved new sanctions against Russia on the second anniversary of its invasion of Ukraine.
Biden announced 500 new sanctions against Russia: "Putin must pay the price for the death and destruction he causes."
The USA and EU impose new sanctions on Russia.
In Trujillo: Police captured the alleged extortionists of Paolo Guerrero
A ruling in the United States considered frozen embryos to be children and sparked a debate on fertility.
Challenging response from Milei to a governor: "Take responsibility for the consequences in the Justice system"
The firefighters' hell in the Valencia fire: "They thought that at that moment they were saying goodbye to their work and even to their life"
Due to economic problems, Bolivia is getting closer to China: the state bank will facilitate operations in yuan.
A bold step in the Mexican presidential race: Jorge Álvarez Máynez joins the electoral race.
The future of NATO: Mark Rutte emerges as a possible successor
Contentious Turn in PSRA-PRO Negotiations: ULP Charge Filed Amid Officiating Dispute
Netanyahu's Gaza Plan Sparks International Backlash and Uncertainty
Pochettino Urges Fair Officiating in Chelsea-Liverpool Carabao Cup Final
Inter Miami Secures Argentine Sensation Redondo to Bolster Squad
The complexity of the economy: key to development and prosperity
Peru strengthens cybersecurity and digitalization with Artificial Intelligence regulation.
Challenges and strategies in South America to combat violence in football
Denmark's GDP grows by 2% thanks to the pharmaceutical sector
US Readies Extensive Sanctions on 500+ Russian Targets – Navalny's Death Sparks Largest Economic Restrictions in Years
Small Businesses Raise Alarm as German Economy Weakens in Recession Threat
Questions about home insurance in the tragedy of the fire in Valencia
New Detection Method Aims to Improve Tsunami Warnings
After the fire in Valencia: what do home insurance policies really cover and how does it affect those affected?
Mapfre insures the two buildings that were burned in Valencia.
Video | Timeline of the fire in Valencia: 24 hours of battling the flames
The police locate nine dead in the Valencia building destroyed by fire and search for a missing person.
Restructure Perupetro
Excitement and expectations in Madrid for the closing of the 'Indoor Tour Gold 2024'
Tragedy in Valencia: Fire leaves devastation and abandonment in Nou Campanar
Spanish insurance companies mobilize after fire in Valencia: Compensation could reach 98,000 euros.
Tragedy in Campanar: affected individuals seek answers after devastating fire
Fire in Campanar, Valencia: Victims of tragedy receive legal support to claim damages from insurance
The Republican contest: Nikki Haley challenges Trump in the presidential race
Two years on: War's impact on Russia deepens
The importance of home insurance after a fire: key points to receive the necessary help
Victims of the fire in Valencia wonder if they will be able to recover what they have lost.
Mapfre advances payments for fire in Valencia: speeds up compensation for those affected
Crisis in Gaza: Urgent Call for Humanitarian Action and Justice
Escalating Violence: Gaza Death Toll Rises Amid Israel's Post-War Plan
Houthis' Recruitment Surge: Yemen's Future at Risk
Ongoing Devastation: 14 Million Displaced in Ukraine Conflict
Ukraine's Tech Industry: Resilience Amid War & Innovation
The Congress is getting ready to host an International Symposium on Special Economic Zones: Experts will analyze their impact and future
The Peruvian economy projects a rebound of 1.5% for the first quarter of 2024.
Revolutionizing Landslide Detection for Alaskan Safety: A New Hope Amidst Rising Risks
New Method Rapidly Detects Landslides for Tsunami Warning
Revolutionizing Tsunami Detection: Alaska Researchers' Breakthrough
Unleashing Nature's Fury: Tales of Devastating Avalanches
Wall Street opens euphoric after Nvidia's results
María Corina Machado stated that she is fighting for a profound change in Venezuela: "We are going to leave socialism behind."
Prosecutor's Office initiates preliminary investigation against Rafael Vela, José Domingo Pérez, and Gustavo Gorriti
Vela, Pérez, and Gorriti will be reported by the Prosecutor's Office.
JNJ: if the substitutes take over, the required quorum would not be reached
The Fed will not reduce interest rates until inflation sustainably falls towards 2%.
Luis Felipe Castellano steps down as general manager of Interbank
Tension is growing in Argentina due to the lost race of salaries against inflation.
Poderosa will invest US$60 million in exploration in La Libertad and Huánuco
Kidnapping of former Venezuelan military in Chile raises concerns
Contract extension: Luis de la Fuente will continue to lead the Spanish national team until 2026
Important debate on constitutional reforms in Mexico: The dialogue for the future of the country begins!
New controversy in the US Congress over investigation into the Biden family
President Biden is considering restricting asylum requests at the border, sparking debate.
Midagri promotes the reactivation of agricultural projects for S/ 973.1 million
Credicorp Capital recommends investment strategies in Peru and abroad.
Minister Arista announces austerity plan to curb fiscal deficit and restore stability.
Billionaire's Bold Bid: Reviving Manchester United's Glory
German Soccer Fans Emerge Victorious Against Billion-Dollar Deal
The cloud revolution: positive impact on the Peruvian economy
Concern over possible seventh withdrawal of pension funds: Minister of Economy warns about economic consequences.
Peruvian economy in debate: Minister Arista affirms that it has not yet emerged from the recession.
Sunat announces measures to strengthen customs and tax control. Importers concerned about new requirements.
Economic recovery in Peru: positive outlook for the year 2024
Gustavo Gorriti could be investigated alongside prosecutors Vela and Pérez.
Dani Alves sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison for sexual assault.
Argentine unions confront Milei's austerity measures with strikes in transportation, health, and education.
Miraflores: these are the scenarios in the event of a recall of Mayor Carlos Canales.
Miraflores: Mayor requests 'donation' from companies so they can continue building.
Cutting-Edge Tech: Fiber Optic Cables as Tsunami Early Warning System
The Chilean justice ordered to reopen the investigation into the death of Pablo Neruda after the coup d'état of Augusto Pinochet
Chilean court orders reopening of investigation into the death of Pablo Neruda
The United States accused former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández of working "hand in hand" with drug traffickers.
Paolo Guerrero will not resign and will play for César Vallejo this season.
Sevilla F.C. and IBM revolutionize football with AI tool.
Insurama advances in Latin America with its innovative insurance proposal.
Draw 1-1 leaves César Vallejo and Sport Huancayo with a bittersweet taste in Liga 1 Te Apuesto
Unveiling Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Military Capabilities and Strategies
Yulia Navalnaya: The new leader challenging Putin and uniting the opposition in Russia?
Divided opinions in Congress regarding the accusation that proposes to disqualify members of the JNJ
Presidential elections in the USA: Tradition and resistance mark the contest between Biden and Trump
Russia blames the US for the crisis in Gaza and calls for fair solutions
"Petroperu's debts are almost four times its equity, perhaps that money will never be recovered."
Insurance companies will treat Peruvian companies "with more care" this year, why?
You can now invest in Bitcoin on the Lima Stock Exchange, how much does it cost?
FEMA: A Critical Force in Crisis Response Amid Challenges
Japan's Coastal Tsunami Risk Exposed: Winter Shelter Drills Neglected
Intermittent fasting is safe and effective in people with type 2 diabetes.
A surprising link between intermittent fasting and Alzheimer's disease has been detected.
British Foreign Secretary's Falklands Visit Reignites Sovereignty Debate
Ukraine's Urgent Call: Long-Range Missiles Needed Now
Children of Gaza: Kites of Resilience and Hope Amidst Chaos
NATO's Unity Tested Amidst Ukraine Conflict
Time for Accountability: US Must Face Consequences for 'War on Terror' Abuses
Yemen Conflict Escalates: Houthi Strikes on UK Ship & US Drone
Love and Resilience: Palestinian Couple Weds Amidst Gaza War
Club América's Stock Soars in Historic Market Debut
Spanish team ready to shine at the Indoor Track World Championships in Glasgow.
Exciting Changes Unveiled for 2024 U.S. Open Cup amid Format Shake-Up
University of Arizona Anticipates Game-Changing Hire in New Athletic Director
Athletics adapts to the new times: this is how changes in the long jump are studied
Furious Volcanoes Threaten to Close Off Atlantic Ocean
Exciting Times Ahead: MLS 2024 Season Preview
A shared legacy: mother and daughter will run together in the Spanish Athletics Championships
Delay in Approval of Mining Projects: An Obstacle to Economic Growth
Mount Ile Lewotolok Eruption Surge Raises Concerns
Unveiling the Truth: Decline in Climate Disaster Deaths Defies Alarmist Narratives
Peru faces imminent failure to meet fiscal target for the second consecutive year
Challenges in anchovy fishing in 2024: uncertainty due to the impact of La Niña
Challenges and hopes: Peru faces economic recession with an eye on the 2026 elections.
Miguel Uccelli's vision: Citi Peru aims for sustainable leadership
Monthly income of Peruvians increases by 9.9% in 2023: Lima does not lead the list!
Boluarte: We are analyzing whether the next sports event will be held behind closed doors.
Police identify the person responsible for shooting at children: "They would belong to the North Cone gang"
These are the four safest places in the world in case of a nuclear war
How cities are changing to be safer for women
The 2 billion euros from Microsoft in Spain: what technologies will they promote and how will they benefit us?
A group of 200 companies, including OpenAI, Meta, Google, and Microsoft, join together in a consortium for AI security.
Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Alexei Navalny: "I will continue the work of my husband"
Prosecutor's office requests preventive embargo of Agustín Lozano's properties for S/3 million
Will he go? Paolo already has his plane ticket and Richard Acuña warns him: "I'll wait for you on Tuesday."
The harsh reality: Extortions abound
Miituo: Revolutionizing the Car Insurance Market in Mexico
Controversy in California over bill seeking to collect information on firearms
María del Monte: scandal and violence in robbery orchestrated by her nephew
Asisa stands out with a 4.3% growth in its premiums: financial results 2023. The insurer consolidates its leading position in Spain and global projection.
María del Monte and the Bitter Taste of Theft: Details and Reflections
Significant compensation revealed for María del Monte due to million-dollar robbery
Mirna Solera reveals the evolution of Finalin Seguros
The ASISA Group stands out in 2023 with a 4% increase in premiums and assistance.
SMEs are buying more insurance in the face of a wave of robberies, how much do they cost?
Challenges and expectations of the new Peruvian Ministerial Cabinet
Europe at a crossroads: Loss of ground to the USA?
Vizcarra government under suspicion: accusations of favoring Chinese companies in bidding processes
The United States attracts new residents with economic incentives in Tulsa and Alabama.
The momentum of electrified vehicles: a path towards sustainability in Peru
Peruvian economy ends 2023 with a historic 0.55% GDP decline: challenges and projections for 2024
Refuge in dollars: The best option in the face of economic uncertainty in Peru?
Aenza, formerly Graña y Montero, records positive profit following the Lava Jato case
Israel declares Lula "persona non grata" following comments about the Holocaust
The widow of Navalny sends a message to Putin: "I will continue with Alexei's work"
Ilia Topuria and his contract with OnlyFans for "exclusive content"
Guillermo Shinno: "Illegal mining generates $3 billion per year"
Not only in Pataz: illegal mining is devastating the mountains of La Libertad
Towards a real clean energy policy
Milei: "We avoided hyperinflation that would have left us with a 95% poverty rate."
The comforts of Petroperú
Petroperu reported losses of more than US$820 million in 2023.
Taylor Swift's precious gesture towards the family of the woman murdered at the Kansas City Chiefs celebration
The political change in Galicia: between regional and national tensions
Assassination of Sandino: 90 years marking the struggle for justice and freedom in Nicaragua
The PSOE seeks to extend the deadline for a new opinion on the Amnesty Law: political tension in Congress.
Yahya Sinwar, the most wanted man by Israel: keys to his elusive clandestine life
The devalued sash: political and ethical crisis in Peru
Concern about security crisis and democratic weakening in Latin America
South Korea and Cuba establish surprising diplomatic relations
Warning from the Prime Minister of Estonia: Without help from the US, Putin will win in Ukraine
Petroperu lost more than US$822 million in 2023.
Rafael López Aliaga will not renegotiate with Rutas de Lima despite the request from the Ombudsman's Office.
Israel summons Brazilian ambassador after Lula compares Israeli actions in Gaza to those of Hitler.
Israel says that Hamas is looking for a replacement for its leader in Gaza
The party challenging Putin speaks out: "Navalny's death is a political assassination."
Ilia Topuria: From Georgia to Spain, A Journey to UFC Glory
José Rivera: key player for Universitario after victory against Melgar
Real Madrid stumbles against Rayo Vallecano in 1-1 draw: Match analysis and repercussions
RTVE Play: Free sports week full of excitement
Bruno Marioni rules out negotiations with Paolo Guerrero and expresses concern about the safety of soccer players.
Thailand's Polarizing Ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra Released on Parole
Displaced Palestinians in Rafah Struggle as Israeli Assault Looms
US Position in Gaza Conflict: Veto, Abstain, Obstruct
Brazil's President Lula's Controversial Comments on Israel Gaza Conflict
Palestinian Resilience: Echoes of Nakba in Gaza's Agony
Russia Seizes Avdiivka: Major Gain in Ukraine Conflict
Children in Gaza Seek Warmth in Hospital Coveralls amid Harsh Winter Displacement
The Chiefs embrace the Kansas City community as the investigation into the shooting with two teenagers accused continues. This we know.
A definitive blow after a beautiful combination of boxing: this is how Ilia Topuria achieved the KO of Alexander Volkanovski in UFC 298.
Ilia Topuria, the first Spanish UFC world champion who took his first steps in Greco-Roman wrestling.
US Condemns Violence in DRC, Urges Rwanda Withdrawal
Israeli PM Netanyahu Stresses Rafah Operation; President Herzog Meets Qatar PM
The week of good news: medical advances, tribute to whales, and snowfall in the Sahara.
Ireland Stands Strong for Palestine Amid UNRWA Funding Crisis
Saturday's NCAA Reveal: Teams' Moves & Strategies Unveiled
Athletes shine at the Indoor Track and Field Championships in Spain
The excitement takes over the Expourense track: third day of the Spanish Short Track Athletics Championships.
Swimming Sensation: Curzan Seals 4th Gold at Worlds
Space Boom: India's Private Sector Revolutionizes Satellite Industry
Ukraine rocked by series of explosions; critical infrastructure damaged
Fehime Şahin: Forgotten Earthquake Survivor's Resilience
Pete Alonso: Mets Star Slugger Eyes Long-Term Stay
Martín Cauteruccio: The goal-scoring sensation of Sporting Cristal heading towards historic records.
Stevie Jones: Harmonizing Souls Through Music Craft
Philippines Landslide Death Toll Climbs to 98: Disaster Vulnerability Exposed
Unveiling Banos: Ecuador's Hidden Gem with Volcanic Charm and Luxurious Retreats
California Braces for Heavy Rain, Floods, and Landslides; Emergency Evacuations Underway
The United Nations regretted the expulsion of its Mission in Venezuela: "We are assessing the next steps to take"
The Russian police detained over 200 people in the protests over the death of Alexei Navalny.
Unprecedented maneuver: what is the Maduro regime hiding behind the expulsion of the UN from Venezuela
Pepe Mujica: "In Venezuela, there is an authoritarian government and it can be called a dictator or whatever you want."
Who was the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny? Life, career, and actions against the Kremlin
It's not just football: why Mbappé's departure is a problem for Macron
It will break the piggy bank! PSG and the options they are considering to replace Kylian Mbappé.
Inter Miami and Newell's draw 1-1 in "a very special match" for Messi
The surprise that PSG has prepared for Kylian Mbappé after his departure from the club is confirmed, and the striker's message to the board
Newell's players line up to take photos with Lionel Messi: "Everyone's dream"
Ukraine's Avdiivka Falls to Russian Forces: Surrender Marks Signifcant Gain
Mischievous Badger's Midnight Rampage: Chaos Unleashed on Isle of Wight
Super Bowl Parade Shooting: Children Injured, Teens Charged
Teen Prodigy Takes on 28 A-Levels: A Genius or a Gambler?
Prominent Black Church Leaders Demand End of U.S. Aid to Israel
Hamas Leader Accuses Israel of Gaza Ceasefire Delay; Hospital Incursion Raises Tensions
Texas Governor Proposes New Military Base Camp on Border
Atlanta DA Willis Faces Mixed Reactions Post Atlanta Testimony
Amidst the Ruins: Ukraine's Battle for Survival
Songs of Resilience: Gazans Find Solace in Songbirds Amid War
Yemen's Houthis Target British Oil Tanker in Red Sea Turmoil
Series of Earthquakes Near Falls City Rattle Central Texas
Ukrainian Troops Retreat from Avdiivka Amid Russian Encroachment
Jerusalem Restaurateur Struggles Post-Gaza War: A Family's Financial Hardship Tale
Avalanche Warning Issued for Jammu and Kashmir
Coastal Communities Brace for Climate Change Impact
"Time is running out": Biden blames the Kremlin for Navalny's death and demands approval of funds for Ukraine.
The last video of Alexei Navalny: one day before his death in prison, without signs of illness and with a sharp irony.
Assange's wife describes the reaction of the West to Navalny's death as "insincere" and "empty".
"He felt unwell after a walk": what is known so far about the death of Alexei Navalny in a remote prison of Putin
The death of a prominent critic is a reminder of Putin's paranoia (Analysis)
Joe Biden stated that Vladimir Putin is responsible for the death of Alexei Navalny: "It is another proof of his brutality."
The United Nations expressed its outrage at the death of Alexei Navalny and demanded an end to the persecution of dissidents in Russia.
Iconic Lego Durham Cathedral Model Reinstated in Spectacular Return
Alarming Child Poverty Stats Unveiled in North East England
Egypt's Secretive Wall Construction Raises Concerns
Prince Harry Reveals King Charles's Health Update in Exclusive TV Interview
New School's Bold Move: Selling Presidential Residence to Tackle Budget Crunch
Wakefield's Rhubarb Festival: A Vibrant Celebration of Local Roots
Harsh conditions at Navalny's penal colony: The strictest in Russia
Various Historical Milestones Commemorated on February 17th: Sound Cinema, Independence of Kosovo, and More
Robert Downey Jr. will star in the series "The Sympathizer" on HBO Max
Controversy between Milei and Lali Espósito sparks cultural debate in Argentina
The risks of romantic chatbots: privacy and security in danger
Prominent Russian Opposition Figures Face Severe Sentences
World Unites: Navalny's Reported Death Sparks Global Outcry
Investigation into 'Troll Factory' extended until April 2024.
The Japanese Film Festival lights up Lima with its first edition and great productions.
The Challenges of Discussing Pregnancy Loss and Unexpected News During Pregnancy
Reform UK's Surging Support Sends Warning to Tories Ahead of General Election
Nigel Farage Believes Conservatives Would Choose Him Over Rishi Sunak; Reform UK's Success Puts Him in Spotlight
Manchin's Presidential Bid Ruled Out, Biden Criticized for Delayed Visit and Divided Town Awaits Accountability
Russia hides its casualty numbers: The silence surrounding the war wounded in the invasion of Ukraine.
Texas Unveils its Fiery Secret: A Hidden Volcanic Wonderland
Oregon's Pacific Power Seeks 17% Rate Hike for Renewable Energy and Wildfire Prevention
Powerful Storms Set to Hit California, Bringing Floods and Heavy Snow for Days
Scouts Take Action to Conserve Philmont's Ecosystem, Earn Prestigious Awards
Saudi Fund for Development Provides $55M Loan to Enhance Earthquake Resilience of Turkish Schools
Growing Tensions in Middle East: Regional Conflict Looms as Israel and Lebanon Clash
Hezbollah Leader Warns Israel: Payback for Killing Lebanese Civilians
In Loving Memory: A Heartbreaking Tale of Loss and Resilience in Gaza
Zelenskyy's Urgent Tour: Ukraine Seeks Aid Amid Intensifying Battle for Avdiivka
Susana Baca is admitted to the ICU due to her dangerous health condition: What happened to her?
Susana Baca is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to a delicate health condition: "I haven't been doing well."
Susana Baca in ICU: Singer's husband speaks out about her health condition.
International Leaders Must Protect Human Rights and Uphold International Law
72 Palestinian Journalists Killed in 2023: Deadliest Year for Media in a Decade
Hezbollah Warns Israel: Deadly Air Attacks Spark Tensions and Escalation
NATO Chief: US Aid Delay Threatens Ukraine's Battle Against Russia
Countries Under Pressure to Suspend Arms Support as Gaza Death Toll Mounts
Israeli Attacks on Gaza Intensify, Triggering Mass Exodus and International Condemnation
The new Central Highway will now cost more than double.
New Central Highway: MTC initiates study that will define final characteristics of the road that will connect Lima and Junín.
New Central Highway will cost twice as much as planned: the budget will be 24 billion soles.
Who was Lisa Lopez, the Latina announcer who died in the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs celebration for the Super Bowl?
Shooting at Kansas City Chiefs parade leaves at least one person dead and dozens injured.
Shocking images of the shooting and death at the Kansas City Chiefs celebration: "When we grabbed him, the gun fell."
Senamhi warns that Lima could reach temperatures of up to 35° C.
Winds with a speed of 33 km/h will shake Lima, Callao, and other regions.
Jaime Villanueva: Former advisor to Patricia Benavides implicates journalists Romina Mella and Gustavo Gorriti.
"God & Country" Exposes the Disturbing Influence of Religious Nationalism on American Democracy
Private companies boost the Peruvian economy with a $19 billion investment in hydrocarbons.
The indelible legacy of José Lladó: a business leader who transformed Spain.
The European Commission is more open to mergers in telecommunications.
Madrid has the upper hand.
Mbappé is leaving PSG for free: he has already informed his decision to Nasser Al Khelaifi.
Kylian Mbappé is leaving PSG! The forward will leave the club at the end of the season and become a free agent.
The Peruvian Congress seeks to approve a law that favors illegal mining.
Cuba and South Korea restore diplomatic relations after more than six decades.
"Absolutely horrifying and disappointing": Milei's spokesperson on the inflation in Argentina in January.
Shareholders' meeting of Petroperu is postponed.
Who is Castillo and Bermejo's friend who manages the coca in the Vraem?
The new geopolitics of Petrobras challenges the environment and forges alliances with China and the United Arab Emirates.
Crisis, hunger, and internal tensions: the fall of the Cuban Minister of Economy exposes the collapse of the island.
Japan enters recession and yields the position of the world's third-largest economy to Germany.
Paolo Guerrero and the commitment he made to terminate his contract with César Vallejo.
Ribera restricts the electricity demand of data centers or hydrogen: they will be denied access to the grid if they do not start operating within five years.
Data centers, AI, and cryptocurrencies will double their electricity consumption by 2026.
Increase in market concentration in the insurance sector in Spain
Mapfre suffers significant drop in stock market after presenting results
Mexico became the largest provider of imported goods to the United States, surpassing China.
A shootout ends the celebration of the Chiefs in Kansas City after the Super Bowl victory.
Several injured in a shooting during the Super Bowl celebration parade in Kansas.
Prabowo Subianto: the dark past of the former general who is poised to win the elections in Indonesia, the third largest democracy in the world.
Putin praises Biden despite their political differences and criticism of the White House.
The Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas, on Russia's blacklist.
ICE Contemplates Drastic Detention Cutback Amid Budget Crisis
Tragic Car Accident Claims Life of Prominent Shipping CEO Angela Chao, Leaving Business and Political Circles in Grief
Tom Suozzi's Congressional Win Gives Democrats a Momentary Reprieve from Political Drama
They propose a bill that seeks to classify the hiring of "compadres," godfathers, and godchildren as nepotism.
The United States prevented Guillermo Bermejo from flying over its territory.
Investigation formalized against congressmen accused of obstructing justice in terrorism case.
Peruvian congressman prevented from flying to Russia due to US airspace.
UN Envoy Urges Action to Halt Dangerous Cycle in Yemen Conflict
Israel's Escalation in Southern Lebanon: Casualties on Both Sides as Conflict Intensifies
Israeli Air Strikes in Lebanon Escalate, Raising Concerns of Full-Blown Conflict
Tragic Avalanche Claims Life of Backcountry Skier in Alaska
Violent Unrest Erupts in Manipur, Leaving One Dead and Two Injured
Van Agt, former Dutch prime minister, and his wife die "hand in hand" in a joint euthanasia at the age of 93.
The President of the Dominican Republic issues a cry for help for Haiti: "Let's prevent it from being devastated by chaos and anarchy."
International mediators intensify their efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza
Israel's attacks deepen panic in Rafah; UN aid chief warns that a ground offensive could result in a "massacre".
Matching with danger: most used dating apps by cybercriminals.
Pataz mining companies hired up to seven times more security agents due to mafia attacks.
Bitcoin shot up again: it surpassed $50,000 for the first time since December 2021.
Vladimir Putin enacted a law authorizing the confiscation of assets for publishing "fake news" about the Russian Army.
Bitcoin surpasses $49,000 and reaches a two-year high.
State of emergency in Trujillo and Pataz: which rights are suspended and who assumes internal control?
Putin: AI will never completely replace doctors
Hardballing: What is the new way of dating that is successful among Generation Z?
The United States prevents Bermejo from entering its airspace.
Inflation hits profits and sales of Heineken brewery.
Dollar approaches S/ 3.90 due to inflation in the US. Will it break that barrier?
Apristas denounce prosecutors Pablo Sánchez, José Domingo Pérez, and Rafael Vela before the JNJ.
The dollar would remain above S/3.80 until June of this year.
Keiko Fujimori: her defense will denounce prosecutors Pérez and Vela and will request their exclusion from investigations.
The U.S. prevents Bermejo from entering its airspace.
Government dismisses ministers Alex Contreras and Óscar Vera
Changes in the MEF and Minem: What approach should the new ministers take?
Paolo Guerrero: The drastic measures that Vallejo will take to protect the club after the decision of the number 9 not to play in Trujillo.
Paolo Guerrero does not want to play in Trujillo because they threatened 'Doña Peta'.
César Acuña revealed why Guerrero wants to leave César Vallejo: "They threatened his mother."
Leipzig will face Real Madrid in the Champions League round of 16 amidst a process of generational change and defensive issues.
A lost Chinese city with 2,000 years of history and a great wall, as well as divination bones, has been discovered.
Patrick Mahomes is accelerating in his career to catch up with Tom Brady as the best in the NFL.
Israel's Ignored ICJ Order: Devastation and Displacement in Gaza
Hezbollah Leader Warns of Escalation as Israel-Gaza Tensions Intensify
Amnesty International Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Rafah, Gaza
Ukraine's New Army Chief Faces Challenges in War with Russia, Relies on US Aid
Returning Home to Devastation: A Palestinian Family's Heartbreaking Journey
The official name of the year 2024 in Peru has been established, along with its historical and cultural significance.
Impeachment: From Serious Accountability to Partisan Warfare, its Significance Fades
Mass Exodus from Rafah as Israeli Attacks Escalate, Displacing Palestinians in Overcrowded Safe Zone
Manchester City's Champions League dominance continues as they blitz FC Copenhagen 3-1 in first-leg masterclass. Can anyone stop them?
Arrest Made in Theft of $75K Jackie Robinson Statue; Community Rebuilding for Resilience
Andy Polo, convicted of domestic violence, is facing legal issues in the United States.
Luis de la Fuente seeks to renew his contract with Spain before the Eurocup.
NASCAR Gears Up for 2024 Season: Experts Discuss New Faces, Daytona Excitement, and Potential Champions
Exciting journey of Liga 1 Te Apuesto with the classic match between Universitario and Alianza Lima.
Mutant wolves in Chernobyl develop cancer-resistant genes, reveals a study.
Tragic Avalanche Incidents Claim Two Lives in Rocky Mountains
Scientists Warn: Collapse of Gulf Stream Could Trigger Catastrophic Climate Shift
Tax Relief Act of 2024: Hope for Wildfire Victims as Congress Considers Tax Relief Measures
Underwater Volcano Kick-em Jenny Returns to Normal State: Alert Level Remains, Seismic Research Center Continues Monitoring
California and Nevada's Earthquake Surge Raises Concerns
Petrotal: Impressive growth in production and reserves at the beginning of 2024.
Challenges and strategies to combat poverty in Peru
Biden's slip and his ability to be reelected in doubt
Race to Replace Disgraced Republican Heats Up: Implications for November Elections
Nikki Haley's Immigration Record: A Sharp Contrast to Trump's Accusations
Kennedy Family Controversy: Remake of Iconic Ad Divides and Disappoints
The Yanomami indigenous crisis becomes present at the 2024 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
Paolo Guerrero: the story behind the virtual meeting with Richard Acuña and what is the final decision of the Trujillo club.
Fire in San Miguel: air pollution would affect up to 4 districts, Senamhi alerts.
Government declares state of emergency in Trujillo and Pataz for 60 days due to wave of crime.
Government declares Trujillo and Pataz provinces in a state of emergency due to insecurity.
Government announces that Trujillo and Pataz enter a state of emergency for 60 days.
How was the Israeli operation to rescue two hostages in Gaza and who are the released Argentinians?
With Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: the best leaked videos from the post Super Bowl party.
The romantic kiss between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Super Bowl 2024 that will go down in history.
Taylor Swift receives praise from Travis Kelce's coach: "She is not a distraction."
Israel published the first images of the rescue operation of the Argentine hostages kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza.
The United States confiscates the Venezuelan plane detained in Argentina since 2022.
The Super Bowl 2024 is already the most-watched event in television history in the United States, with the exception of the moon landing.
The contribution that Cesar Vallejo makes with Paolo Guerrero to the Peruvian national team, according to Cesar Acuña.
San Miguel: enormous fire in chemical warehouse consumes entire block.
Russia's largest oil refinery ablaze, authorities deny reports
Alaska's Seismic Hotspot: Unearthing the Tremors Beneath
Firefighting Aircraft Market Set to Soar: $16.2B by 2032
Blue Lagoon Closure Continues Amid Volcanic Eruption Fallout
News Navigator: The Significance of Electricity for Japan's Nuclear Plants
What's to Come in 2024: AI Expansion, More Catastrophes, Network Consolidation
Turkish Deputy Yontar Exposes Government's Insensitivity and Inefficiency in Earthquake Zone Crisis
EU-Funded Electric Bus Project: Revitalizing Kahramanmaraş's Transport Infrastructure
Alaska DOT & PF Teams Up with Alaska Railroad for Drone Avalanche Mitigation
Tiger Woods Unveils Sun Day Red: A New Golf Lifestyle Brand in Partnership with TaylorMade Golf
Unveiling the Unheard on Day 720: Russia-Ukraine War Escalates with Shocking Revelations
Goalkeeper of Universitario de Deportes satisfied with victory in the classic and confident in winning an international tournament.
Gaza Conflict: King Urges Ceasefire, EU Calls for Arms Ban, Dutch Court Blocks Fighter Jet Sale, UN Reports Health Crisis
Traffic in the Suez Canal falls below the crisis level of the "Ever Given".
What are the members with the most military power in NATO?
Early Mars Revealed: Volcanic Secrets Unveiled, Implications for Ancient Life
5.7-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mauna Loa, Causes Shaking and Power Outage, No Major Damage Reported
Avalanches Claim Lives of Skier and Snowmobiler in Rocky Mountains
Social Media Users Downplay Climate Change in Canada's Wildfires, Misrepresenting Scientific Consensus
Legislators Confront Slow Recovery: Barre City's Ongoing Battle with Flood Aftermath
ASEAN Weekly Disaster Update: Calamities Strike Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines
El Centro Awakens to 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake and Aftershocks
LSU Gymnast Haleigh Bryant Achieves Historic Perfect 10.0 on Every Event in NCAA Gymnastics; Alabama Suffers Loss; Exciting Upcoming Meets
Real Madrid seeks to break the German curse against RB Leipzig.
Teledeporte: 30 years of sporting passion and limitless excitement.
Franco Zanelatto attracts interest from MLS clubs and Alianza Lima is preparing for their next match.
Finland's President-Elect Faces Uncertain Future Amid Trump's NATO Doubts
47-Year-Old Umpire Jen Pawol Aims to Make MLB History
Mariano García, the Murcian athlete who dreams of the Olympic podium in Paris 2024.
Super Bowl Commercials: Ranking the Best to Worst Ads
Sébastien Haller: From overcoming cancer to national idol in Ivory Coast
Sport Boys defeats Garcilaso 2-0 in the Apertura 2024 Tournament of the Liga 1 Te Apuesto.
Millions of Households to Face Council Tax Increase in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland: What You Need to Know
Sport Huancayo remains unstoppable and ties for the lead in the Liga 1 Te Apuesto.
Hospitalized again, the US Secretary of Defense, who hid his health problems from Joe Biden.
NATO once again faces the threats of Trump.
It is reported that Biden privately called Netanyahu an "idiot".
Details of Trump's plan for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants are revealed.
78 people killed in Valparaíso fires have been identified, according to the Chilean Legal Medical Service.
The Chilean firefighters do not want to be paid.
He assisted in the third goal for Pumas! Piero Quispe, starting in the victory against Puebla.
Mexican MX League commentator was impressed with Piero Quispe and showered him with praise.
"Boca Juniors wants Advíncula for life: the unique publication dedicated to 'Luchito'"
Renato Tapia was chosen as the best player of January in his club Celta de Vigo | VIDEO
Renato Tapia continues to 'break it' with Celta de Vigo in LaLiga and receives an important individual distinction.
X-ray of Illegal Mining
Guerrero has not yet confirmed if he will play for UCV, according to ESPN journalist: This is what is known.
"Paolo to Alianza? The truth about why his arrival in Vallejo is taking so long and the rumor that would bring him closer to Matute."
A 'ghost' ship capsizes off the coasts of Trinidad and Tobago, causing a national emergency.
Paolo Guerrero wants to talk to the Acuña brothers to avoid playing for UCV.
Keiko Fujimori denounces alleged manipulation in favor of Pedro Castillo in the 2021 elections.
Europe in turmoil: agricultural tensions, migration, and decisive elections
By-Election in Rochdale: Meet the Eleven Candidates vying to be the Next MP
The NRA's Decline: A Loss of Trust, Legal Battles, and Financial Woes
Trump's Fate Hangs in the Balance as New York Judges Deliver Decisive Blows
Haunted rights advocate returns to Afghanistan, fighting for justice amidst war's echoes.
Emergency alert in Iceland as volcano erupts again; hot water shortage poses challenges for residents
Race Against Time: Death Toll Hits 68 in Philippines Landslide
Mighty Fire Breaker and Equilibrio Join Forces to Combat Wildfires in Brazil
Crypto Market Watch: ScapesMania Gains Momentum as Avalanche and Polkadot Face Uncertainty
Two Earthquakes Shake Falls City, Texas in 24 Hours, USGS Reports
HUD Provides $6.9 Million in Support to Address Homelessness After Maui Wildfires
Falls City in Karnes County, Texas, Shaken by Series of Earthquakes
Iceland's Fagradalsfjall Volcano Erupts Again, Stunning Photos Capture the Chaos and Beauty
Gender Reveal Fire Couple Pleads Guilty: Devastating California Blaze Ends in Jail Time and Restitution
California Shaken: 13 Earthquakes Strike in 25 Minutes Overnight
"Long live Las Vegas!", a journey through the most extravagant Super Bowl.
The other side of the Super Bowl: the eviction of the shame tunnels in Las Vegas.
Hamas Warns Israel: Ground Offensive in Rafah Risks Truce and Hostage Negotiations
Emotional farewell to Sebastián Piñera: prominent politicians lament his departure
America's Precipice: Rediscovering the America Ronald Reagan Loved
The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl 2024 in overtime.
Usher, more spectacle than music in a Super Bowl halftime show that paid tribute to African American music: "Mom, we did it."
"Wicked": movie trailer with Ariana Grande and release date
Potential Earthquake Damage Assessed in Eastern Chin State, Myanmar
Tragedy Strikes as Death Toll Rises in Philippine Gold-Mining Village
Lahaina's Housing Crisis Persists: Governor Urges Vacation Rental Owners to Help Displaced Residents Find Homes
Photographer Escapes Volcano Eruption in Iceland: A Thrilling Encounter
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Determined to Invade Gaza City, Ignoring Safety Concerns for 1.4 Million Civilians
Tragedy Strikes: Devastating Landslide Claims 54 Lives in Southern Philippines
Recent Earthquakes Shake Southern California, Raising Concerns of Northridge Anniversary
Coastal Flood Advisory for 3 N.J. Counties: Stay Safe During Heavy Rain and Potential Flooding
Venezuela defends military presence in the Essequibo amid accusations from Guyana.
Tension in the Middle East: Iran and the United States on the brink
Candidates in Wellingborough By-Election Demand Action on Gangs & Policing
Imran Khan's Unlikely Journey: From Media Censorship to Virtual Rallies, How Pakistan's Tech-Savvy Youth Reshaped Politics
Less than 30% of women in Pontevedra have a vehicle registered in their name, according to a study.
Worrying increase in car insurance fraud in Andalusia and Spain.
How to save on your car insurance in Mexico in 2024
Super Bowl in Las Vegas: Chiefs and 49ers will face off in an epic duel.
Carlos Tatay, the pilot who never gives up in the face of adversity.
Girona collides with reality and seeks more ambitious goals.
Joan Roca cooks humanity, advances against cancer, and other good news of the week.
The Fascination of Football and the Right's Aversion: A Closer Look at a Sport that Captivates America
Internazionale's Thrilling Victory Over AS Roma Ends Their Winless Streak at the Stadio Olimpico
The prosecutor criticizes Biden for the crime of "bad memory".
The White House attacks the report that labels Biden as "an elderly person with a bad memory".
Finance worker pays US$ 25 million after a fake call with the CFO.
What insurance can citizens purchase to protect themselves against an earthquake?
Multinational company loses over 25 million dollars after falling victim to a scam through a 'deepfake' video call.
These are the four safest places in the world in case of nuclear war.
The millionaire amount that Kevin Spacey will have to pay to the producers of House of Cards for his accusations of sexual abuse.
Brock Purdy, the last in line in search of greatness in the Super Bowl.
Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs seek to consolidate their dynasty against 'Mr. Irrelevant' in Super Bowl 58.
The great unknown of the Super Bowl: Will Taylor Swift arrive on time for the game?
Goal by Andy Polo, Universitario vs. Alianza Lima LIVE: a great goal for 1-0.
Andy Polo becomes the hero by scoring the first goal for Universitario in the classic against Alianza Lima.
Canada Prepares for 2026 World Cup with Renovations and Co-hosting Duties
Terry Killens, the other protagonist of the Super Bowl, is the first person to both play and officiate an NFL final.
Usher, the 2000s star who owes his success to his mother, warms up for the Super Bowl.
Trial against former Honduran president postponed: accusations of drug trafficking and electoral fraud.
Milei visits Rome and prepares for his meeting with the pope.
The year 2024 in Peru will be the "Year of the Bicentennial of Independence".
Greta Thunberg leads protest against highway in France.
Deficiencies in fiscal policy and challenges to improve revenue collection and expenditure control.
Nikki Haley Doubles Down on Biden, Urges GOP to "Wake Up" in SC Bus Tour
U.S. Soccer Breaks New Ground: President Now Paid for First Time
Akram Afif: Qatar's Hero Eyes Europe After Impressive Asian Cup Triumph
Outcries Against Milan-Cortina Olympics: Protesters Denounce Unsustainability and Excessive Costs
Cauteruccio, the standout player of the Apertura Tournament 2024 in Liga 1 Te Apuesto.
The LFP urges Alianza Lima and Universitario to respect the regulations in the Estadio Nacional classic.
Vinicius Jr. dazzles with a spectacular goal at the Bernabeu.
Cauteruccio leads the top scorers table with his brace against Cienciano.
Alianza Lima releases promising forward Juan Pablo Goicochea, who signs with Platense in Argentina.
Crucial match between Real Madrid and Girona in the Spanish LaLiga.
Boston Bruins' McAvoy Talks Team's Success, Olympics, Super Bowl Prediction, and Taylor Swift on ESPN's "The Drop"
From the far right to left-wing organizations: this is the battle to control the farmers' protests.
What does it mean to give and receive money gifts in red envelopes during the Chinese New Year 2024?
Chinese New Year: secrets and curiosities behind the ancestral family dinner
Chinese New Year: Myths and Traditions of a Changing Society
What does it mean to give and receive money gifts in red envelopes during Chinese New Year 2024?
[Liga 1 Max] Alianza Lima vs. Universitario: What time is the Peruvian classic match for Liga 1?
Tragedy Unfolds as Israeli Strikes in Rafah Claim Lives of 28 Palestinians, Including 10 Children
Egypt warns of complications in ceasefire negotiations in Gaza.
Government immersed in crisis: investigations, revelations, and criticism generate uncertainty.
Political implications in corruption plot: Suspended statement from former prosecutor's advisor casts doubt on various actors.
A complete cleansing is required in the Peruvian judicial system: the anti-corruption fight has covered up an abusive persecution against opposition political leaders and weakened the political class.
Opinion | Expanding Worldviews: The Key to Smarter Decisions
Republicans ignore Nevada in the 2024 elections, concerning for the Latino community.
Camila says that King Carlos III is "extremely well" despite having cancer.
Boris Johnson labels Tucker Carlson as a "traitor" for interviewing Putin.
Putin to Tucker Carlson: the relationship with the US does not depend on presidents but on the "idea of domination"
Putin refers to a Russian hitman in a German prison and suggests a possible agreement regarding the detained American reporter Evan Gershkovich.
Vladimir Putin tells Tucker Carlson that it is "impossible" to defeat Russia in Ukraine.
This is the pioneering cancer treatment that Carlos III is undergoing.
How the West finally listened to Putin after years of censorship and fairy tales.
Congressmen will question the Minister of Interior about high crime rates and the removal of the former commander.
Explosive statements from former advisor to Benavides shake up politics.
Angulo appears before the prosecutor's office in response to a complaint of interference in the National Police.
Nikki Haley Takes Aim at Biden and Trump, Calls for New Generation of Leaders
Trump-Backed Sheehy Emerges as Frontrunner in Montana Senate Race
Rishi Sunak's Tax Records Reveal £2.2m Income and £508,308 UK Tax Paid
Nepali Mercenaries Face Horrific Trials Escaping Russian-Ukraine War, Families Demand Repatriation and Compensation
Thousands of Sudanese Children Face Death as Malnutrition Crisis Escalates
Colonel General Oleksandr Syrsky: Ukraine's Decorated Military Leader Faces Winter Challenges
Who is Patrick Mahomes, the star of the Kansas City Chiefs who is seeking his third Super Bowl?
The Super Bowl 2024 will become the first major sporting event powered entirely by solar energy.
Super Bowl 2024: The Future Tribute to Las Vegas with "My Way" by Frank Sinatra and the Reason for Tiësto's Absence.
The delinquency rate of fintech loans is growing, and now it has tripled that of banks.
Rappi and the "Turbo" to grow in Peru: expansion in provinces and new categories.
The model of hardline government in El Salvador: a replicable example in Latin America?
Tucker Carlson's Unexpected Revival: Exclusive Interview with Putin Reignites His Career
Rebuilding Supreme Court's Reputation: A Potential "Grand Bargain" Emerges
Putin's Surprising Alliances: How American Politics Shift Towards Russia
Looming Crisis: Commercial Real Estate Faces Uncertain Future as Occupancy Plummets and Prices Plummet
Major Mudslide Closes Mulholland Drive, Threatens Studio City Area
European Satellite Weighing 5,000lbs to Crash to Earth This Month
Unrest and Anger Erupt in Haldwani as Mosque Demolition Triggers Clash and Curfew
Scientists Propose New Category 6 Amid Rising Storm Intensity Concerns
Volcano Erupts in Iceland, Thousands Left without Heating
Unveiling the Maui Police Department’s Response to Devastating Fires: Challenges and Hope
Volcano Erupts in Iceland, Disrupting Heating for Thousands, Threatening Future Outbreaks
Adıyaman Strives for Economic Revival After Devastating Earthquakes
Icelandic Volcano Erupts Again, Forcing Evacuation of Blue Lagoon Spa
Icelandic Volcano Erupts, Thousands Lose Heating in Winter
Palestinian Town in Peril as Israeli Attack Looms; World Urged to Act
City of Rafah on Edge as Israel Prepares for Ground Invasion; Talks Resume Amidst Growing Tensions
Escalating Conflict: Israel-Gaza Crisis Worsens with Devastating Toll
At least 112 dead, over 3,000 houses burned, and suspicions of intentionality: the brutal fire that is plaguing Chile.
The fires in the Valparaíso region leave at least 46 people dead, although the Government warns that the number of victims will increase.
CORPAC disclaims responsibility for flight delays and cancellations at Jorge Chávez airport.
The Public Prosecutor's Office will expand the accusation against Vizcarra in the Lomas de Ilo and Moquegua Hospital cases.
Chile bids farewell to Sebastián Piñera: officials and citizens pay tribute to the former president in Santiago.
Disney earns US$ 1.911 billion in its first quarter, a 49% increase year-on-year.
A teammate of Dani Alves in jail: "Consider the trial lost, he is convinced that no one will believe him."
China now has another headache: it cannot stop deflation.
Joana Sanz changes her version in the trial: what is her current relationship like with Dani Alves.
China sinks further into deflation and consumer prices experience the biggest drop since 2009.
The final requests in the trial against Dani Alves: from acquittal to the maximum penalty.
The United States claims to have killed a commander of Kataib Hezbollah in a bombing in Iraq.
Netanyahu rejected a ceasefire and assured that he will continue with the offensive against Hamas until achieving "absolute victory".
Milei presents a project in Congress to repeal legal abortion in Argentina.
Inside Bukele's Alcatraz: "It is impossible to escape. These psychopaths are going to spend their entire lives behind these bars."
Amnesty International Urges Investigation into Myanmar Military for War Crimes in Air Attack
US Secretary of State Acknowledges Work Ahead as Gaza Truce Talks Continue
Ukraine Ramps Up Drone Warfare to Overcome Russian Superiority, Receives Massive Aid from EU and US
Russia-Ukraine Conflict Escalates: Missiles, Power Outages, and International Politics
Innocent Lives Lost and Tensions Rise: Tragic Shelling Attack in Ukraine Leads to Mourning and Escalation
Rutas de Lima rejects López-Aliaga's statements about flooding the Judiciary with lawsuits against the company.
Tory MP voices discontent over new Popular Conservativism campaign, citing need for unity ahead of general election.
Setback in Congress: Argentina's Omnibus Law left in legislative limbo.
The close relationship between Sebastián Piñera and Peru: A legacy of integration and collaboration.
The use of state social networks: transparency or political manipulation?
A Rising Star Emerges: Nassau County's New Hope for the GOP
"Criminals", "beasts", "traitors": Milei lashes out at deputies following the failure of his 'omnibus law'.
Milei declares war on the opposition after the rejection of his mega law to dismantle the State.
Milei refers to Hamas as the "modern Nazism" during his visit to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.
"They turned their backs on the Argentinians": Milei accuses the governors of "destroying" the 'omnibus law'.
Former president Sebastián Piñera will have a State funeral in the Hall of Honor of the Chilean Congress.
4 moments that defined the governments of the late former president Sebastián Piñera in Chile.
Sebastián Piñera, the billionaire who governed Chile twice.
Latin American and European leaders remember Sebastián Piñera as a great "democrat".
Senamhi warns that a strong phenomenon of heavy rain and large snowfall has entered Peru.
Ukraine Lawmakers Approve Bill to Address Military Recruitment Challenges
In the Trenches: The Unbreakable Spirit of Gaza's Journalists
Sweden's Remilitarization: A Significant Shift in History
UN Calls for $4.1 Billion Aid Amidst Sudan's Humanitarian Crisis
Gaza's Search for Hope: Can ICJ Ruling Bring Relief Amidst Ongoing Tragedy?
Russia's Extensive Missile and Drone Strikes Leave Death and Destruction in Ukraine
Blinken in Israel: Will Truce Deal End Gaza War or Escalate Conflict?
Soccer in Abidjan: From Cleats to Sandals, the True Art of Street Soccer
Concern over Pablo Sabbag's injury and its consequences for Alianza Lima in the Peruvian classic.
Russia-Ukraine War: Shelling Continues, Town Destroyed, and Missiles Strike Village
Sporting Cristal and Cienciano face each other in a historic duel for the Apertura Tournament.
Paolo Guerrero excites César Vallejo with his stellar arrival.
Boric remembers Piñera as a "democrat" who contributed to building great agreements for the good of the nation.
Sebastián Piñera: the millionaire politician who liked to take risks and win.
Piñera, the pilot president.
"Mossos d'Esquadra support the version of the young woman who accused Dani Alves of rape."
Tragic helicopter accident claims the life of former President Sebastián Piñera in Lago Ranco.
Biden blames Trump for the possible failure of the bipartisan immigration project.
Athletic Bilbao seeks to overcome Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey.
Pitino's Proposal: College Basketball Needs Salary Cap to Thrive
The European Commission proposes to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% by 2040.
U.S. Player's Blackburn Move Blocked by Administrative Error
Horacio Orzán, midfielder for Melgar, becomes a Peruvian citizen in an emotional ceremony.
The arrival of Paolo Guerrero to César Vallejo: a strategic investment for the Trujillo club.
The Government of Peru announces the name of the year 2024: "Year of unity, peace, and development"
Biden Holds Trump Accountable for Immigration Deal Collapse, Urges GOP to Show Spine
Chief of Staff for R.N.C. Stepping Down Amidst Leadership Shake-up Rumors
Modification in the automobile civil liability insurance generates controversy and concern in the insurance sector.
Car insurance fraud in Spain: a growing challenge for insurers.
Insurance companies in Spain manage €263.6 billion in 2023, with an increase of 5.64%.
Políticos latinoamericanos lamentan la muerte del expresidente chileno Sebastián Piñera
Muere Sebastián Piñera, expresidente de Chile, en un accidente en helicóptero
Sebastián Piñera murió tras caída de su helicóptero en Chile
Ghana Goalkeeper's Mistake Triggers Chain of Events, Shaping Copa del Rey Semifinals & Xavi Hernandez's Departure
BP's New CEO Vows to Boost Oil Output and Profits, Emphasizes Flexible Approach to Shifting Energy Landscape
LaLiga takes legal measures against aggression and discrimination in football.
New blow for Alianza Lima: Sabbag misses the classic and his future at risk.
An Arts Festival Embracing Sports for Non-Sports Fanatics
The Inevitable Void: Caitlin Clark's Departure Leaves a Lasting Impact on Basketball and Women's Athletics
US Secretary of State in Egypt to Broker Truce Amid Gaza Conflict
Palestinian Lives Hang in the Balance as Gaza